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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 02 Feb 16

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Dale has White People Problems, and Michael is completely unconcerned about an extinction-level asteroid event. Also, socialism is turning the country into a huge pile of fail that can’t even deliver safe water, and socialists think the fix is more socialism. It’s all on the Podcast Page.

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2 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 02 Feb 16

  • The auto companies were consolidating before the unions gained any significant power. They consolidated because nothing follows ‘economy of scale’ like auto manufacture does. Small companies didn’t make enough profit to survive or make a buy out not look good. So if you didn’t get big you eventually died or were absorbed. There’s a couple of decades where Chrysler only survived because it helped keep anti-trust at bay. The union gained its real power when the governor in 1937 intervened in a sit-down strike and forced GM to deal with the pre-cursor to the UAW. Considering who was President, GM was at the mercy of state government. In fact the governor got fast tracked to the supreme court.

    The auto company consolidation situation mirrors all the PC manufacturers that popped up in the early days of the PC. Including the local ma and pa clone makers. When the mark up was huge because it was all new and consumers weren’t knowledgeable and hyper critical on price yet, there was money for everyone. Eventually people knew exactly what they wanted, knew what a good price was, and how much or how little personal service they needed so everything but but he big guys died.

  • I was a little shocked there wasn’t any talk of Japan’s negative interest rate…