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Another closet totalitarian speaks out

This is one that you have to read to believe.  It is one of those irredeemably stupid people and two time losers that helped Obama to two terms.  Of course you won’t be particularly surprised that she is the director of Women and Gender Studies at The College at Brockport – whatever that is.  Apparently she and her family ate off of Obama placemats prior to 2008 and were pretty sure that this was the guy who could change the world, stop the seas from rising and deliver the utopia that includes “free stuff” and world peace.  Then reality set in, sort of, and the goodie bag wasn’t delivered as promised, the seas ignored him and world peace was even more illusory than before his ascension.   But they still BELIEVE!

Today, I write this letter with a bleeding heart. I admire Obama. But he has let me down. I am disappointed because his presidency could have done more for our country, and sadly, the many taken lives who cannot read this essay. I still worry about urgent social tensions facing our nation, and I recognize their ongoing complexities in policy and legislative action. But gun violence can be averted. Can our country ever be free from senseless gun-crime?

Firearm possession should be banned in America; President Obama can orchestrate this directive. His presidency can be remembered as a remarkable turn in United States history where a progressive leader forever changed the landscape under which we live and work. This is his legacy. To establish gun control laws in America that will reduce high levels of male violence and usher in a culture of peace and civility.

Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He can change the country. He can do it today. I believe in him.

Ye gods.

Gun violence can be averted by banning guns?  One would assume then that knife violence, sword violence, club violence and fist violence  can all be “averted”- if we “ban” all those things.  Because we know that as soon as a law is passed, and all those are banned, it will “usher in a culture of peace and civility”.  Because … every violent male will put those things aside and become a part of … what?

Would anyone actually want to be a part of this woman’s world?  She’s all for taking things away from you. In fact, she lobbies for it.  And my guess is she’d be fine if the things were taken away from you violently in the name of her utopia. You know, whatever’s necessary.  After all, that’s what government is for, right?

As with most progressives, she’s anti-freedom, a closet totalitarian and has an anti-male bias so strong it colors everything she says or does.

And she votes.


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14 Responses to Another closet totalitarian speaks out

  • You really have to hand it to these “educated idiots” who “profess” (there is no teaching involved) to those poor suckers who pay all that money to get a job .. where ?
    I (not me) have personal knowledge of the value of a “women’s studies” degree. It’s good for working in IT, I understand.

    Can somebody please (this means you Herb, I understand you claim to be a professional at this sort of stuff) tell these people just how our government works.
    They were supposed to get enough of this to be good citizens in 5th grade, but when you are a “victim”, it leaves you with sh*t for brains and you go around talking about “President Obama can orchestrate this directive” which we all (and even Obama, see .. I gave him some credit) know is unconstitutional.

    Perhaps, we can get Obama to orchestrate a directive to ban stupid people .. which the smartest man in the room would believe is everybody.

    • One judge away from Nothing being Unconstitutional.

      We need a different metric that Constitutional and Unconstitutional because that metric is about to be hijacked. And unfortunately they will have done it constitutionally since a piece of paper can only protect from people being scum so long.

      We are down to the last few fail safes and they want to remove guns before all the others are clearly gone to give false hope it can be reversed without using them.

  • I went back and looked again at the story.

    Somebody out there is screaming … Hahaha, you got PWN3D!

    Nobody can be this stupid.

  • This is his legacy. To establish gun control laws in America that will reduce high levels of male violence and usher in a culture of peace and civility.

    What she’s really calling for is an end to males. Which is actually a trend in current-wave trend in feminism. It is, of course, madness…straight up.

    • The next logical step is forced estrogen injections at birth. Its the only way they can be allowed to live.

    • And not really any danger.

      She’ll need males to do the job for her.

  • The College at Brockport is at New York State School, for the record period to campus is about 30 miles west of Rochester

  • That letter is so over the top as to make me wonder if it’s a fraud. Although, I’m not sure I would put it past anyone who teaches in “women’s studies” to be that illogical and uninformed.

    • It’s not a case of uninformed.

      It’s a deliberate mental divorce from reality. Technically it’s identical buying the hope and change snake oil to elect the current President, and it’s exactly the same thing that keeps Democrats from considering Hillary Clinton to be their candidate for President rather than a candidate for a nice long rest at a Federal Golf Club for white collar white folks who violate the laws we have about national secrets.

      I am no longer amazed by their ability to completely ignore reality and to some extent prevent it from intruding into their existence.
      There was mumbling recently with the gay marriage ‘victory’ about Christians retreating into isolated communities where they could control the flow of information into their lives – if they want to know how that works, they can study current liberal American college faculty members.

  • And it’s in New York state.
    Where cat glasses are still in vogue.

  • Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He can change the country. He can do it today. I believe in him.

    Sit down. I have something to tell you and it’s going to make you sad…

    • Now, now. I hope you are not going to create a hostile learning environment or an unsafe space.

  • Cynicism really does make me think this is a fake. When have you ever heard someone say, “It is with a BLEEDING heart that I say…” That seems like a tip-off.

    But here’s a decidedly real article that is at least as bad. The “you have plenty so just give it away to these people” crowd, who thinks that access to free abortions and free service for all (paid from whom being irrelevant) equates to “paradise.”

  • As another brainless American fails to see the ‘humanitarian’ gesture won’t be seen that way by the people it was extended to.

    Yet another intellectual who will learn the bitter lessons of history only by repeating them.