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Houston, we have a solution

And in this day and time, surprisingly it’s “no”.  Michael Walsh writes:

And bathrooms won, as Texas voters said to hell with with “equality and inclusiveness,” which they and the rest of the country are just now figuring out mean a wholesale destruction of cultural norms as the descendants of the Frankfurt School continue their merry work to overturn thousands of years of human history. The war against the Left is partly a fight over the language, which we are losing, and this is a good example. ”Transgender” bathroom “rights” has gone down in Houston. But it will keep coming back until heteronormativity is destroyed.

There’s always a line.  Sometimes it surprises us when it is finally reached and crossed, but you can always count on that happening at some point.    The line is the place in any cause where those who favor the cause push it too far and people finally wake up and say, “you know, this is BS.”  Apparently the “transgender” nonsense is the “cause” that crosses the line.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — Proposition 1 on the local ballot —would have extended bans on employment and housing discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national original and other classifications to gay people, bisexual people and transgender people.

What Houstonians figured out rather quickly is this had nothing to do with “equal rights”.   It had to do with using the force of law to humor a special class who wanted to buck the norm for no good reason other than they could.  Opponents called it the “bathroom ordinance”.  Why?

Under the defeated ordinance, local businesses that discriminate against various classes of people — including transgender people using whatever bathroom they want — would face fines up to $5,000. The failed law specifically exempted religious institutions.

But everyone else?  Well, they were on the hook for that $5k fine if they didn’t establish that men with penises who claimed they felt like a woman would be allowed to use the women’s bathroom.  That idea obviously went over like a lead balloon in Houston:

By the wee hours of Tuesday morning, 95 percent of the ballots had been counted and 61 percent of voters opposed Proposition 1.

It only came to a vote because the Supreme Court ruled that the ordinance required the vote of the people it would effect, i.e. the citizenry.  And the citizenry resoundingly sent a message to city hall.  NO!

This, of course, doesn’t mean the issue will go away.  Once started by the political left, they never seem to go away.  However, they’re going to have to find a new way to approach the cause other than forcing it on people.  Seems few, if any, of their “causes” are popular enough that the people want to enact them by vote.  So control of government is more than just desired, it’s essential.

Anyway, hooray for Houston.  They got this one right.


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9 Responses to Houston, we have a solution

  • I’m going to be generous and assume that the percentage of people who voted FOR (that would be the 39% of the ballots counted…sigh) were interested in the aspects of equal rights that had nothing to do with letting people use the other sex’s bathroom today because they ‘felt’ like it.

    Or because they were 15 years old and male(s) and thought it would be funny and possibly interesting to follow the hot chick into the ladies room…..

    cause that could never happen….

    And from the aspect of a LEO or a store owner – which set of papers would demonstrate the little rat(s) was(were) on the up and up?

    Cause you’re a member of the ‘reality based’ community if you think you can rewrite human nature and millions of years of biology and end up with the perfect socialist gender neutral society if we pass some laws, right?

    • which set of papers would demonstrate the little rat(s) was(were) on the up and up?

      Well you could just tag them with an easy to understand insignia. A badge of some kind. Maybe a nice pink triangle on the breast pocket?

  • Next stop…judicial activism! Lefties are going to let the will of the people get in their way.

    • I wonder what would have happened to judges that did that 100-200 years ago. I wonder if the founders felt that was a possible check on their abuse of authority that we don’t have much recourse against such an abuse.

  • Soon-to-depart Mayor Anus Porker has vowed this is not the end. So to speak…

    Some think she has political ambitions above city office.

    • good, she should try that out just so she can be thoroughly squashed by a larger base of Texan constituents in an ‘unexpected’ upset like Kentucky.

      Perhaps she can try wearing some pink sneakers to charge up her campaign.

  • There always seems to be one more protected class that needs our special help …

    “Earlier today, I announced that as president I will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process,” Clinton said to a smattering of applause. “That way they’ll have a chance to been seen as more than just someone who has done time.”

  • SJWs are the crew for whom hot-eartherism is ‘settled science’ but XY=male, not so much.