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An interesting thought experiment

Brought to you by Victor Davis Hanson.  I’m sure you can recognize the intent as well as the real subject:

Would Donald Trump cross the racial line to weigh in on a current high-profile criminal case, and suggest that had he another daughter she would have looked just like the deceased? Would he dare go to the UN Assembly to deplore an average bloody and lawless weekend in Chicago, reminding the world that a tribal U.S. has a long way to go? Or at an Islamic prayer breakfast, would Trump remind Muslims not to get on their religious high horses given the outrages of the Caliphate? Perhaps if Guantanamo is closed by executive order, Trump would reopen it by one too?

Would Trump dare use his sloppy epithets in reference to foreign leaders? Would he dismiss Putin as a back of the class cutup or obsessed with “macho shtick?” Would his aides with impunity tell reporters that the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was a “chicken sh*t?” Would he lecture us that America was as exceptional as Greece or Britain? Maybe he would visit the Middle East and Turkey and remind the world from foreign shores that the U.S. had a lot to own up to?

If Trump were to take selfies, claims he was usually the most interesting guy in the room, set a new presidential record for golf outings, pick the Final Four on live TV, would we still dub him narcissistic, distracted, and buffoonish?

And the biased institution in this bit?

Yup, that’s right, the so-called “unbiased media” which is about as unbiased and a Grand Dragon at a KKK rally (and no, in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t mean I’m for Donald Trump … just to clear the air).  Just remember, in the years since GW Bush left office, not once have we seen a report on anti-war protests, even though Afghanistan still continues, Iraq smolders and we toppled Libya.


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27 Responses to An interesting thought experiment

  • President Obama said in a radio interview airing on Monday that Donald J. Trump, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, is exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign. Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.

    Would Obama dare use exploit the resentment and anxieties of any class in this country ?
    Sure he would.

    The kettle is Black.


      • “… some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.” but most of it is because he is such a predictable idiot.

        • He is not an “African-America”, he is an American born of a melanin-enhanced father and melanin-deficient mother. An AA is someone who is born on the African continent and who becomes a naturalized American citizen, such as Elon Musk or Teresa Heinz. If such a person has offspring born in the USA, then those offspring are Americans. The Dear Golfer has two daughters, born in the USA, so they are Americans. Why does the left continue to label melanin-enhanced people as some sort of lesser Americans? Yes, rhetorical question.

  • Because we all know that neither little Barack, nor his Former-DOJ buddy Eric EVER engaged in any race baiting don’t we.

    And I haven’t been a Trump fan, I still can’t quite get my arms around the idea.
    But if electing him will end up destroying those ass-hats in the Demoblican House and Senate – then maybe come next year he’ll have my vote after all.

    Besides, what’s my alternative – an un-convicted felon who can’t even lie convincingly, or a whack-job socialist?

    Geeze, so many awesome choices, it’s a smorgasbord of asshattery for 2016!

    • The guy who supported BOTH Obama and Hellary…???

      Cruz. Trump will be Obama of a slightly different stripe, but the same orientation to the Constitution and the rule of law.

      • I support Trump. Deal with it. You’re going to have to eventually, anyway, because neither Cruz nor Rubio is going to be able to keep Trump from the nomination.

        • Your (really stupid) choice.

          I’ll back a Conservative over your BIG GOVERNMENT Collectivist. And I won’t vote for T-rump in any circumstance. I will rub your nose in it if he’s elected, because I can predict there’ll be plenty of shit over his tenure. Just like I did with Barracula.

          • Your grade school slurs are pretty much the only rationale you offer for not supporting Trump. What defines a conservative, aside from bolstering the correct Cronies?

          • “Crony” is Duh Donald’s middle name. It is HOW he made the money he has in “development”. And you can stick your ad hominem bullshit.

            If you are confused about what defines a conservative, well, I can’t help you except to refer you to some excellent speeches by Bill Whittle on the subject given at TEA party rallies. You’ll look them up if you have an ounce of intellectual integrity.

            Duh Donald has the same respect for free markets and property rights as Bernie Sanders. Look that up, too.

          • Calling someone ‘stupid’ is not an ad hominem attack?

            I’m surprised you didn’t say google it? I’m pretty sure you don’t want to list them, because then I could start going down the list and just about everything was betrayed in recent times, starting with the spending bill for most of it. I don’t care about the insider process machination. They are a majority in both Houses and budget would be filibuster proof. I don’t care about the clock excuse. They had a very long time to make a bill and could of dropped it off on Obama’s desk 3 months ago and taken the time to make their case to the public. They were terrified to go toe to toe with Obama & the Media because they see the liberal media as not just as threats but as partners in their personal careers.

            Meanwhile Trump has taken Hilary’s smear attempt and turned it back to emphasize she is a liar. All the rest, except maybe Cruz, would shirk away looking for an excuse or apology for their remarks.

          • You need to read and reason MUCH better.

            I said the CHOICE was stupid.

            The current Congress is NOT “conservative”. Not even. And, of course, some who ran as conservatives have been co-opted. How does that translate in your mind to conservatives = bolstering correct cronies?

          • Lawyer, eh?

          • The biggest problem is that the one candidate I can vote for won’t be the nominee even if Trump is NOT the nominee.
            Up until Trump there wasn’t a hope in the coldest corner of hell that Cruz would even be in the running because the nomination would have been handed to the anointed one Jeb Bush in much the same fashion the Democrats are going to ‘pick’ Hillary Clinton.

          • looker, that’s a conclusion without a single sound predicate.

            On the other hand, I can show a pretty compelling case that Perry and Walker were both knocked out of the running by Duh Donald…and could have beaten Bush.

            I do think there’s some merit to the idea that T-rump has moved the “Overton Window”, and I will vote for Cruz and work to see him elected.

          • Thanks so much for your permission, which is, like just about everything you post, irrelevant.. By the way, anybody with your extensive internet track record should be the last person to accuse somebody else of stupidity. You’ve been a hapless, irrelevant gadfly as long as you’ve been popping up, (and off) in blog comment sections.

          • And thank you, Bill, for demonstrating you got nutin but more ad hominem bullshit!

            My “internet track record” is pretty stinkin’ good. And you can add my analysis of T-rump to my “plus” side. He has a life-time of BEING a corrupt crony capitalist, and he HATES market economics and property rights…at least in other people. He LOVES BIG GOVERNMENT, and he has no particular knowledge of, or allegiance to, constitutional principles OR the rule of law. All of this is, of course, easily recognized and demonstrated.

            From that, it isn’t hard to predict what his reign would look like, given the power he seeks. Duh.

      • Cruz. Trump will be Obama of a slightly different stripe, but the same orientation to the Constitution and the rule of law

        —FINE HERE. Payback time

  • Walker would have worked for me as well. Rick, not so sure, he did some stuff here. Course all I have to do is compare any of Walker, Perry, Cruz to Clinton or Sanders and it becomes a much easier pill to swallow.
    Let me just say even Trump is an easier pill than Clinton or Sanders only because at least I feel like we’d be getting a generally practical tyrant over a sleepy forgetful felonious closet socialist tyrant or an avowed socialist petty tyrant.

    Cruz is as much an outsider as Trump is though, they don’t ‘like’ Cruz up on the Hill, and that’s probably why he’s still in the running because there’s enough people with a conservative bent that are unhappy with the crony world to recognize him as being as much a Washington outsider as Trump is.

    I can’t say I share your faith that Cruz would still be there if the race had been absent Trump. Let’s admit the guy has turned the whole tea kettle ass side up this year and cleared out a bunch of the underbrush (Bush….)
    I think the big money wanted Bush though, and will now settle for Rubio, having at least correctly divined that enough voters aren’t interested in another go with the Bush family for the foreseeable future.


    I think that sums things up as neatly as I’ve seen it done, drawing from several very clear-eyed sources.

    • Good luck with that. P/VP or “Stalking Horse”- its been obvious almost from the beginning.

      But nice the Establishment is trying to do the Media’s dirty work for them. The horror to the Left now, is that they haven’t damaged Cruz enough with their preoccupation with Trump. The thing they want and many Establishment types want is to have is an alienation of the Trump supporters, especially from Cruz. Keep up the good work supporting the Republican’t path.

      • You didn’t even read the linked piece, huh.

        But the idea that there will be some melding of Trump and Cruz is truly risible. As is your nonsense about me “supporting the Republican’t path”. But carry on with your delusional world-view. It’s at least comedic relief.

        • The premise is inherently flawed. And you and others have given Trump a developed ideology while I doubt he even has one. Even worse you misunderstand the supporters even more. They know the Republican’ts have got to go. That is what his supporters want more than anything else. And if the Republican’ts are so married to their do nothing but get a cookie for our best funders and they can’t budget towards the base at all, the Party deserves Trump. And things will be no worse than if he didn’t get the nom.

          • “And you and others have given Trump a developed ideology while I doubt he even has one.”

            Perhaps the second thought is true.

            The first is false. I’ve merely observed the man’s conduct.

            Finally, I don’t consider Duh Donald’s supporters homogeneous, or having in many cases any clear idea of what they want or know, outside of being angry and anxious about the state of the nation. For which I hardly blame them.

  • Goes back to that statement – “Trump isn’t our candidate, he’s our murder weapon, and the GOP is our victim”.
    I can’t support the Democrats – I’m damned if I’ll support the Republicans, damned for what they’ve done and failed to do after 2012/2014 and thrice damned after what they did with Omnibus last Friday.

    How many coincidental ‘mistakes’ do we forgive before we finally just admit it’s clearly enemy action?
    Why on earth should I support anything the mainstream GOP is leaning towards – which is NOW Rubio, and which isn’t Trump OR Cruz, and never will be.
    At this point it’s evident whatever they want least in this regard is probably the thing most desirable.
    If it comes down to Cruz and Trump, I’ll take Cruz, because it’s what I wanted all along and I’m thrilled he’s still standing, and with a decent level of support.

    But bet me that come time the GOP has something other up their sleeves to eliminate Cruz if they can knock off Trump – and at that point, assuming Trump is still running independent – I know where I’ll throw my support.

    They don’t FEAR us enough in the Gentry GOP, they think they’re dealing with a slightly more robust Tea Party, and having managed to eliminate or subvert the better part of THAT threat to their dominion, they’ll try using essentially the same methods again – whatever works, and that really is whatever since we saw them support Democrats rather than Tea party candidates in 2014.

    So, yeah, I’m the numbered with the guys Powerline is talking about, I don’t WANT to burn it down as I’m afraid Trump might do.
    But make no mistake, I’ll see to it that if we’re all going to perdition anyway, Ryan, and McConnell and McCain, and even Cornyn, and all the other GOP Gentry players will be going through hell’s gates BEFORE us.
    My enemies I can at least respect for making no secret of being my enemies – viperous traitors from our own ranks? No quarter.