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Redefining language to reap an unjust reward

An article sampling how some words used today by SJWs have been redefined from a more positive sense to a negative one which supports victim hood.  The article then asks:

What Has Happened to Language?

This tiny vocabulary sampling reflects another recent epidemic of victimhood, as the English language is further squeezed and massaged to create reality from fantasy.

First, over a half-century of institutionalized equal opportunity has not led to an equality of result. Particular self-identified groups feel collectively that they are less well off than others and are bewildered that this is still possible, since they can point to no law or custom that precludes their opportunity by race, class, or gender. Therefore, inventing a vocabulary of grievances is far more effective in gaining concessions than self-criticism and self-reliance are in winning parity.

Second, in an affluent, leisured and postmodern society of $300 Jordan-label sneakers that sell out in hours, big-screen televisions at Walmart that become prizes for warring consumers on Black Friday, and over 50% of the population exempt from income taxes, it is becoming harder to define, in the material sense, oppression-driven victimhood. In such a world, even multi-billionaire Oprah has difficulty finding discrimination and so becomes reduced to whining about a perceived snub in a Swiss boutique that sells six-figure purses. Language is pressed into service to create victims where there are few, but where many are sorely needed, psychologically — and on the chance such a prized status might lead to a profitable trajectory otherwise impossible by passé notions of work and achievement.

Point one – this is what “1984” talked about.  The subversion of language to fit an ideology or agenda.  The SJWs of today do have a difficult job of assigning blame, so they’re twisted words to enable that.  “Privilege”, which used to be a positive word, is now coupled with “white” in a decidedly negative way.  The entire point, of course, is to “gain concessions” by producing guilt in the target audience. In this way they remain the “victim” class and it is the responsibility of the victimizers to subsidize or ensure advantage in life to the “victims”.  It’s one of the reasons we see so many grievance movements popping up now … it works.

The second point – as we’ve all been made aware, our “poor” live at a level that would be considered middle class in Europe (speaking of “privilege”). But the world evolved now where equality in opportunity, at  least in Western countries, isn’t at all hard to find.  But, of course, that means “work and achievement”.  Why do that when you can “suffer” as a “victim” and be forever subsidized in some way or another in the name of “equality” or whatever “ism” you prefer.  That shaming and guilt production produces rewards from those who buy into the guilt and shame.  And often they are politicians who are quite happy to use your money to assuage this assumed guilt.  And, as we all know, we get less of the behavior we punish and more of that which we reward.

Guess which form of behavior we’re getting now, and why?


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4 Responses to Redefining language to reap an unjust reward

  • If the guilt and shame maneuvers don’t work their wonders, calling you racist and coward are in order.
    As was recently demonstrated hereabouts.

    Interesting that the people trying to coerce others using blanket guilt and shame based purely on genetic inheritance or the randomness of actual gender feel no guilt or shame for their own behaviors ain’t it?

    • I’m old enough to remember Racism was wrong because Prejudice was wrong. It was wrong to pre-judge someone on the basis of their genetics.

      Today Prejudice is part and parcel of modern SJW core thought process. White privilege is the epitome of prejudice. The consequence of White Privilege is that we should hold non-whites to a lower standard and lower expectations. But that’s not racism.

      • And white males are double plus un-good (no attaboys, applause, back pats, snaps, or up-twinkles)

        So if you think you’re a decent sort of person (while being white and male) and try to do all the things you were probably taught in kindergarden – from don’t hit girls to treat others as you want to be treated, – you might as well be Vlad the Impaler’s chief impalement pole adviser and seating engineer.

  • This is one more reason that reason will not resolve this. And the options for resolving this between where we are now and the bullets starting to fly keep slipping away.