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Islamic Race

There is no Islamic race, any more than there is a single race of Americans.

Dear Huma Abedin – “Proud” Islamics should maybe take a little more pride in their religion and learn that it’s not a race before taunting supposed morons like Donald Trump.

Dear Ryan Grim – Islam is not a race – get a dictionary and some education.


It’s called Sectarianism,. not Racism.

I’m not saying it’s better than racism, I am saying the two are not the same.

I realize you really want to be able to play the race card, but no.

Here’s a collection of photos of members of ‘the Islamic race’.    Some faces you’ll recognize, some you won’t.   The last two I have every reason to believe are peaceful people who harbor no ill will for me or my country, the first two have already committed attacks on us and taken American lives.


Islamic ‘race’?   Really?

My favorite –

Image result for iraqi generals

No, that’s not renowned Scottish poet Robert Burns dressed up for All Hallow’s Eve, that’s Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Iraqi general (now with Allah, I’m sure).

Stop using the term RACISM, or, alternately, be quiet because you obviously don’t really know what you’re talking about.

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15 Responses to Islamic Race

  • Latinos have a better case, but PLEASE, there is no Hispanic “La Raza”.
    Being bonded together by a common language does not make a race (and we all know the Puerto Ricans identify with Castilian Spaniards, NOT).

    • Puerto Ricans and Castellanos? – hell, try Guatemalans and Salvadorans.
      Dude, don’t get me started – I promised myself I’d leave that one alone for a while longer.

  • If actually like to know when wanting to ban certain people from entry became synonymous with being hitlerian? The Jews wish that was all Hitler did.

    The overreaction tells me Trump is onto something

    • Instapundit has a piece in USA Today titled “Glenn Reynolds: Liberals have chosen The Donald as their ‘Destructor'” referring to the destructor in GhostBusters (the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man).

  • I guess I could say that I am a proud Christian, except that in Christianity pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

    As for Islamophobia, as they say about paranoia, “You ain’t paranoid if someone is actually trying to kill you”.

    I think Trump may have just sewn up the GOP nomination. The hysterical anti-anti-immigration reaction of the other candidates has only made them look worse.

  • I’m not sure why Trump should be alone on the defensive for his policies. Tashfeen Malik was a terrorist before she came here. She did not come here not on a fluke or a visitor’s visa or slipped across a border at the dead of night. She was here to stay. How does someone that hates America & Americans and wants to conduct a massacre get to come in to be a effectively a permanent resident? And no one but Trump has offered a solution or even thinking about it (especially Obama or Hilary or anyone in their orbits). That is just fucking insane.

    • Yes. Your comment is insane.

      Both Cruz and Paul have proposed BETTER plans. You may not have heard of them, because T-rump said THINGS. Not ONE thing, but, as usual, several things on one issue. He started with barring ALLLLL Muslims…including American citizens…from returning to the U.S. from abroad. This, naturally, provoked a very strong negative response.

      • What do Cruz and Paul have specifically that would have stopped Tashfeen from entering?

        • Vetting.

          It’s not like we need to ban a whole religion.

          Nor would T-rump’s proposal (or one of the several) have stopped Tashfeen except by pure coincidence, since NOW he’s saying it would only be short-lived “while we figure things out”.

          I he hasn’t figured this out by now, he’s an idiot.

          What we need to ban is PC.

          • Ironically you link an article that puts Congress and likely Rubio and a little less likely Cruz in a bad light on the issue.

            You have Trump derrangement syndrome. As extreme as Trumps proposal is, the Status Quo is worse. But you would rather Ganging up with your Buddies in the Media to attack Trump hoping to make a gain because his comment has an air of racism in it.

            Ulitmately you gave nothing from anyone else that would have addressed the issue.

            Again you missed the lesson “T-rump” gives over and over again. He gave a decisive solution and didn’t give a fuck about political correctness and it didn’t cost him support. The other Republicans should try it sometime. Instead like you they see the Media as their buddies they need to work with to keep the undesirables from leadership positions.

  • Ref the complaint that “Islam is not a Race”: everybody DOES know that, but The Leftoid Grievance-Machine has a long miserable history of grabbing a particular-word-that-means-a-particular-thing and torturing it until it means something far, far different. Like “gay”. Or “marriage”. Or “equality”. And don’t forget “feminism”! ! ! (- most of those “feminists” look like they should be out drivin’ a semi and smokin’ a seegar…)

    • Regrettably, I’m not sure most everyone actually does know the difference – our education system is generating such a high quality of working drones fit for inserting tab A into slot B these days.

      Plus, you know, stupid gun clutching rednecks versus really well educated hip cool smart people based in science and reality.

  • Religion is a substructure of economics.

    Islam is not a race – its a class of economically frustrated people who bitterly cling to guns.

    • Religion is a substructure of economics.


      • Class structuring that starts with women vs men and people who do and do not practice Islam, which in itself has a structure of people of “The Book” and people not of ‘The Book’.

        All likely to (and do) cause varying, unequal, economic outcomes.