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Obsrvations: The QandO Podcast for 08 Jan 16

The first podcast of 2016 is up on the Podcast page!

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5 Responses to Obsrvations: The QandO Podcast for 08 Jan 16

  • Listener feedback – per the end of your discussion. I LOVED the fight discussion (and I’m a girl)! Cars I could live without. Please continue the mix of politics and ridiculous and put the cars at the end. 🙂 I really enjoy your podcasts, despite Michael always making me want a drink…

  • I don’t think the Right has moved to the right. as much as the Left moved Left. Considering the Media has been doing “Let’s pretend everyone is on the Left but wierdos and extremists” for decades for the purpose of Peer Pressure and making conservatives/libertarians feel isolated and alone in their opinions making them less likely to act on it. I think conservative ideas and intra-communication was given a boost when AM radio took on Conservative Talk, giving small end to the sense of isolation. Then the internet came later and did even more. Without the internet for enough people, the Bush Memos would be canon and we’d quite likely have elected Kerry in 2004. Obama would have been poised to take over in 2012. How would you have liked that, Kerry 2004-2012 & Obama 2012-2020. How many Bush Memos made it through before 2004?

    The Republican Politicians are were moderate since before Reagan, but saw conservatism & libertarian-ism being energized, so they paid better lip service to it. And only became bigger hypocrites in the process. The only thing that has moved, are the Democrats.