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Ithaca College protests and demands president step down because of … racism.

And the copy cat outrage spreads.  You know, because racism!

Students at Ithaca College have started to protest the college president days after University of Missouri students successfully got their president to step down.

The protest was organized by the group People of Color at Ithaca College to express their concerns about racism on campus. They called for a vote of no confidence against Ithaca President Tom Rochon, as well as for Rochon to step down.

During the protests earlier today, The Ithaca Journal reports, one student asked, “How can a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world not actively foster growth to our consciousness of oppression and privilege?”

There was a die-in and a silent demonstration amid the day of protests, all to get administrators to take their concerns seriously.

No mention of their concerns or their legitimacy, but hey, Mizzu’s weren’t legitimate and look how that turned out.  As one person wrote, no one claims to have seen the “poopswastica” supposedly found on a bathroom wall in a day and time when students take pictures and videos of themselves clipping their fingernails.  But somehow the phantom swastica wasn’t recorded (Nor has anyone come forward to claim to have seen it).

So if that worked for Mizzu, why not Ithaca?  After all, racial claims carry weight, just because … or at least they used too.  Until too many incidents were proven to be the work of minorities themselves.  But hey, if you’re a college student, you’re sure you know what racism is and you’ve been assured by the “victims” that it exists everywhere.  Therefore its as credible an excuse as any to get rid of a president.

Yup … the inmates are running the asylum.

Of course the irony and the humor is to be found in the fact that these little islands of insanity are the product of the professors and administration.



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16 Responses to Ithaca College protests and demands president step down because of … racism.

  • Some poor schwep would have had to clean the Poopstica off the wall – you’d think he/she wouldn’t be very hard to find, nor would it be something they were unlikely to remember.
    Should be able to find the unfortunate maintenance witness that had to clean the mess up, right?

    Where’s Dan Rather or Brian Williams when you need them – getting the facts for these hard hitting stories!

    • Let it burn

    • I sort of predicted this (well, on the other end of things) but there are always consequences …

      Louisiana high school football standout Sci Martin removed Missouri from his top five list of schools he was considering attending next fall.
      Sci Martin is one of the top high school recruits in the country.
      Sci Martin, from New Orleans, Louisiana, told reporters, “Their campus is out of control.”

  • What else would one expect from a nation of eight year-olds?

    And that’s the professors.

    The administrators haven’t hit six yet.

  • I should add that “dumbing down” is more than a factor of knowledge it’s based in thinking skills. ”

    Education” over the past 60-100 years (Dewey -> 1950’s-60s post-modernism, i.e., Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Jean-François Lyotard, and Richard Rorty, et al) has been based in turning human though processes out and instituting what can only be described as “lower animal” instinct.

    It worked, and the conservatives had nothing to fight back with.

  • How can a campus dedicated to preparing us for the real world not actively foster growth to our consciousness of oppression and privilege?”

    How could one dedicated to “preparing us for the real world” do anything other than ignore your protest?

    (Though contra Sharpshooter, I’d say Foucault doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with Lyotard and Derrida, in that while he’s a postmodernist, he’s actually comprehensible and neither an obscurantist nor someone who denies the meaning of propositions.

    Foucault is very poorly represented by his followers.

    As a philosophy student, I say Derrida and Lyotard were both incomprehensible wastes of time [and both of them better than Baudrillard], but Foucault was a different breed.)

  • For example, Mizzou’s football coach, Gary Pinkel, will earn $4 million this season, while assistant professors there have an average salary of about $84,000.

    I think I understand who are the fools.

    • But Football!

      And bazillion dollar Advertising budgets for Tidy Bowl, uh SuperBowl.

      Cuz trucks and carz and big breasted wimmenz eatin hamburgers (and a little bit of good old fashioned cheating too!)

  • And I wonder how these special gems would have handled “the mad crapper” that ran loose leaving his special presents all over our college campus during my senior year at one of Masswachusetts’s state colleges.

  • One thing I have to laugh at is the idea of ‘safe spaces’. In the real world there is no such thing so demanding them in college is surreal. Things such as ‘safe spaces’ go out of their way to NOT prepare college students for real life.

  • What I’m really enjoying is the “useful idiot” ‘white’ kids who thought they’d be part of the Mizzou BLM group for whatever even possibly genuine reasons.

    At Mizzou they broke groups of protestors by race, presumably you know, to fight racism I guess.
    And danged if the white kids didn’t manage to get themselves uninvited because well, they were white. Sympathetic and useful idiots, but…white, you see.

    The participants in this mini revolutionary dynamic ought to be grateful that there were no firearms involved.
    This is the point in real world revolutions where the new ‘leaders’ of the approved class gather up all the useful idiots from their supporters and since they’re no longer useful, they are lined up, shot and buried owing to their lack of revolutionary purity (and probably because they really thought this was about FIXING things for everyone, instead of a power grab.
    We’re not talking Martin Luther King here, we’re talking Shaka Zulu.

    There were invariably some kids ‘of color’ in the groups who are probably genuine in what they’re after too – and were surprised when the whites got winnowed out of the mix.

    What they don’t understand, but will now be MADE to understand, is the next generation of race pimps don’t need THEM either if they can’t get in line.
    Probably some of them have by now discovered that expressing the idea that the white kids could help got them the nickname of Uncle Tom or Aunt Jemima because they weren’t toeing the line set by the race baiting leaders.
    So they’ll be made to submit to the new rules of the plantation or be labeled Oreo and thrown out as insufficiently ‘black’.

  • University is where you go to grow up, be humbled, learn your place in the world and find out you’re not the special little snowflake your helicopter parents indoctrinated you into believing.
    You want your ‘safe space’, stay in mommy’s basement. At least there, you won’t interfere with some who is trying to get an education.

  • Foot soldiers for the emerging progressive Gestapo.