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For the software developers in our readership

If you develop software and have any interest in what I do in real life, you can go to Microsoft’s Channel 9 and see a video interview of me that was released this week. I babble on about user experience and how developers should think about it, and show a few minutes of a Windows 10 app my team has been working on for, of all things, cattle management.

The page with the video is at Channel 9

It’s also embedded below for convenience. The Windows 10 app demo starts about 14:20, if you are particularly interested in that.

Also, if you wonder why I never seem to have a proper haircut, it’s a ploy. This picture I found on this week explains it.


I think my hair in the video is somewhere between Dr. Strangelove and Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein.




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7 Responses to For the software developers in our readership

  • Developers thinking of users – bwaaahahahahahah – they’ll learn to use whatever semi working UI we develop and be happy if they don’t have to reboot their machines three times a day! (insane cackle)

    Oh, wait, you probably actually develop and sell working software packages that real people find useful and don’t have to be patched twice a day.

    • The amazing part is that if you can write software people find useful and stable, they’ll pay you more money than writing the other kind.

      I don’t understand why more devs don’t get in on this. Heck, since iOS turned the world upside down, it’s practically a gravy train to make more usable, intuitive software. Half the companies in the nation have some executive who comes down to IT, plops his iPad on the table, and wants to know why their software isn’t done like his latest app.

      • because apparently what some (too damn many) developers think is ‘intuitive’ is pretty much everything BUT.

        I don’t know if it’s the “that idea didn’t come from here so it sucks” syndrome that causes people to develop entirely new and clunky user interfaces or if it’s some insane (soon to be unemployed) manager who turns the development over to people who just finished reading chapter 1 of their Komputer Programmin for Dummies books.

        Looking forward to checking out the video this evening. Where I expect I’ll sigh a lot in envy after having spent the day maintaining OLTP legacy green screens.

      • I don’t understand why more devs don’t get in on this.

        In my, somewhat limited, experience it is usually because the work is contracted or delegated to developers who are more interested in getting to apply fashionable development strategies rather than concentrating on nailing down what exactly is most needed by the users. Of course this is not helped by management that fails to follow-up on this and just shouts and screams about deadlines and costs while being completely unable to keep the developers under control. Some people deserve each other 😉

  • I used to be a “software developer” until the web came around and in the middle of the night I became an “embedded software developer.”

  • Very nice. I’m almost moved to buy some cattle so I’d have a reason to use it.