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The President’s [yawn] speech

I’ve seen many critiques of it, but for me it was, well, boring.  Why?  Because it was so predictable.  Other than some grudging acceptance of the terrorism that has spawned in the US, it was the usual nonsense of lecturing the citizens of the US like they were children.  Jim Geraghty picked up on that too:

At this point in his presidency, Obama speaks with only one tone, the slightly exasperated and sometimes not-merely-slightly exasperated “adult in the room” who constantly has to correct his fellow Americans, who are always flying off the handle, calling for options that “aren’t who we are,” betraying our values, and so on. He’s always so disappointed in us.

At certain points, Obama sounded as if he was speaking to children. “The threat is real, but we will overcome it.” “We will not defeat it with tough talk, abandoning our values, or giving in to fear.” “We will prevail by being strong and smart.”

And yet, we’ve heard nothing “strong or smart” from the man giving the lecture.   Nothing.  For instance:

He made yet another pitch for barring anyone on the no-fly list or terror watch list from purchasing firearms. He simply ignored any of the objections, whether it’s the lack of due process or judicial review, the arbitrary, foggy nature of how someone gets on the list, or the fact that 280,000 people with no recognized terrorist group affiliation are on the list.

Sounds good to those who don’t really think about it, but is it?  Not really.  Why?  Well, that’s fairly simple:

You know who wasn’t on the no-fly list? The San Bernardino shooters. Nor was the Fort Hood shooter. Nor the Boston bombers. Nor the Chattanooga shooter. In other words, no perpetrator of any major attack on American soil was on the no-fly list.

So again, the “smartest guy in the room” acts exasperated with the “children” but offers up a whole lot of nothing – except the usual dump truck load of words – that addresses the problem.

As someone tweeted when they found out that Obama, Biden and Rice among others were meeting to address San Bernardino, “Our JV team”.


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9 Responses to The President’s [yawn] speech

  • I’m not agin the very concept of a “no-fly list”. It could be a good thing. But I AM agin this one, as presently constituted and maintained. It seems that if you wanted to institute one that would be an affront to civil liberties and due process, this one would be it.

    Add to that the fact its flucking worthless in achiving its stated purpose, and it should be consigned to that famous ash-heap. O’history.

    As to Pres. ScamWOW… Really, at this point, what difference does it make?

    • Perhaps. if they fired a US attorney every time it was wrong, we could have a better Department of Justice.

  • So the next Lois Lerner can place political undesirables on the list and get their right stripped, jailed etc?

    • Does anybody think a fascist would stop for a moment if all it took to seize power is to ground all planes ?

    • The next new attorney general will do an investigation of him or herself, and find no wrong doing.

  • It’s like Obama doesn’t understand how the No Fly List, or even the legal system in general, functions.

    Someone will obviously sue, and a judge will rule that a citizen can’t be denied the right to buy a gun without due process (as is the case with felony convictions or commitment for mental health issues). So there will have to be a court procedure to be put on the list, and that will require an appearance. But most of the jihadis are on the No Fly List because we’ve picked their names up through intelligence. If we can’t put them on the list until we arrest them (probably for trying to blow up a plane), the List would no longer serve any useful purpose – except as another way to keep US citizens from buying a gun.

    • All true. So I’m coming around to Glenn Reynold’s explanation, which is that even the cognitively impaired Obama understands (or more likely Valerie Jarrett understands) that they don’t have a chance of getting any advances in gun control in today’s environment. So it’s just a diversion to keep people from talking about how awful Obama’s decisions and policies has turned out, top to bottom.

      I’d do a comprehensive list of those if I had more time and a stronger stomach. But we should never forget that he’s the miserable failure who foisted Obamacare on us by continuously lying through his teeth, screwing up the implementation and taking illegal actions to change it, screwed up the Middle East so badly it’s worse than it was even when Carter was president, soft-soaped multiple attacks by Islamic jihadists, gave us an economy with more people out of the workforce than any time in history, ran up unprecedented amounts of debt, and has p!ssed off enough Americans for them to give the (undeserving) GOP its high-water mark for a century.

      So I’m not taking any of this gun control bloviating seriously. I’m just laughing at it, and if someone brings it up to me over the holidays, I’m steering the conversation right back where Obamaco doesn’t want it to go.

      • I think that’s about right.

        There isn’t a chance in hell that new gun control will be passed, and everyone knows it.

        It’s all a massive red herring. Focus on the real stuff.

      • I would not expect something in Congress. If anything would come it would be executive order. Then we would be at the mercy of the Big Government loving Judges who would set a precedent that guns can be taxed or regulated as the President sees fit. Congress would do nothing.