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Imagine a world without SJWs

How out of hand is SJW nonsense?  See the University of Missouri:

The student protest at the University of Missouri began as a response to a serious problem — outbursts of vile racism on campus — and quickly devolved into an expression of a renewed left-wing hostility to freedom of expression. At the protest on Missouri’s campus yesterday, on a space that is expressly open to free expression, protesters barred journalists from covering the demonstrations. In one scene, protesters surrounded and harassed Tim Tai, a photographer with the student newspaper, chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, journalists have got to go.” The scene is captured on a video here, which rewards close watching until the end, where Melissa Click, a professor of mass media working with the protest movement, calls out, “Help me get this reporter out of here. I need some muscle over here.”

It is possible — and, for many sympathizers on the left, convenient — to dismiss these sorts of incidents as just so much college high jinks. “College students have been saying stupid things since the invention of college students,” argues Daniel Drezner, in a passage that attracted widespread support on the left. It is probably true that a strange and sudden new hypersensitivity among young people has produced a widespread expectation of a right to be protected from offense. It is also undeniably true that outbursts of political correctness disproportionately take place in campus settings. In recent weeks, UCLAWesleyan, and Yale have seen left-wing student activism aimed at shutting down the expression of contrary viewpoints.

Even if it were the case that political correctness was totally confined to campuses, it would not make the phenomenon unimportant. Colleges have disproportionate influence over intellectual life, and political movements centered on campuses can spread well beyond them (anti-Vietnam began as a bunch of wacky kids, too). But to imagine p.c. as simply a thing college kids do relieves us of taking it seriously as a coherent set of beliefs, which it very much is. Political correctness is a system of thought that denies the legitimacy of political pluralism on issues of race and gender. It manifests itself most prominently in campus settings not because it’s a passing phase, like acne, but because the academy is one of the few bastions of American life where the p.c. left can muster the strength to impose its political hegemony upon others. The phenomenon also exists in other nonacademic left-wing communities, many of them virtual ones centered on social media, and its defenders include professional left-wing intellectuals.

Now that you’ve read the three paragraphs, can you imagine who wrote them?  National Review, perhaps?

Nope … Jonathan Chait.  If you think the above is surprising, how about this paragraph:

American political correctness has obviously never perpetrated the brutality of a communist government, but it has also never acquired the powers that come with full control of the machinery of the state. The continuous stream of small-scale outrages it generates is a testament to an illiberalism that runs deep down to its core (a character I tried to explain in my January essay).

“Never acquired the powers that come with full control of the machinery of state.”  Well, that’s true … to an extent.  What isn’t true is it is absent.  It certainly exists in our political machinery, one doesn’t have too look very hard to find it.  Simply watch the Democratic presidential candidates kowtow to the absurd #blacklivesmatter crowd to understand that even a marginal group can seem to be more powerful than they are if they play the proper politically correct cards.  And it encroaches more and more daily.  In fact, the past 7 years have been SWJ heaven in terms of growth and effect.

However, it seems to now be consuming itself.

Our job, should we choose to do it, is to help it along.

Now that at least some on the left are beginning to wake up to the “end game” the SJWers demand, they’re beginning to reconsider.  This is a movement that needs to die.  And the only way to do that is to point out the absurdities, but to also point out the intent.  Control.  Complete control of what you say, and an attempt to control what you think.

Just be glad, at least to this point, that the PC movement hasn’t yet fully “acquired the powers that come with full control of the machinery of state.”  If it ever does, I think we can all point to a historic example or two where their utopia existed once … sorta.  And we all know how those ended.


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25 Responses to Imagine a world without SJWs

  • IIRC, today marks the establishment of the U.S. Marine Corps.

    There is a stark and troubling contrast between the college-aged young men of the WWII generation who faced real threats, but many of whom volunteered in the weeks following Pearl Harbor, and these “soiled brats” (no “p”) who are themselves very comfortable with totalitarian urges.

    So, the campus cops are going to police “hurtful” speech on a public state university campus?

    Sounds like someone needs to sue the living dogspit out of the University of Missouri for violations of the Constitution.

    I’m available for part of that legal team.

  • As a sideline sort of OT issue, or maybe it’s a twofer – interesting all this started because a bunch of football playing asshats now have realized their financially linked extortion can make people resign.
    And all because the American professional football owner’s associations has managed to turn the American education system into a training camp so we can have the Super Bowl every year.
    Because that’s why we sent the dears to a place called “school”, so they could learn to play sports and become professional athletes.

    They’re part of the entire education disaster that created the SJW’s.
    If the ‘leaders’ had had the cajones, they’d have told the little sods their scholarships were GONE as soon as they refused to play.
    But that would have upset the sponsors and the alums and “the money” etc,
    and probably meant racists!
    That would be like telling the special snowflakes they’re eliminating whatever useless gender oriented (while allegedly being specifically NON gender oriented) degree programs that don’t actually, you know, do something reasonably productive.

    All part of the special snowflake system and irretrievably linked to money (Federal loans, Federal funding, grants, sponsors, alums, big time advertising, etc)

    • If this spells the beginning of the end of “college sports” in its current iteration, I’ll be delighted. Good riddance.

      • I’ve been wondering if any of the football team will suffer from “risk adverse” NFL owners, who will avoid U of M players (unless they are truly exceptional).

        • Maybe. But the NFL drafts some pretty tight contracts, and they usually…kiiiiinda…enforce them.

          • I was thinking more about NFL owners who don’t want another TO (Terrell Owens) .. a trouble maker

      • A lot of things I ignore, massive American team sports has been one of them…

        But when Congress started sticking it’s nose into the NCAA a couple years back I realized there was a problem, and invariably to my mind it was tied to money.

        One of my pointless letters to Congressman Joe Barton (not my congress critter) was demanding to know what in hell the Congress of the United States of America had to do with College Basketball and by what authority (except for the obvious self authorized snotty Congressman thinking) they were sticking their noses into it.

        Needless to say Old Joe never replied.

        After watching the funding and shenanigans for high school football in my local community over other more IMPORTANT things, you know, like math, or science I began to feel our (Texas) education system was nothing more than a scouting camp for the couple thousand kids out of the millions we educate who can play professional football.

        I make no apologies for thinking professional sports has too much influence in our schools, and there are too damn many people in every community who’s precious son Johnny (who’s “gonna be a star”) are pissing away our tax money to earn 32 seconds of glory at the big game one Saturday. And then he’ll end up selling burgers or used cars down at Ed’s Burgers and Fast Cars car lot or working behind the counter at PayDay Loans.

        Our national priorities are screwed and I’m not saying that just because I’m getting older and crankier.

    • I think you’re very close here and I’m going to further dig down.

      The reason the President and Chancellor are gone is because this is Football season, and SEC Football season to boot, and the boosters/alumni, who are big donors to the Mizzou football program, pay the coaches salary, want to drive the RV to the game, have the tailgates, and be feted for a Saturday as campus Royalty.

      When the choice came down to no more football or the Administration, well, there was no choice.

      Had the football team tried to do this after/around Dec 1 (which in Mizzou’s case will be the end of their season) there would have been much different outcomes.

    • Note: they’re a mediocre team too. Imagine if a top team flexed their muscle??

  • the best part of the U of M story was embodied on MSNBC when an entire panel of journalists had absolutely no idea what event or events started the misadventure.
    Apparently, this all started with a swastika made from feces on a bathroom wall that nobody seems to have ever seen. It was reported on a flyer posted on a wall, but nobody knows who posted it.

    I’ll give odds that this was an experiment by some sociology professor, who is about to change jobs … or one of her/his students.

    • Or the now traditional fake story generating SJW warriors.

    • “The student protest at the University of Missouri began as a response to a serious problem ..”

      I think the serious problem was one incident of drive-by name calling and an unconfirmed rumor of the appearance of a swastika. In other words, mindless hysteria.

  • I am not as optimistic that the end of this nonsense has started. It will not end, in academia, until businesses stop hiring anyone who went to one of these schools. Businesses will not stop hiring these fools until crony capitalism ends. Crony capitalism will not end until the government falls.

    • Well according to the senior owning clowns at Google and so forth there aren’t any “merican” kids in STEM degrees that would get them a job in tech anyway.

      So the Merican schools generate lots of little mindless twits who march around campuses infringing the rights of others while moaning their rights are infringed (check out the video of their bullcrap of advancing on Tim Tai and claiming HE’S the one pushing/infringing/touching/shoving/causing a problem – ah….just once lord…..FIX (wait for it….) BAYONET!”

      “Crony capitalism will not end until the government falls.”
      I’d prefer it if we didn’t have to burn the joint down – but the stables certainly need a thorough CLEANING.

      • .”just once lord…..FIX (wait for it….) BAYONET!”

        Ooooh. Makes me feel warm all over. Where is the Ohio National Guard when you need them?

        Anyone remember “Spare the rod and spoil the child” ? Terribly gauche of me, I know, but we might want to bring that back.

        • Ah yes, Kent State. I’m still puzzled as to who ordered ammo issue. I mean, when you go issuing ammo, “the reasonable man” would understand that if you issued it, it might actually be used.

          Now bayonets…..well, bayonets have broken the backs of some of the best veteran units in the world. There’s a very nice paper written at the end of the American Civil War that suggested bayonet charges were still an effective means of smashing an enemy line, despite the advent of the rifled musket with a 500+ yard effective range.
          Several Generals were of the opinion that if you intended to advance there was no point in having the men load, because if they were loaded, they’d be inclined to fire, and if they started firing, then it would just become a slugging match at range, usually between units of about equal size, meaning the casualty rate would be about equal, and that wouldn’t serve the purpose of the advance would it.

          So, don’t allow them to load.

          Bayonets are so much better when you’re on the butt end of the bayonet, and the other guys have flowers and a positive attitude. Takes super steely nerves to really believe that the person, who you probably think of as a mindless militaristic idiot in the first place, is NOT going to poke you with that sharp pointy thing. Not too many people have that kind of super steely nerve.

  • I keep seeing that image of Dakota Fanning in the movie “War of the Worlds” creating her “safe space” by placing her one forearm over the other.

  • It’s not the movement that needs to die. The people will simply shift to something else.

    We are VERY sick as a nation. I fear we need to fill the graveyards with thousands of wannabe thugs like Click before we get back to any semblance of sanity

    • I don’t think Click is much of a thug, I think she’s a person who thinks the rules will always work in her favor and can’t imagine them not working for her.
      Direct demonstrates to the contrary would probably be the mortifying slap in the face that quickly gives a bitter, but realistic view of the world.
      Her attitudes survive only because of the polite forbearance of others.

      • She calls for “muscle” to back her authoritarian impulse up.

        She thinks the rules will always work for her because she can call in “muscle” to ensure it will. Because she’s an evil thug at heart. Always look at the first impulses with these people, that instinctive move when the mask isn’t on.

        Eff her. She’s part of the problem but you are correct in that the bigger problem is that her life hasn’t been (and isn’t going to be) irreparably ruined by this.

        Which is why the correction/backlash – when it inevitably comes- is going to be a bad one.

        • She’s not very bright though, is she.

          the other day it was ” Watch me wield my power, running dog of mainstream lackydom! Flush with victory at having driven off your hapless cohort I shall now show you to the rightabouts! Marvin! Poindexter! remove him!”

          today, I bet it’s more like “ooops, I should have never done that ON CAMERA”.

          You’re right about her impulses though – also part of the problem – acting on impulse. Like someone drinking – what you do on impulse is probably who you are at heart.

  • Frau Professor Click-Goebbels and her nonapology

    “In her apology to “the MU campus community and journalists at large,” Click said she regrets the “language and strategies I used” and had learned much about “humanity and humility.””

    What Frau Goebbels means is she regrets she used that language and strategy when it was being recorded.

    • See, she was RIGHT to prevent that reporter from doing his thing, her authority-abusing instincts were correct, the only thing she did wrong was her choice of tactics. Had she only had her “muscle” find a non-threatening way to violate people’s rights, it would be all good!

    • Learned about humanity….. effing Christ. CHILDREN learn about humanity at a young age. This sea hag is an alleged adult and she claims she just learned about it NOW? And we know that’s a load too.

      Absolute waste of a person.