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Reforming English II

Several months ago, I wrote about my fascination with alternative alphabets, the history of English-language reform, and an alternative alphabet named Quickscript, which I revised a bit. I’ve revised it a bit more, come up with what I think is a more logical version, and created a TrueType font for it. You can read about it here.

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4 Responses to Reforming English II

  • Or we could read about it there, if the link worked…

  • Until the link gets fixed in the article, try this:

  • The link works.

    Now why I’d want to learn to write using ancient Sumarian is another story 🙂
    As the Austrian Emperor observed, there are simply too many notes!

    I will say however from the perspective of:
    1) having people from a far future time knowing EXACTLY how the word is pronounced (assuming they get the concept of long eeeeee for example 🙂 )
    2) dispenses with the need for any further disagreements about the pronunciations of Grenada, Tomato and Aunt

    Certainly interesting Dale – the party in your head is pretty obviously way better than the party in mine!

  • I’ll update to quickscript when QandO publishes on Snapchat.