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The Paris Conference is about income redistribution, not the health of the planet

We’ve been offered all sorts of nonsense about the importance of battling climate change.  Lately the meme has been that ISIS is a result of climate change (even though, for the past 10 years, the climate hasn’t changed).  We’ve been treated to all sorts of theories masquerading as “proof” that climate change is real.  We’ve watched the alarmists ignore contrary data and continue to tell their big lie.

Why?  How does the lie survive as an actual movement?

Well, for one thing, there is a 100 billion dollars at risk, offered by the apparently guilt-ridden alarmists of the West, and the “third world” isn’t about to let that get away.  It is about global income redistribution.  All you have to do is look at who lines up on what side.  India and China, for instance, insist they are “third world” and by George, they want a piece of that 100 billion.  So they become willing participants in this lie, not because they necessarily believe any of it, but because there’s a pay-off.

Do they plan to actually do anything to mitigate CO2 production?  Uh, not really.  And they’re not the only ones:

More than 2,400 coal-fired power stations are under construction or being planned around the world, a study has revealed two weeks after Britain pledged to stop burning coal. The new plants will emit 6.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide a year and undermine the efforts at the Paris climate conference to limit global warming to 2C. China is building 368 plants and planning a further 803, according to the study by four climate change research bodies, including Ecofys and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. India is building 297 and planning 149. Rich countries are also planning new coal plants. The nuclear disaster at Fukushima has prompted Japan to turn back to coal, with 40 plants in the pipeline and five under construction.

Here it is in graphic form:


In other words, no one is really serious at all about reducing CO2 – except the guilt-ridden, “white privilege” shamed Westerners who are more than happy to use their dubious “science” and your money to assuage their guilt. And of course, the “third world” who is quite happy to take advantage of that guilt, and your money, while ignoring the supposed “problem” completely – well, other than talking the talk.  They have no intention of walking the walk.

The big lie, told often enough, becomes “the truth” … if you let it.

This, however, is just a lie fashioned to take your money and give it to others your imperial rulers deem “more deserving”.


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6 Responses to The Paris Conference is about income redistribution, not the health of the planet

  • This whole thing started as a plan to fool people into dealing with “Peak Oil” and then progressed into a buyout of 3rd World countries to set the Industrial World Order for the remainder of the century.
    The plan is to seek a “status quo” of sorts on the industrial base with payoffs to make up for the inability to develop in undeveloped countries.
    Basically, it Global Welfare. With developed states and undeveloped client states, for as long as they can “fake it.”
    The current number is $100 billion a year in transfer payments.

    I fully expect this to collapse when the 3rd World counties finally figure out that they can push for more money.

    • Its poised to further penalize manufacture in the West and further cement is transfer to China and others. So it maintains the status quo of the current dynamic of losing manufacture to other countries that won’t impede it. There are people here who on the investment side have been making money off that dynamic. That dynamic will eventually kill us economically.

      So the status quo which includes transferring manufacture to countries with one foot in the 3rd World and one in the 1st World maintains the status quo for of eventual economic collapse.

      • The biggest “deniers” have been China and India, who want to continue to expand their industrial base.
        Obama (US 5,334,000 kt CO2) came back from a trip to China (10,540,000 kt CO2) with a “climate agreement”, but all this said was that the Chinese expected their economy to cool by 2020, so they would emit less then.
        The Indians (2,341,000 kt CO2) have made no concessions, not even symbolic concessions like the Chinese gave Obama.

  • And this, from Obama For-ks America

    Call out the Climate Change Deniers

    of climate scientists agree
    that climate change is real and man-made, and affecting communities in every part of the country.

    Yet too many of our elected officials deny the science of climate change. Along with their polluter allies, they are blocking progress in the fight against climate change.

    Find the deniers near you—and call them out today.

  • I am still waiting for an explanation for the demise of the last Ice Age, the one about 15-20000 years when mile-high glaciers covered much of the northern USA. I don’t think Bush was around then and I am certain that there were no evil coal-burning power plants jacking up the CO2 level. Maybe we should ask the big yellow thing in the day sky?