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Self-criticism anyone?

And then there is Yale.  A little “self-criticism”, a feature of another era, or so we thought.  How dare he question PC orthodoxy?!

“I have disappointed you and I’m really sorry,” Nicholas Christakis told about 100 students gathered in his living room on Sunday for a meeting also attended by Jonathan Holloway, the dean of Yale College, and other university administrators. Christakis said his encounter on Thursday with students in the college’s courtyard, in which numerous black women upbraided him for being inattentive to them, broke his heart, according to a voice recording of the conversation provided to The Washington Post.

“I mean it just broke my heart,” Christakis said. “I thought that I had some credibility with you, you know? I care so much about the same issues you care about. I’ve spent my life taking care of these issues of injustice, of poverty, of racism. I have the same beliefs that you do … I’m genuinely sorry, and to have disappointed you. I’ve disappointed myself.”

They don’t even realize where they’re headed.

And they’re supposed to be the “smart ones”.

Kevin Williamson drops the hammer on the whole bunch:

On Friday, I was honored to be a guest of the William F. Buckley Jr. Program at Yale, where I participated in a panel on freedom of speech with the wonderful writer Harry Stein and Professor Bradley A. Smith, a noted law scholar. The Yale kids did their screaming best to prevent us from having a conversation about free speech — the Yale kids are utterly immune to irony — but the event went much as planned. Coming and going, we were chanted at by idiot children screaming, “Genocide is not a joke!” . . .

If you’re wondering about the genocide thing, so were we.  . . . The idiot children were screaming about Lukianoff because he said they were overreacting to Christakis’s criticism that they tend to scream and overreact. Well played, idiot children.

Of course, these idiot children aren’t children. These are young adults who can serve in the military, get married, buy firearms, drink alcohol, etc. They are at the beginning years of adult life, but they are entirely unprepared for adult life. . . .

As for me, I think that they’re clowns, and worse than that, really: They’re bad citizens, and defective people from defective families. They aren’t motivated by good will, but by fear: of the dawning realization that they, as people, aren’t really all that important, despite having been told all their lives how important they are.

We’re all real sorry about your safe spaces and your pacifier and your stuffed puppy, Caitlyn. Really we are. Yet the perpetual revolution of configured stars continues in its indifference, and the lot of man is ceaseless labor, and though you may find the thought terrifying — and thinking itself terrifying — it may turn out to be the case that the screaming in the dark you do on campus is more or less the same screaming in the dark you did in the crib, the same howl for the same reason.

Call ’em what they are – “idiot children”.  And I mean “idiot” in the literal, though not PC, sense.

I’m still at a loss as to what these people think they’re going to face in the real world after they leave the realm of PC utopia.

Get a trophy, I guess.


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23 Responses to Self-criticism anyone?

  • “what these people think they’re going to face in the real world after they leave the realm of PC utopia.”

    Based on the neighbor kids who just had to be sent to ‘the best’ schools – an average job that has nothing to do with their 4 year degree.

    And the likelyhood they’ll move back in to their old rooms with mom and dad before they’re in their 30s.

  • They’re going to TRY to ruin the rest of our lives that’s what. When they infect HR depts and law offices and the judiciary and god knows what else- it won’t end.

    The backlash is gonna be BRUTAL with these cretins.

  • “what these people think they’re going to face in the real world”

    These are the so-called elite, the future leaders of the ‘real world’. They are going to change it just as they are changing Yale. It’s us real world people who need to worry about what we are going to face.

  • Instapundit went as far as to suggest the repeal of the 26th Amendment and making 25 the voting age.

    • Makes sense, seeing as how we’re not drafting kids and sending them off to Vietnam anymore…

    • Beats the idiotic rumbling I heard the other day about letting 16 year olds vote for President.

      They can be on mommy and daddy’s insurance until their 26, but vote for President – sure!

      Just don’t ask em to show any id when they vote, okay?

  • And which college majors are more likely to end up back home? Time conveniently provides some info.

    • And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I went into Data Processing (which is what it was called at the time I received my sheeply skins) instead of becoming what I WANTED to do – which was

      ….be a history major 🙂

  • While Reuters shows record # of young women back in the house – beating the record from 1940.
    (which just happens to be when they started keeping records again after losing all the related data, along with the global climate data, from the records kept on rabbit skin held by the Yurt Dweller datagathering tribe of central Asia in 1790 during a revolutionary reformist “anti Yurt” rally).

    So AFTER the young men came streaming back from the wars (which tend to knock the child out of people), they got married to the young women and they all acted like adults and GREW THE HELL UP.
    Well, that’s how I choose to read the data.

    For an entertaining laugh we have the parting last paragraph from Reuters…
    I’ll emphasize the hilarious part in case you don’t get it.

    “The share of young women living with parents or other relatives bottomed at 20 percent in 1960. The upturn increased sharply after 2000 and has not reversed despite a labor market recovery after the Great Recession of 2007-2009, the report said.

  • I think that we’re roaring up on a purge of universities who want to stay in business.

    It will involve the complete excision of all departments and courses that teach “grievance” as a subject, and anything with “critical” in its title, along with ____________ Studies where “blank” is a racial group or a gender, sexual practice, etc. (Those, of course, will continue to be taught at places NOT interested in staying in business.)

    The classics and western philosophy will be returned to the curriculum, and fields of study like English and Literature will again require reading Shakespeare and Chaucer.

    • I agree. We need a name for these higher education institutions that get rid of the departments you mentioned and focus on STEM, plus business subjects such as economics and finance, plus classical liberal arts (history, languages, non-collectivist philosophy).

      Streamlined universities? Institutions for the study of reality? BS unfriendly colleges? Post-collectivist universities? I can’t think of a catchy name. Perhaps someone else will.

    • I suggest “University”.

      From the Medieval period on down, that term meant a WORLD of things. It was really, really a “universal” place of knowledge, thought, and the exchange of ideas. IF you were part of it, you signed on with that whole ideal.

      MAKE it mean that again. TAKE it away from the totalitarian punks. IFFFFFF they can’t stand it, send them packing!

      • I’d consider that a good idea if I knew an example where the right reclaimed a term from the left and restored its classical meaning. I can’t think of one, though.

        • Hey, we can be trend-setters…!!!

          An’, brother, are there some trends that need setting!

  • “I have the same beliefs that you do … I’m genuinely sorry, and to have disappointed you. I’ve disappointed myself.”

    The man has met the same hatred based in racism and bigotry that he claims to have railed against … and couldn’t recognize it.

    • And the beaten cur rolls over, exposing his underbelly to the alpha in a sign of submission

  • Can someone splain to me – if these administrators were afraid for their jobs, and that’s what made them give in to the little fascist b*turds – why the hell did would they resign?
    There’s obviously a motivation I don’t follow going on here.

    As it stands to me the explanation is like shooting yourself in the head because you’re afraid someone is going to shoot you.
    There has to be something else these chickenshirt college administration people are trying to protect that they preserve by resigning.
    But if you were running some other college would you want to hire these weasels?
    So what is it?

    Did they reach the level of suicidal idiocy of “but nobody likes me!”?

    • I can only assume .. two words .. golden parachute

      • Gotta be something like that – I mean, what’s your alternative?
        You abandoned your post at the first sign of trouble and allowed yourself to be mau-mau’d by a bunch of low rent brainless raceo-economic terrorists.
        You were ‘hated’ out of your prestigious school job.

        Who the heck is going to hire you now?
        Other colleges aren’t going to want you for fear of their own little NAZI cliques, serious people are going to view you as a sorryassed weak kneed quitter.
        So – what the hell are you going to do with the rest of your life?
        You’re NOT a favored victim.

      • And your ‘old pals’ will probably not invite you out to any more faculty ‘wine and cheesers’ – so….
        You gotta be right, has to be an economic parachute here somewhere.