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France, the Democrats and reality

One of the three in the title doesn’t belong there:

I watched, incredulously, as all three contenders in Saturday night’s Democratic presidential debate — Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley — refused to say the slaughter was the work of “Muslim” extremists.

Clinton blamed “jihadis.” But despite prodding, she would not speak of the Islamic elephant in the room.

Sanders stood by his earlier claim that climate change, not creatures in suicide vests, presents the biggest threat to this planet because it makes poor people into terrorists by interfering with their crops or something.

At that point, I switched to the Syfy channel to get a bigger dose of reality.

And probably got much more of a dose of reality than the Democratic debate.

Imagine claiming “climate change” was the “biggest threat to the planet” when terrorists are blowing up people in France.  Or the simple fact that the climate really hasn’t shown any change in over a decade.

Who are “jihadis” and what religion do they represent, Ms. Clinton?

And who’s two memes, “ISIS is the jayvee” and “other civilized countries don’t have this sort of problem (referring to mass killings), were utterly destroyed?  Not to mention watching the French president show what leadership means by hitting ISIS immediately, repeatedly and hard?

Oh, that would be our Commander-in-Chief, the semi-retired and totally disconnected Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, the importation of 10,000 Syrian refugees will continue as planned.

Yup, Syfy would seem to deal in reality much more than our President and the Democrats.


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7 Responses to France, the Democrats and reality

  • It is interesting the note the French did hit back without spending 6 months thinking about it.

    Obama, hell, couldn’t even show up to the moment of silence on time.

    • But hey! You know what the say! GREATEST PRESIDENT EVAH!

    • And France managed to discover this mysterious, hidden ISIS Capitol that our military apparently didn’t even know existed.

      Funny what you can dowhen you’re motivated eh?

      That said…..fuck France. They’ll bomb for a couple of weeks then go back to being France.

      We’re gonna need a LOT more dead in lots of places before we are woken up

      • Oh, our military knew where it was; they’re the ones who told and showed the French where to bomb. The problem was that His Imperial Nude Idiocy has forbidden our military from attacking his co-religionists in Syria. You ask, “Wasn’t that why we were bombing?” The answer to that is, “No, we were driving the Syrian President Assad out of office.” You remember, just like Hildabeast did with Gidaffi in Libia?? Yeah.

  • The French? Hollande’s ‘pitiless’ persecution of ISIS consisted of one raid, dropping 20 bombs. Twenty whole bombs. About the load of a single WWII era B-17. One can suspect Anonymous’ cyberattack will be more effective at degrading ISIS than France’s ‘pitiless’ war.

    Our semi-retired president will just stumble toward the end of his administration, doing nothing that could be perceived as controversial in his imaginary world, playing golf and blaming the obstructionist Republicans, Bush – anyone for our disastrous foreign policy predicament. There are rumblings that his confidants are preparing less-than-flattering tell-alls – nothing too different than the last year of nearly every administration in recent memory. The difference is this time the signposts and decisions – wrong at nearly every opportunity – will be illustrated in painful detail. The indecision, wavering and flat-out lying will be laid bare. The only question: Will they take Hillary down with him?

    • As to why she won’t have the opportunity to read the tell-alls while sitting on the crapper in her cell is another story.

      If I can’t have that, I’ll be willing to settle for the “confused” Hillary sitting in her house in Chapurbutt, New York wondering how it all went wrong.

  • I really hate Baptist and Presbyterian Jihadis, but Methodist Jihadis are the worst.