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Meanwhile, in Europe …

All is going as planned … well, at least as George Soros has planned:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban accused billionaire investor George Soros of being a prominent member of a circle of “activists” trying to undermine European nations by supporting refugees heading to the continent from the Middle East and beyond.

“His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle,” Orban said in an interview on public radio Kossuth. “These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”

Of course, Orban is under intense attack for trying to protect his nation’s sovereignty by keeping these uninvited refugees from flooding his country.  And one of the activist who have decided that nation states are “obsolete” is George Soros.  In fact, he doesn’t even bother to deny it:

Soros said in an e-mailed statement that a six-point plan published by his foundation helps “uphold European values” while Orban’s actions “undermine those values.”

“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” he said in the statement. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

And, of course, we all suspect his hand in the illegal immigration crisis the US faces as well.

Don’t you love it when someone, unilaterally and without consultation, decides somethings obsolete and then does everything in his or her power to undermine that established norm?

I mean, who are you anyway?  The “little people”, of course, and per Mr. Soros’ philosophy, he exists to make decisions for you.  After all, the rabble doesn’t know what’s best for them, do they?


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17 Responses to Meanwhile, in Europe …

  • People like Soros, and more recently Mr. ‘Socialist’ Gates, think they are fine with the nation state apple cart being upset because they expect to be some integral part of the new order that will be making the decisions for the rest of us.

    If it were to be demonstrated to them that despite their current wealth and influence (which they achieved owing to the mechanics of the apple cart they are keen to upset) their failure to bring a sufficient number of rifles to the playing field meant they actually would have little to no control, and their wealth would be forfeit for the greater good, they would be much less eager to embrace any new world of their vision.

  • And lest there is confusion about their might and wealth always protecting them….recall that Gavrilo Princip was but one man, who more or less put an end to the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    A minor historical fact probably lost on many of the rich and powerful.

  • Soros’ “European values” have always been pretty much those of the Nazi Party.

    Heckova guy, that Soros. High on my list of “those who should be shot”.

    • Hung.

      Shooting is too quick.

      • OK. Nothing to say against it. Better, even. Rope is more recyclable.

        • And if it’s natural it’s ‘green’.

          Now someone like Soros may whine and bitch if you hang him with a new rope, but, hey, gotta break the damn thing in somehow you know.

  • George Soros is the Ugly American

  • Soros makes money from both cronism and international/global instability. He is not alone. Its not a cause for him/them, its an investment. Its a game of who really are the useful idiots, when the music stops.

  • “The Party is the politically conscious vanguard of the working class. We are now at a point where the workers, at the end of their endurance, refuse any longer to follow a vanguard which leads them to battle and sacrifice… Ought we to yield to the clamors of workingmen who have reached the limit of their patience but who do not understand their true interests as we do? Their state of mind is at present frankly reactionary. But the Party has decided that we must not yield, that we must impose our will to victory on our exhausted and dispirited followers.” — Karl Radek, Address to War College Cadets, 1921, As quoted in Robert Conquest’s The Great Terror, 2007 edition.

    Karl Radek was an international Communist leader after the Russian Revolution.

    • Why is it that the first thing I think of when reading that is JEB! et al. and the imperative need for immigration reform?

    • This sums up the problem I have with leftism in general: they are so go#$%@ed sure that they are smarter than I am and know what’s better for me than I do myself.

      Yet, the leftists that I’ve met in my lifetime can barely count to twenty without taking off their shoes. They don’t understand math, so they can’t possibly understand the laws that govern the universe – unfortunately including such things as evolutionary biology and finance, which both require calculus to grasp fully. And we’ve seen them get basic physics wrong in their idiotic demands for energy generation for decades.

      So they oversimplify all their mental models to the point that their not-very-bright minds can understand them and their primitive feel-good emotional sides are happy with them. Then they insist that their models are so complete and correct that they should be able to restructure society based on them.

      And then those stupid bastards have the nerve to be surprised at all the unanticipated side-effects. But it’s a mild surprise, because in their arrogance, they couldn’t possibly grasp the idea that they might just be wrong. No, they just tweak their over-simplified model, and start another round of bossing the rest of us around and spending more of our money.

      If we do in fact have the split that looks like a distinct possibility for the US, I’m ready to support Heinlein’s idea about voting: you have to solve a simple quadratic equation (with integer solutions) to enter the voting booth.

      • Billy said,
        “… And then those stupid bastards have the nerve to be surprised at all the unanticipated side-effects. But it’s a mild surprise, because in their arrogance, they couldn’t possibly grasp the idea that they might just be wrong. ”

        Well, what typically happens is THEY HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE TO BLAME. By definition, their Glorious Plan is perfect, necessary, and wonderful. (Remember: this is their religion: They are as Gods upon this earth, and God has no flaws. Their God -ie, they themselves and their Chosen Ones- never makes mistakes. Ever. The Glorious Plan they put forth is a creation and therefore a reflection of their Perfect Selves.) So when the “unexpected!” flawed outcome inevitably occurs, it’s OBVIOUS to them that someone, somehow, thwarted the success of the Plan. They *know* that either (1) some ignorant or ineffective ‘someone’ implemented The Plan wrongly/ ineffectively, or (2) some evil ‘someone’ willfully SABOTAGED The Plan.

        Those are the only two options that are OPEN to them to believe: Wrong Person, or Bad Person.

        (As I noted a few days ago on a different post, the Left-vs-Right schism can be seen as a difference in world-view between the belief in getting “The Perfect Person” into power, as opposed to creating “The Proper Process”. Lefties don’t “see” Process, they don’t want to analyze it, they think it a tedious and pointless exercise. While they can certainly see that A Problem Exists, their knee-jerk reaction to the Problem is to get the Right Person over there to fix it, with whatever power and authority he needs. Then, when that fails, it becomes OBVIOUS to them in hindsight that “he wasn’t the right person for the job” . . . never that “The process we put into place rewarded the wrong behavior and discouraged productivity”. Which is why we-on-the-Right laugh at the eternal joke that “The Left believes that THIS time they’ll get it right, and the Utopia of their dreams is right around the corner — because their Own Precious Selves are now in charge.”) (A very grim joke, of course, because the next step is always the Retribution against the Innocents, whereupon millions are sacrificed to their absolute certainty that they, and ONLY they, know how to “Make Things Better”. )

        • ” They *know* that either (1) some ignorant or ineffective ‘someone’ implemented The Plan wrongly/ ineffectively, or (2) some evil ‘someone’ willfully SABOTAGED The Plan. ”

          Wanna see their little heads explode? Remind them that sort of thinking sounds like a certain Austrian’s school of thought.
          and guess which chosen people were (still are….) regularly blamed for being the evil someone’s who always sabotage such brilliant plans.

          So, like, there’s nothing inherently wrong in that entire thought process in the first place……..yeah….right.

  • Soros is in need of two-in-the-hat.

  • Well see, you all misunderstand the proper interpretation of Soros’ mindset (*): “After all, the rabble doesn’t know what’s best for them, do they?”

    That phrase “best for them” does *not* refer to the peasants. There will always be peasants, and really, who CARES whether they’re happy or not? They are necessary because they do the scut-work which provides the largesse that the Rulers enjoy, and so their minimal needs will be met. Grudgingly. (Think of cattle, or chickens, or cabbages. We keep them around to serve our needs. Most of us don’t concern ourselves whether cabbages are happy, you know.) Thus, “the rabble doesn’t understand what is best for {{the New Overlords}}, do they?” is the proper reading of that line. We-The-Little-People can’t be expected to understand the great-and-wonderful philosophical discussions Our Betters have amongst themselves, and can’t be expected to understand why it’s necessary to cut back the chocolate and coffee rations. (“But really, the hoi polloi won’t mind if Our Wise Leaders carefully explain how the New Chocolate and the New Coffee are so enhanced and improved that they won’t need as much; and besides this way there will be enough for the Department of Citizens’ Needs to divide equitably with the 5 immigrant families that have been assigned to each of their houses. It’s all for Fairness! Justice! Equality!”)

    – – – – – –

    (*) Soros, along with the other “world leaders and financiers” who believe themselves to be up-and-coming lifetime members of the New One-World Ruling Class. This certainly includes Obama and the pro-amnesty factions in the USA, as well as Merkel and the other heads of EU nations who are actively and deliberately destabilizing their countries — they all think they will be the “Strong Leader” their citizens will turn to when the social and economic chaos becomes unbearable.

    Apparently the New Elites have no clue that “the rabble” might decide to apply the Ceausescu and Mussolini solutions to their own glorious personages. (One hopes that Western Civ hasn’t become so wussified that True Justice is now unthinkable…)