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Stray Voltage

So yesterday was one of those days with a million things to do and not enough time to do them … such as blogging.  Anyway, today, we see a college pushing back against the tyranny of the ignorant:

Oxford University installed its first female vice-chancellor this week, Louise Richardson, who boldly stressed the importance of free speech and critical thinking at university amid roiling student protests.

Addressing students for the first time in her new role, Richardson urged them to be open-minded and tolerant; and to engage in debate rather than censorship, alluding to countless calls from students at Oxford and other universities across the U.K. to ban potentially offensive speakers and rename or remove historical monuments.

“How do we ensure that we educate our students both to embrace complexity and retain conviction?” she asked. “How do we ensure that they appreciate the value of engaging with ideas they find objectionable, trying through reason to change another’s mind, while always being open to changing their own? How do we ensure that our students understand the true nature of freedom of inquiry and expression?”

Richardson’s installment comes as students at Oxford’s Oriel College campaign to dismantle a statue of Cecil Rhodes, the British colonialist who endowed the Rhodes Scholarship.

They claim the monument glorifies a man who was “the Hitler of South Africa” and speaks to “the size and strength of Britain’s imperial blind spot.”

Uh, that’s history, and that’s precisely the message that was conveyed by Ms Richardson to those who would take down Rhode’s statue:

Richardson stood by the university’s chancellor, Lord Patten of Barnes, as he referenced the statue debate, reminding students that history cannot be rewritten “according to our contemporary views and prejudices.” He, too, was forthright in his criticism of speech codes and calls for “no-platforming” controversial speakers.

The point Richardson makes seems to be a difficult one for the SJWs to grasp.  Obviously none of them are Rhodes Scholars.  Good for Louise Richardson.

The “melting pot” makes a comeback:

A generation ago the Europeans, who had bled themselves white in war after war, usually in the service of chauvinistic nationalism, decided they could save the day with a new concept called multiculturalism. The concept was vague but expansive, which celebrated ethnic and other cultural differences and sprinkling them with holy water. “Multi-culti” became fashionable.

Soon Europe’s native minorities were joined by vast new numbers of arrivals from places far from Europe, many from former colonial appendages. By cultivating their differences, rather inviting them to join a melting pot that had worked so well for so long in North America, tolerance and “cultural enrichment” became the norm.

But there’s a growing realization that maybe “multi-culti” hasn’t worked so well, after all. Prominent Europeans are turning their backs on the idea. Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany have called the scheme, however well meant, into serious question.

Segregating by culture, claiming all cultures are as viable as the next and “tolerating” what is intolerable in the native culture do not lead to a harmonious or united nation.  You’d think smart people could have figured that out before going all in on this sort of experiment that had “bad idea” written all over it when it began.  And that’s been proven now, with the wrecked lives of a number of British girls (Rotherham):

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, told Parliament that “institutionalized political correctness” was responsible for the lack of attention given to the mass rape.

In other words, between protecting over a thousand girls from repeated gang rape and protecting Muslims from being identified as the rapists, British authorities chose to protect multiculturalism and “diversity.” In the competition between multiculturalism and one of the most elementary instincts and obligations of higher civilization — the protection of girls and women from sexual violence — higher civilization lost.

And look what their choice got them.  The authorities need to be in jail for their refusal to do what was right and, by the way, their job.  Oh, and feminists?  Where are you?

How bad a candidate is Hillary Clinton?  This is just an indicator:

Bernie Sanders has a 19-point lead over Hillary Clinton among Democratic and independent women ages 18 to 34, according to a USA Today/Rock the Vote poll.

The Vermont senator, who has been surging in the polls in the last two weeks, won 50 percent compared to Clinton’s 31 percent among millennial women.

However, I have to say, if your choice on that side of the political spectrum is narrowed down to these two, you’re stuck with two bad candidates anyway.

Yeow.  Really?

A poll out Thursday from the Pew Research Center shows more Americans distrust sharing their personal information with social media companies, smart cars and homes than office surveillance cameras, retail loyalty programs and health services websites.

According to the study, 54 percent of American adults polled found the prospect of security cameras in their workplace capable of tracking employee performance and attendance with facial recognition technology and stockpiled footage “acceptable,” compared to 51 percent who said it was “not acceptable” to give up personal information in exchange for free use of a social media platform, which would use the data to target users with ads.

“More acceptable”?  How about finding neither “acceptable.”

By the way, if you’re wondering why Clinton is losing millennial women to Sanders, this may be the cause:

As for Mrs. Clinton, she has clearly been rattled by Mr. Trump’s merciless resurrection of her alleged complicity in the sometimes brutal handling of women involved in her husband’s dramas. This reminds everyone of—and introduces young voters, who were children during the Gennifer Flowers through Monica Lewinsky stories to—the whole sordid underside of Clintonism. Mrs. Clinton clearly wasn’t expecting it, and she bobbled. She has never gone up against a competitor like Mr. Trump.

History is a bear, and this is a history that I would bet (especially in the light of the Cosby problem) that many of those women weren’t familiar.  It really puts “hollow” in the claim of feminism Clinton has been trying to sell them.  Instead, it shouts “enabler”.  Add in all the other negatives and the candidate looks even less attractive to them.  Most of us would consider it to be well earned shadenfruede.

Is the next recession already teed up?  And will it be worse than 2008?

A major contributor for this imminent recession is the fallout from a faltering Chinese economy. The megalomaniac communist government has increased debt 28 times since the year 2000. Taking that total north of 300 percent of GDP in a very short period of time for the primary purpose of building a massive unproductive fixed asset bubble that adds little to GDP.

Now that this debt bubble is unwinding, growth in China is going offline. The renminbi’s falling value, cascading Shanghai equity prices (down 40 percent since June 2014) and plummeting rail freight volumes (down 10.5 percent year over year), all clearly illustrate that China is not growing at the promulgated 7 percent, but rather isn’t growing at all. The problem is that China accounted for 34 percent of global growth, and the nation’s multiplier effect on emerging markets takes that number to over 50 percent.

China has been in trouble for a while.  In my best Rev. Wright voice, I wonder if the “chickens are coming home to roost?”  I also wonder if so, what that means in terms of stability for China’s ancient totalitarian ruling class.

And in the world of participation trophies and no consequences, this was inevitable:

With nothing but hope and her faulty judgement, Cinnamon Nicole allegedly spent her entire life savings buying up all the Powerball tickets she could afford. But the Cordova resident ended up a broke loser when none of her lucky numbers matched Wednesday’s $1.6 billion Powerball numbers.

So what’s a penniless woman to do when she’s still all filled with hope but not a hint of common sense? Create a GoFundMe page, get donations and “spend another fortune trying to hit it big again.” That’s what Nicole did before GoFundMe decided they weren’t going to stand idly by while she makes a mockery of the crowdfunding site and shut her Powerball Reimbursement page down.

And yes, before GoFundMe shut her down, she had actually raised $800.


Have a great weekend.



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17 Responses to Stray Voltage

  • I’ll be happy if this only ends in a recession….even if the alternative would mean securing the actual legacy of President Big Ears in history.

    Meanwhile, over at the White House, time to dust off the #BlameCongress, #Blamerichwhites, #BlameRacists, or maybe #BlamerichwhiteCongressionalRacissstssss!!!!! hash tags.
    Let’s see them monkey the numbers and pen and phone their way out of this one.

  • Meanwhile, at TBTF banks the oil companies, sub $30/barrel oil is wrecking things.

    So if someone asks why lower energy costs aren’t turning into a bonanza for the economy then the above link explains why. It was funded with debt.

  • At least the idiot-enablers were giving her *their* money and not yours and mine.

    • I’d bet she’d already used yours and mine to buy her tickets.

      Up next…her representative in Congress will suggest a bill to reimburse these poor poor people because they didn’t really understand how the lottery worked and they were taken advantage of.
      And of course the claims will amount to more than the entire take for the lottery,
      And of course, Congress will approve it in a bill to provide benefits for disabled vets and homeless kittens,
      And of course Treasury will “mistakenly” pay 4 times the claimed amounts, regardless of how much was budgeted, to people who can’t document buying tickets, including people who have been dead since before Nixon resigned,
      And of course the “mistake” will be discovered 2 years from now
      Anything I missed?

      • Good point.

        And, of course you’re missing something — they can *always* find ways to be profligate with the monies they extract from us.

      • I think you forgot the outreach program to tell all those poor souls about this benefit. Which will naturally be given in the form of grants to ACORN and similar “community organizer” entities.

        Also, you forgot how Marco Rubio or Lindsay Graham or someone like that will be one of the co-sponsors of the bill, in the name of bipartisanship of course, and then talk about how this wasn’t what he expected when the whole thing gets exposed as a payoff to leftist activists.

  • Sounds like Cinnamon Nichole has the essential attitude needed for running a government-assisted business – let other people pony up the money, but if by chance the incredibly long-shot gamble pays off, she keeps the winnings.

    She should start a green energy company. Then the ponied-up money would be enough to sponge off of while the gamble was playing out.

  • The whole SJW Piety crap was quite a trap the Democrats made for Clinton. The idea All Accusers need to be treated legitimately despite facts is quite a hole Hilary cannot climb out of. She can’t justify her behavior under this standard.

  • And now the good news; Cinnamon Nicole isn’t the dumbest person in the world. That honor goes to those who donated money to her.

    I thought the problem with China was that it’s currency was UNDERvalued. Could the experts have been wrong?

  • “Constitutional convention could …” turn into a disaster.

    A few decades back, after Roe v Wade, the idea of a constitutional convention came up among pro-lifers. Ultimately, it was nixed because there was no way to contain the damage a constitutional convention could inflict.

    The definition of “state” and who represents the “state” was a bit obscure when applied to a constitutional convention. Did it mean the Governor (not likely), the state legislature or the delegation to the convention. If it is the latter, the power of each state delegation to rewrite the Constitution is without limit. Since they are the “state”, the normal requirements for amending the Constitution would fail on their shoulders, rather than the state legislators. Additionally, given the venue, it would be unlikely that states could reign in their delegations, except by the selection of the delegates. Remember, they are the “state” at this point.

    If the state delegations were overrun by “forces not akin to your values”, expect a disaster.

    • Bullshit.

      BUT, provided your bullshit WAS correct, the Constitution BELONGS to the governed.

      Read up on the whole issue.

      • Suppose to be and how things run are two different thing. Congress is suppose to pass legislation, not the Bench or the President, but it happens.

        The problem is we will acquiesce to the Bench as to what the definitions are. They will gleefully cut out the ‘governed’ in their definitions.

        We will also be sold out. There is no penalty for selling out like their was 200 years ago. A sellout would be tarred and feathered for starters. We’re too civilized for that today and that fact is being exploited to its fullest.

    • Neo:A few decades back, after Roe v Wade, the idea of a constitutional convention came up among pro-lifers. Ultimately, it was nixed because there was no way to contain the damage a constitutional convention could inflict.

      That was a red-herring (I fell for it, too, at the time) — a “convention of the States”, as per Artivle V, cannot amend, it can only propose amendments, which must then be approved in the normal way to be enacted as actual amendments. So, even were the leftists to totally control such a convention, it really wouldn’t hurt anything.

  • Feeling the Bern! Sanders came out with his single payer plan.

    It only costs $1.38 trillion per year! The ‘plan’ is covered by a draconian level of tax increases.

    • Or…

      The Sanders plan to increase expatriation of producers.


    • Sure, after that he can release his plan to pay off all the college loans for the poor tykes.

      And then perhaps a plan that gives everyone a pretty pony.

      As long as they’ve decided they can squeeze blood from stones there should be no theoretical limit on how much can be extracted.