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Stray Voltage

There’s a reason the GOP has become known as the “stupid party”. There’s a reason voters seem to be in open rebellion against establishment Republicans. If you are in the dark for reasons there are many, but if you need a couple recent ones, this 1.1 trillion budget deal that raises the deficit by billions of dollars, throws a lifeline to Obamacare, and apparently funds the climate deal might give you a clue.

What in the world does a majority in both houses of Congress do for the GOP if they’re simply going to capitulate to the Democrats and give them everything they want and the Republicans claimed they were against (and if you gave them the chance they’d show you … not). Is it any wonder that there’s a rebellion in the ranks? Keep it up GOP, and you’ll go the way of the Whigs.

And, in case you were wondering if what I said above is true, try this:

Hours after the mammoth spending bill dropped, Democrats are counting their triumphs, outlining conservative policy riders and priorities that were not included in the final spending bill.

A top Democratic Senate aide summed it up in a single tweet. Adam Jentleson, Minority Leader Harry Reid’s deputy chief of staff, wrote:



Say, wasn’t that Paul Ryan guy supposed to be the bee’s knees when it came to budget stuff?  Pro Tip: When Harry Reid is celebrating, you did it wrong!

And then there is the Idiot-in-Chief, someone you can always turn too reliably to observe what being totally out of the loop looks like:

Flanked by his national security team, President Obama reassured Americans that there was “no specific, credible threat” against the country ahead of the holidays.

“We do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland,” Obama said today at the National Counterterrorism Center. “That said, we have to be vigilant.”

That’s always true when you don’t read or attend your own intel briefings.

And on the Social Justice Warrior front, WalMart doubles down on stupid while Martin Luther King rolls over in his grave:

Backlash is growing for the CEO of Sam’s Club after she discussed her dislike for dealing with white men on CNN.

BPR reported Sunday that the company’s black, female CEO Rosalind Brewer planned to call a supplier she met with because she was disgusted that his management staff was filled with all white males.

It was more important to Ms. Brewer that a staff be racially and gender diverse rather than the best people be picked for their jobs. A practice she admitted to CNN’s Poppy Harlow she practices herself.

The president and CEO of WalMart Stores Inc., who owns Sam’s Club, Doug McMillon said the company supports Ms. Brewer and added that they ask their suppliers “to prioritize the talent and diversity of their sales teams.”

“Roz [Brewer] was simply trying to reiterate that we believe diverse and inclusive teams make for a stronger business. That’s all there is to it and I support that important ideal,” he added in the statement.

Yup, it’s not about the content of one’s character or who might be the best person for the job, but instead the color or one’s skin or their sex.  Back to the 40’s WalMart, next you’ll be putting in “separate but equal” water fountains.


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17 Responses to Stray Voltage

  • At this point people who don’t understand the rebellion are either trapped in the football game mentality or have some crony angle that the GOP is still good for. In fact the more they sell out, the better they can do for their cronies.

    • Here’s the problem, and its an ancient one:

      The oligarchs rule the city-state, so how do you remove them?

      You have to get a general to do it.

      Thus, you risk a tyrant.

      Trump is really not the solution.

      • Tyrant perhaps, general, no.

      • Rewarding the oligarchs with return to power is less of one than Trump. Especially when the oligarch pissed on more cordial attempts to send a message.

      • Trump isn’t the solution but the real solution involves lots of bloodshed so I’ll settle for trump instead

        • T-rump IS an oligarch.

          Cruz is a guy who believes in the Constitution. How is there even a question here?

          • T-rump IS an oligarch.
            Cruz is a guy who believes in the Constitution. How is there even a question here?

            —–Speaking only for myself:

            It’s not so important to elect a guy who follows the constitution because that America has been dead for awhile. And it’s not coming back.

            On one side you have a Dem who if elected will spend the next 8 years weaponizing the bureaucracy even more than it is currently with a sizable faction in congress (and SCOTUS) all hot to strip various constitutional rights. At this point, I’d welcome a tyrant from our side. I’m interested in vengeance.

            You’re worried about protecting the constitution long term? Inflict lots of governmental misery on the left. They’ll hopefully take it as a teachable moment about unchecked govt. If they don’t …hey at least we got a few strikes in at them before it became too late. They deserve it anyway.

            I wish it wasn’t this way but this is how it has to be. Certain trains have unfortunately pulled away from the station.

          • Hard to decide if I want a guy who is an owner tells me me things I want to hear – or guys who tell me what I want to hear and then do whatever they were told to do by their owners.

            Oh, wait…..

            This bring forth an important questions –
            Paul Ryan with a beard is he Evil Ryan from the alternate Star Trek dimension of Evil Spock?
            Mitch McConnell – did the man ever have a chin?

  • Ignore the bad deal.

    How come they can’t pass regular budgets and have to do these Omnibus bills?

    I really think the Senate rules have to go. Its the Senate that’s the issue, correct?

    • “Its the Senate that’s the issue, correct?”
      Considering revenue raising originates in the House according to the Constitution – no.
      The assumption would be that spending is tied to revenue (how foolish of me, as long as we have checks in the check book, we can spend money!)

      When we refuse to allocate money for useless things to be done by government, useless things done by government will stop.
      That was the primary power of the Legislative leg of the triumvirate.

    • Omnibus bills should be outlawed.

      • And then additional laws passed to make them really really really illegal

        with punishments like –

        Mandate the construction of a 3 story platform next to the Lincoln Memorial.
        Pass legislation that says Omnibus legislators will have live weasels sewn into their underwear,
        and then shall be sewn into a leather sack with more live weasels, some live rats and a couple of active vipers.
        And then the sack will be cast into the Tiber Potomac.

        Amendment to the above legislation – all animals will be living and unsedated.
        Every effort will be made to save said animals from their terrible fate once it’s obvious the bag’s primary occupant has stopped thrashing around.

        • Heh. Drown the “duly-elected”s, but save the weasels. Sounds good to me. (But, hey!! – you forgot the honey badgers!!)

          Yup, we seem to be living in a time when ALL THREE branches of our feral [intentional misspelling] government seem to have decided that adherence to the Constitution is optional, not mandatory — and they’d all really prefer not to exercise that option.

          When following Rule-of-Law becomes so onerous to Our Ruling Class that they simply refuse to do so, what options are left for We-The-People? We’ve played the game of “send a different guy to Washington to represent us” — and each time, the “different guy” sells out to the Uni-Party Establishment before he gets his suitcase unpacked.

          So, WHAT EFFING GOOD has “elect a better guy” gotten us? I’m just not seeing it.

          What I keep seeing is “The Beltway Establishment vs The Citizens” — and the citizens keep losing. The Establishment types expect us to give them our votes so they can take Their Well-Deserved Place At The Public Trough, at which point they can safely ignore us until the next election. (And, since it takes lots of money,-money,-money to run for office, ONLY the political-machine types willing to whore themselves out to Big Contributors can manage to get on the ticket.)

          Until we have some more-appropriate punishment for these Betrayers than “just don’t elect them again”, we’re going to keep getting these same useless crap-weasels (no offense to genuine weasels) elected to office.

          I’m waiting for an American version of the French Revolution, myself — anybody know a guillotine-manufacturing company I can invest in?

          • Hell is in the eye of the beholder –

            Import enough third worlders who think a 30×30 house with a solid roof and a couple windows, electricity that mostly works, running water that isn’t brown, access to food and a good low paying job with some modicum of honest law enforcement – a lot of them will think that’s paradise.
            Those of us who grew up with a generally working Constitution aren’t going to think much of the “improvements” that are being made.
            But look around the globe for countries you think are hell holes, and marvel at the resilience of man and his willingness to put up with grunting and sweating under a weary life.

            You know, back in the day if you could get a couple million men onto someone’s shores without suffering a tremendous casualty rate, you’d consider that a brilliant military operation that would go down in the annals of history.
            Clearly, incremental invasion over the long term invasion is the way to go – remember that next time.

            I don’t believe for a minute that any revolution of any kind is in the offing – Venezuela anyone? Any revolution going on in that hell hole? So how bad do you suppose it will have to get here? If they don’t start rounding people up in big numbers and doing weird stuff, we won’t be giving up our big screen tvs for caves in the Rocky Mountains any time soon. How many house to house searches in the name of protecting us from terror? How many variations of the themes being played out in, of all places, Waco Texas?

            No, we’ll all just go quietly to our graves, living in a country that looks more and more like some version of Mexico, and old folks will tell their grandkids about ‘the good old days’ until the tykes are trained to turn them in at school for being ‘Un-American’.

          • Probably true but (for now) Americans are better than Latin Americans – they’re born, bred and trained to heel to the socialist whip.

            We still have some uppityness in us…..for now.

          • Heh – if only we can survive not getting our General Tsao’s chicken with steamed chicken instead of deep fried.

          • “Clearly, incremental invasion over the long term invasion is the way to go”

            It’s called infiltration. The “Fifth column” of yore.