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Forget the extremes on the Syrian refugee crisis

On the one extreme:

“We are not well served when, in response to a terrorist attack, we descend into fear and panic,” [Obama] said. “We don’t make good decisions if they’re based on hysteria or an exaggeration of risks.”

There you have it, folks: If you doubt any portion of our current refugee policy, you’re “hysterical.” Never mind that a recent poll showed 13 percent of Syrian refugees declaring a “positive” or “somewhat positive” view of ISIS, or that at least one of the Paris attackers apparently arrived in France posing as a refugee. Never mind the 26 charges of terrorism brought up against foreign-born individuals in the U.S. in the past year, as Sen. Jeff Sessions documented this week, or the fact that in October, FBI Director James Comey testified that our current system likely can’t effectively vet Syrian refugees.

More importantly, never mind the fact that opposition to current refugee protocols doesn’t necessarily translate into opposition to helping refugees altogether; had Obama led with an acknowledgment of the system’s weaknesses and showed genuine concern towards fixing them, we might be in a different situation today.  As it is, a new Bloomberg poll shows 53 percent of Americans opposing the current settlement plan.

Yes, that’s right, our President is on extreme.  And of course he considers the GOP to be the real extreme, characterizing them as wanting no refugees from Syria at all.  Granted there are certainly those who do indeed want that.  But broad brushes are a little, well, broad.

In effect, no one is saying turn away “widows and 3 year old orphans”, as some on the left have characterized the attitude on the right.

What is concerning everyone is the number and percentage of young, military age men in this mix.  Are they jihadists that ISIS is trying to smuggle into the US. Despite their claims, the administration has no idea.  That’s a national security issue and the safety of the citizens of the US take priority over a bunch of refugees.  Of course that’s how the job description of President goes, but apparently, Obama is trying to rewrite that.  Risk is a matter of opinion, and a good leader would develop a process that would be transparent and assure the public of its safety.  But then, we have Obama …

And what most want is a “pause” before wholesale importing of refugees, to review the vetting process and tighten it up if necessary.  In the meantime, I’m sure, if the US asked nicely, these refugees could be placed in a neutral middle Eastern country until that process is complete. That would assure their safety.

But to hear Obama and his supporters, it is as if the right is just so damned racist and xenophobic that they can’t tolerate the thought of helping any foreign refugees by placing them here (of course, history tells a different story).

Tell you what.  To show your good faith Mr. Obama, let’s first start by giving refugee and immigration status to our Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who are at daily risk for helping us and many on the right have been trying to get here for years.  That’s been a hill the left just doesn’t seem to have been able to climb.

Then they can again assume their superior attitude and lecture the rest of us on our “responsibility” to others.

Seem fair?


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12 Responses to Forget the extremes on the Syrian refugee crisis

  • “As it is, a new Bloomberg poll shows 53 percent of Americans opposing the current settlement plan.”

    So 47% are not opposed to Obama’s current settlement plan (or don’t care or don’t know what to think). Again with the 47%. I can understand all those people supporting bad policies because they want the personal financial benefits and emotional succor. But surely even the most greedy, self-centered people ought to be able to recognize the very real risk of death and destruction resulting from inviting Islamists into our midst. There is no benefit to themselves at all — the refugees will be competing for government benefits, special privileges, and the whole dependent-victim package, with the added glamour of the unknowable possibility of a deadly demeanor.

    Has anyone collected data about the 47% who would accept Syrian refugees? Is this the same group of people who fit into Romney’s 47%? (Or maybe it was 48%. Close enough.) Perhaps this group represents a whole ‘nother demographic and the 47% breakdown is just a weird coincidence.

  • Mr. Obama, let’s first start by giving refugee and immigration status to our Iraqi and Afghan interpreters who are at daily risk for helping us and many on the right have been trying to get here for years.

    THAT…rat thar…is a GREAT point, McQ. Those guys (and gals, I suppose) have put it all on the line, and we are giving them squat by way of cover.

    And OF COURSE Barracula will bring out his very favorite person besides himself…Mr. Strawman…to tell the lie that anybody is trying to turn away (or is afraid of) three-year-old kiddies.

    It’s BULLSHIT worthy of Erp.

  • Better yet show the world his beneficence and bring a few to the White House. Let Sasha and Malia get some new friends.

    (But those refugees get the same screening as the rest, not the super special screening anyone coming near the pres. gets. Let the Obama brats share the risk with the rest of us.)

  • But you miss the obvious.
    Our President is so confident in his finely tuned bureaucratic apparatus that he can guarantee that no American will ever be harmed by ISIL (or al Qaeda, who is “on the run”).
    All those slips in the past (i.e. OPM, DOJ, Solyndra, VA,, IRS, ATF, or “Four dead in Benghazi”) are in the past. He has, at last, finally delivered “Change we can believe in”.
    So, the next time you hear of a disaster, fraud, waste or abuse, ask yourself … “How does this affect the President’s veracity ?”
    I know you’re saying .. “That’s too much to ask.” I say “Yes We Can”.

    Al Qaeda and ISIL’s coming
    We’re finally on our own.
    This summer I smell the burning,
    Four dead in Benghazi.
    129 dead in Paris.
    18 dead in Mali.

    • And yesterday John Kerry’s destroyed Al Qaeda manifested itself in Mali.

      They should just shut the hell up about who they’ve destroyed, it’s like the old saying about the devil, every time they say their names, they appear.

  • America has never been about immigration that wasn’t mutually beneficial to the people already here before the Left hijacked it from within and without as a tool to help elect Democrats and shape America.

  • Well, you can count ME as one of the ones not too eager to bring in “widows and orphans”. In Europe (and here, too) there are a LOT of “disaffected, radicalized, native-born citizens of immigrant parents” who hit 18 and go off to their ancestral lands to “serve Allah by way of jihad” (or else they stay here and try to “smite the necks of Infidels”) . Since we can’t predict which peaceful Muslim immigrants will have kids who want to kill-and-die for Allah, I *REALLY WOULD* just as soon keep them ALL out.

    As somebody at Ace commented recently, the Supremely Moral Lib-Progs who INSIST on unbridled Muslim immigration apparently think: “Your lives are a price I’m willing to pay to feel good about myself!”

    Put another way (from a different comment at Ace): “There are a lot of people that can’t wait to help the refugees, but always seem to volunteer others to do it; they want others to face the risks: ‘Money, even blood, is no object, so long as it’s yours and not mine’. ”

    = = = = = =

    Since so many of our sanctimonious Progressives maintain that we have a Moral Duty to bring illiterate Third-Worlders here, Our Betters In Congress should get on the stick and set up a Sponsored Immigration Program: A Citizen-by-Birth (not Naturalized) can opt to sponsor a foreign immigrant by :
    (1) undergoing an FBI background check at his own expense
    (2) paying a $10,000 bond to guarantee the Sponsored Immigrant will abide by the laws of the program (Refundable after 5 years if the immigrant remains in good standing)
    (3) opening his own personal home to that immigrant (or immigrant family) – it is MANDATORY that the Sponsored Immigrant will LIVE WITH HIS SPONSOR for the 5-year period of Sponsorship
    (4) fronting ALL expenses for the Sponsored Immigrant (ideally, the Immigrant will find suitable employment quickly, and will reimburse his Sponsor from his earnings; however – food, clothing, medical treatment, etc etc, must be covered by PERSONAL resources and NEVER devolve to Government or to Professional Resettlement Charities for payment – meaning that the pseudo-religious “charities” currently involved with “resettlement” of hostile foreigners in our midst will NOT be allowed to participate in any way. Currently these organizations receive THOUSANDS of dollars from the Feral Govt for each “refugee” they “resettle”, which amounts to absolute treachery against American citizens – they use our taxes to create “Dearbornistan” and “Little Somalia” in our heartland, filled with hostile aliens who HATE Western culture. Double-plus ungood.)
    (5) after 5 years, with a good employment history and no legal infractions, the Sponsored Immigrant gets his green card and can move out of the Sponsor’s residence. After an additional five-year period with no infractions, the now-legal Immigrant can apply for citizenship. (PS- NO welfare payments should EVER be given to non-citizens. Yes, I *know* that particular horse is long-gone from the barn, but still… our government doesn’t HAVE to be stupid.)

    It just seems to me that the dam-fools calling for MORE MORE MORE immigration should be the ones who should undertake the associated risks and expenses…

    • You’re right, for the people who vote/cheer-lead this, its another variant of being generous with other people’s money. It’s the statistical unlikelihood that one of these refugees with take their job or their terrorists acts will hurt them or their families. It will likely be guy they don’t know, a state or more away that gets hurt.

      • Well, immigrants realize that teaching political “psyaunce” at a small college in the back woods really is a job there shouldn’t be thousands and thousands of – so they learn trades more useful to man’s future and society at large.

    • ” “Your lives are a price I’m willing to pay to feel good about myself!” ”

      Ah, the mating cry of the Erb rises in the predawn darkness on a frosty morn.

  • Obama has managed to put off any action against ISIS long enough to blame some aspect of the crisis on Republicans. Bravo . . .

  • What we have here is a failure to communicate.
    What we have here is a Community Agitator who was elected solely on the color of his skin, who is so far out of his league as to go down in history as one of, if not THE, most incompetent president (to attempt) to serve this once proud nation.
    Now that his incompetency is so totally transparent to anyone who cares to look, his thin skin chafes him like a two-day-old diaper.