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Will justice actually be served?

Anthony DeChristopher over at The Hill thinks the latest finds on Hillary’s email server are a “game changer”.  And he makes a good point … it’s a game changer for someone:

Special Access Programs (SAP) is a game changer.  It is now undeniably clear that the results of the FBI investigation will be the end of one of two things:  Hillary’s bid for the White House or the legitimacy of the FBI—at least when it comes to prosecuting cases on the mishandling of classified material.

The FBI’s reputation has been tarnished in the last decade or so.  No longer is it thought of quite in the same way it once was.  A series of missteps, scandals and problems have lowered the once sterling reputation of the law enforcement agency.

On the other hand is a powerful political figure that’s in the running for President of the United States and just happens to be of the same party and the presently serving President of the United States.  To make it clear, the FBI works for the executive department under the Department of Justice.  And, of course, the DoJ is headed by an Obama appointee.  Oh, and remember, the Dems want to hold on to the White House.

Hillary Clinton is a “win at any price” person.  She badly wants to be the first female President of the United States.  Badly.  Very, very badly.

The FBI wants to polish up its reputation as the incorrigible and incorruptible law enforcement agency that isn’t swayed or impacted by politics, but simply enforces the law.

Something has got to give.

DeChristopher is apparently a former Special Forces soldier who gives you a brief run down of the gravity of the Clinton offense.

First, when imagery that is classified SECRET//NOFORN (no foreign national) is viewed, regardless of the absence of classification markings, it is distinctly evident. Second, any documents that contain or reference HUMINT is always classified SECRET, and if specific names of sources or handlers are mentioned, they are at a minimum SECRET//NOFORN.  Third, SIGINT is always classified at the TS level.  It’s not uncommon for some SI to be downgraded and shared over SECRET mediums, however, it is highly unlikely that a Secretary of State would receive downgraded intelligence.  Finally, SAP intelligence has been discovered on Clinton’s private server, and many are now calling this the smoking gun.  SAP is a specialized management system of additional security controls designed to protect SAR or Special Access Required.  SAR has to do with extremely perishable operational methods and capabilities, and only selected individuals who are “read on” or “indoctrinated” are permitted access to these programs.  The mishandling of SAP can cause catastrophic damage to current collection methods, techniques and personnel.

Got it? This isn’t something that is hard to figure out, and anyone who has worked at high levels of government for years already knows all this.  Now comes the chaser:

In other words, if you have worked with classified material for more than a day, it seems highly implausible that someone could receive any of the aforementioned over an un-secure medium without alarm bells sounding.  However, reading about a Special Access Program on an unclassified device would make anyone even remotely familiar with intelligence mess their pantsuit.

You can tell it has put her highness off her stride, but she’s resurrecting the VRWC to cover that.

However this is going to be interesting to watch.  There is a large amount of evidence that points to her being directly responsible for a horrific, nay, epic security breach at the highest level.

Will the FBI do it’s job?  Or is this, like so many Clinton scandals, going to end up with no action being taken when you can be sure if it was you or I, we’d be frog-marched so fast to the local hoosegow that it would make our heads swim.

But we’re the little people, aren’t we?


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12 Responses to Will justice actually be served?

  • This will be fascination on so many levels…

    This is CLEARLY a smoking gun. There is no credible way to spin this – but you can count on the Clintons to try mightily, and their allies in the press will dutifully obfuscate and distract with whatever meaningless tripe-of-the-day can be dredged up. (Expect a detailed account of the Palin kid’s arrest, another Kardashian wedding/divorce, and of course, Trump.) The average Low Information Voter will at best, ride the fence.

    There is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas, and each knows where the others’ bodies are buried. Will the DOJ have the cajones to prosecute? Should she skate on this, the rule of law will be irreparably damaged and we as a nation will suffer mightily. Not that they (Clintons and Obamas) care though.

    As for candidate Clinton, she could slay a puppy on live TV, eat the entrails, and 30% of the people in this nation will still vote for her. Just because. I have three true-believer in-laws just dying to punch her name in November.

    But should the Justice Department indict it’ll be entertaining watching them tear each other apart. Popcorn please…

  • I like the theory, they are waiting to take Hillary out late enough in the campaign to either

    1) open the field to Bernie while being too late for anyone else to rise up to fill the void
    2) taking out Hillary Mid to Late frees up her votes to go to a “Duty Calls” Biden who overcomes his grief to save the day. It also limits his exposure to the public since he would be his own undoing

    I’m thinking #1 is more likely with Obama, relatively speaking. But #2 would bring a Biden/Trump race. A Biden/Trump race almost would make up for the current state of politics.

  • The question now is who actually took the SAR information from the secure location and placed it on Hillary’s unsecure private network. Did she put another loyal staffer in the hot seat, like Brian Pagliano, by getting them to do the dirty work so as to cover her own butt? Others have obediently jumped under the bus before, but this is serious business, involving the real prospect of jail time.

    • There must have been quite a few people involved in email exchanges with Hillary that realized they were communicating with a non-governmental email address and that the material should not be handled that way. How many people are going to go down with madam Hillary? Will the FBI go after everyone or just try and take Hillary, the buck surely stops with the head honcho when the server was setup in her house.

      I had TS/SCI clearances once and there is no way in hell I would be risking jail time by moving anything even unclassified off a department server. I couldn’t even email most of my work to other people in the same building without getting a bitch-slap for incompetence.

      • Since there is no way Hillary could have done all this by herself, what we have here is a conspiracy to violate laws and regulations regarding the treatment of classified information. When the indictments (plural) come down, I think it probable that at least one of the conspirators will cooperate with the prosecutors. I would think that one of the reasons it is taking so long is that the FBI is building cases (again, plural) against several of the conspirators.

  • To answer the central question: No, justice will not be served.

  • Nothing will happen, rule of law – which is on life support in this country anyway – is the next casualty in the death pool

  • I agree with the last two voters, not a damn thing will happen to Madam Felonia Clinton – it will be handled in the very best BANANA REPUBLIC fashion, because these days we are after all, the premiere Banana Republic in the world.

    At best a never named ‘low level intern’ will be held responsible. But no one will be fired, arrested, or prosecuted.
    Some more obvious people will be put on leave with pay. These same people will later be promoted after the dust has settled and all’s forgotten.
    and people who were scheduled to retire next month will “be forced to retire” tomorrow with no reduction in retirement benefits.

    And someone will issue executive orders to prevent automatic weapons from being sold to small dogs of questionable pedigree, or some other media social smoke generating plan will be deployed.

    (well, that’s how it’s BEEN working for 8 years, before that annoying Trump fellow came along and started raising subjects that were politely left un-discussed by our uni-party masters)

  • She didn’t just abstractly endanger national security. I would bet money that she’s killed people with this shit.

    If this does not get prosecuted, we have no working criminal laws above a certain political level. We have titles of nobility, and that can’t be tolerated.

    • ” and that can’t be tolerated.”
      But, alas, it will be, so the first half of your sentence is spot on man.

      The fact that the Democrats can run a proclaimed socialist, and an un-prosecuted felon for President, and do so with solemn honesty, is beginning to tell me we really are two (at least) countries now.
      It’s not going to end well I think.
      The only question remaining may be who will light the fuses first.

      • Maybe you’re right, but neither of your proposition is proven…YET.

        We’ll see…

        • More than eager to be proven SOOOOOOOOOO wrong on this – all counts of it in fact – from no action taken against anyone all the way to fuses being lit.

          I used to be an optimist. Bless you for still being one.