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Welcome to 2016

You know, I got to thinking about it over the holidays.  I needed a break.  I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to face a brand new shiny year that will, unfortunately, contain the same old political dreck … times 10, since it is a presidential election year.  As has been pointed out here, many times, we are woefully served by our political class.  And, frankly, that’s our fault.  Complain all you want about government and politicians, but the bottom line is, the incumbents continue to be reelected  and give away the farm and the bureaucrats continue to siphon off our freedoms through unaccountable fiefdoms imposing freedom killing regulations.

The one good thing this year brings is seeing the Obamas ushered out of the White House.  The two bad things are the front runners for president in each major party.  I’m sorry, I see no intrinsic leadership value in either of them.  One is a blowhard opportunist with no concept of how to do what he claims he can get done and the other is, plain and simple, a crook and a liar.  This is what present day presidential politics has come down to.  What a non-choice.

Well, that’s not true.  We always have a choice, don’t we?  Even if it is to do nothing.  And if those are the two running in November, that will be my choice.  But, as with just about everything to do with today’s political and the class of politicians we suffer, this is an old complaint and frankly, I see nothing on the horizon to change that.  The polity is who makes these decisions, and it appears, for the most part, they believe that the government has money and can give them “free” things.  The depth of ignorance, especially about basic economic principles and how government functions is appalling, but that’s with what we continue to deal.

I’ve decided I need to take a little more time with my posts than with last year.  So I’m going to attempt to rearrange my schedule to where I have more time to devote to them.  That may mean posting in the evening when the work day is done.  Or not … depends.  But what doesn’t “depend” is the desire to be less reactive, less prosaic and more thoughtful.  Anyone can be outraged (and I will be) and upset, but it’s time to do more than state that.  It’s time to talk about the whys and wherefores.  It’s time to talk about alternatives.  It is time to take a good look at this grand experiment and dissect it to find out where the pathogen introduced itself and began to corrupt the system.  My guess is it will mostly boil down to human nature, opportunity and the quest for power.

Anyway, that’s my desire for this year.  Hopefully, I’ll keep this in mind and not let myself wander into the rut I found myself in last year.

Welcome to 2016.  Let’s see how it goes.



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20 Responses to Welcome to 2016

  • “My guess is it will mostly boil down to human nature, opportunity and the quest for power.”


    I might add stupidity – but perhaps capitalizing on stupid is part of human nature, opportunity and quests for power.
    Still, I think we should never under-estimate or discount the sheer power of stupid.

    Which brings me around to the decision to distribute the franchise to every Tom, Dick and Harriett who manages to survive to vote in a post 18th birthday election.

    • Oh, and if you’re from Chicago, the franchise was given to those who didn’t actually live until their 18th birthday too, as well as those who were technically deceased at the time of whatever election they voted in.

  • “…Even if it is to do nothing. And if those are the two running in November, that will be my choice.”

    Well, you just let Hillary “we must empathize w/ the enemy” Clinton win then, Bruce McQuain.

    • Do things improve if I happened to vote for the winning weevil then?
      Do I win too if I’m on the winning side?

      I must say, that has escaped my notice to date.

    • Or you can join me, and get out and work your butt off for Ted Cruz.

      • His add for the reporters pouring across the border and driving down media employee wages is entertaining.

    • Yeah, I don’t accept that. I refuse to sanction either.

      • Your vote doesn’t “sanction” anything. It’s just a vote for which of the candidate you’d rather have become president.
        Recall Thomas Sowell’s remark: “You can only choose between the options actually available to you, regardess of those options you wish were available (but aren’t.)

        Me, I put an “Exhume Goldwater” sign in my yard. But when I vote, I vote for whichever of the candidates that are actually on the ballot is preferable to the others.

        • BS … I sanction his or her platform and actions with my vote. If I can’t, in good conscience, sanction what they are going to do or how they’re going to conduct business, I’m not voting for them.

        • voting for the least obnoxious candidate then encourages the GOP ruling class to think we’ll eat whatever crap sandwiches they set out on the table – McCain, Romney, Boehner, McConnell and so on and so on.
          At what point does ‘winning’ make the crap sandwich, served up again and again every 4 years, taste better?

          How has winning the Senate and Congress worked out for us recently with the array of crap sandwiches sitting in all the seats.

          oh, right, Omnibus! Obamacare lives, wars without legislative sanction, binding treaties that have no signatures, executive edicts, no discernible borders, no limits on immigration. And Congressional Republicans are on board because wow, we can ship crude oil to foreigners directly instead of refining it first before we ship it! Yeeeee haaaaaawwwwww.

          No more. Since we’re letting the progressives do what they want, it ought to be done under their damned banners and their damned leaders instead of ‘ours’.

        • I have been voting for “the lesser of two evils for years” (Compromise, dontcha know), just as I have been told I should by the “experts”. The “experts” are happy; they have gotten rich. The country has gotten worse. What have I gotten? It’s my turn now; time for them to Compromise with me, to support the issue(s) I care about (and that they claim to).


    ANDREW KLAVAN: “Trump’s Nomination Would Represent a Paradigm Shift” — but not necessarily a good one, Andrew writes:

    Trump is a lifelong left-wing friend-of-Democrats campaigning as a Republican for his own reasons. He’s a demagogue, and he’s good at it. Sometimes he speaks truth and often he spouts trash, but what’s the difference? He doesn’t believe any of it anyway. He’s simply saying whatever words he feels will tap into legitimate right-wing anger and working-class angst.

    A Trump candidacy would probably result in a Clinton presidency and that, I suspect, would be fine with Trump. If, on the other hand, he went on to win the White House, I’m guessing we’d have four more years of the same kind of lawless and mean-spirited incompetence we’ve had for the last eight. American political life throws up hucksters like Trump from time to time, but usually we figure them out before they rise too far or do too much harm. I’m guessing we’ll figure it out this time too, but maybe not.

    If Rubio or Cruz or any other decent Republican is nominated, I’ll support him with joy and enthusiasm against the dishonest, corrupt and anti-libertarian Clinton. If Trump gets the nod, I’ll become a one-man rebel outpost, preaching right principles in a dark time.

    That’s my position, as well.

  • Bruce:

    Read somewhere over the holidays that younger-than-us (an ever expanding group) has no concept of what life was like in the Soviet Union. The inability (or refusal) to comprehend the end-game of central planning / authority is inconceivable to them. All they see is the utopia of a society governed by the likes of themselves.

    “Those who fail to study history-” and all that…

    • Indeed. We have an epidemic of historical ignorance going on as well. Thanks, public schools.

      • We have a future daughter-in-law who is a high school teacher. Teaching history is now done utilizing “DBQs”. Not sure what it stands for, but it consists of giving students several statements and they are to then (using their expansive knowledge base and life experience) determine right from wrong / good versus evil with their answers.

        Example: “The trains ran on time for the first time in years, and people were once again confident in their government” vs “this colonial power stripped the indigenous population of its culture and natural resources.” If you guessed 1938 Germany and England respectively, consider yourself enlightened. Though this example is completely fictional, it’s easy to see how this technique could be seen as requiring ‘critical thinking skills’ and abused. If you’re a 15 year old head of mush, some historical perspective might be in order. Unfortunately they won’t get that in “history” class.

  • One is a blowhard opportunist with no concept of how to do what he claims he can get done and the other is, plain and simple, a crook and a liar.

    Truth be told, both sides of this statement apply to each candidate.

  • I don’t think we entirely did this to ourselves.

    Our media is a hive leftist mind. That is no accident. The industry was subdued by intellectual nepotism and although a person may or may not deliberately hire on that for one person, after seeing a history they know full well what they did and never held themselves back.

    The next failure is the Primary system. Rinos have structured primaries to have cross-over voting that will favor them and their candidates in most cases (until you get an anomaly like Trump, and the system backfires). The primaries also favor snowball formation to happen in the Rino friendly states.