Free Markets, Free People

Your weekend horror film

Sure, it’s past Halloween, but this short horror film is too good to pass up.

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7 Responses to Your weekend horror film

  • Is it wrong that in my director’s cut alternate ending the brown kid is a deranged killer with a gun in his back pack?

    • He would have gotten +5 privilege points for being a Muslim. So you would have written yourself in a corner.

      • But in the end he would have been the only one left to issue points.

        Maybe he’d have gone on to be invited to the White House before he got a scholarship in “Cutter”.

      • I’ve been considering finding a Native American tribe, that has no records of their past, to join.
        You know, that Liz Warren shtick.

  • Martin Luther King Jr must be happy to be dead.

    • I like to think the alternate universe where he lived found Jesse Jackson selling Real Estate and Al Shaprton running a donut shop.