Free Markets, Free People

Another meaningless quote from a supposed world-class intellect

Tonight’s pointless speech by Obama included the usual meaningless generalities, such as this:


Which, for some random reason, reminded me of the Pakleds on Star Trek:


World class intellect. Heh.

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8 Responses to Another meaningless quote from a supposed world-class intellect

  • NYT: I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!

    Obama: We’re just the guys to do it.

    Apologies to ‘Animal House’

  • 14 dead people are a sign Obama’s policies are a success.

  • We will prevail because of the strength and intelligence of the Obama administration? We’re doomed.

  • The fact that those were in your head to be remembered makes me sad for you. And now since I saw them I’m sad for myself.

    As you may have noticed, I think the speech was beneath comment

  • Embracing delusions is neither strong nor smart. It is exactly the opposite, in fact.

    Over to you, Erp…

  • It is very telling when faced with the biggest crime of his administration, all the pResident of the White Hut can comment on is the weather and taking away the rights of future victims. To look at him, this is not a problem, but an opportunity.

    • I thought it was interesting that the President even mentioned the “no-fly” list meme.
      The House had killed an amendment including the “no-fly” list last week with 47 Democrat votes, so why beat an infidel horse ?

      Congressman Stephen F. Lynch (D-Boston)
      Back in August, we did an investigation — the inspector General did — of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security.