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The SCOTUS circus

Of course, everyone with the IQ of an onion knows it’s coming.  Harry Reid and Barack Obama, who last filibustered a SCOTUS nominee, insist that the GOP forget all of that and dance to their tune – i.e. do it and do it now.

But, as Charles Lipson points out, even onion heads know that the following is reality:

No. 1: No nominee for the high court can get through the Senate before the election. No one.

No. 2: President Obama and the Democratic candidates for president know that. So do Republicans. All God’s children know it.

No. 3: Since the nominee will not be approved, Obama will use the opportunity to advance other goals. He will propose someone who burnishes his own progressive credentials and shows why control of the court depends on the November election. Putting Senate Republicans in an awkward position would be a nice bonus. But the target is November.

Exactly.  It is all about political theater now and that is going to be what we are going see from now until November.  Lipson has a couple of other points, but it is point 7 that sums it up:

No. 7: All the rest is political theater, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

This is now all about political gain in November and Bollywood will have nothing on the actors in this little play when it is finally time to cast those votes.

I should put a caveat when speaking of people with the IQ of an onion understanding all of this.  That doesn’t apply to the GOP Senate which is already fraying at the edges.  Apparently such a lofty IQ is not a prerequisite of duty as a Republican in the Senate and because of that, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they don’t cave and play the Democrat’s game.

Because, you know, if they do this time, maybe the media will like them.


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9 Responses to The SCOTUS circus

  • I’m past thinking this is about them being a bunch of Sally Fields wanting to be “liked by the media”.

    This is them either
    a) relying on the media to off their more conservative competition. A symbiotic relationship. They aren’t passively trying to appeal by being more liberal. They know the media will target their less liberal competition. They are complicit in the system, not victims of it.
    b) working for the folks that hold the purse (aka the rich) who are economic conservatives by day at work (allegedly) and liberals by night at the cocktail party.

  • I don’t know #1.

    I know “anyone Obama/the DNC would personally really like” can’t pass.

    But I don’t know that “nobody can”.

    An honest-to-God well-qualified legal professional who of nonpartisan outlook with a long history of it … such a person has a chance.

    But #3 is more valuable to the President anyway, so that doesn’t matter.

  • Don’t overestimate the GOP. They don’t call it the party of “Stupid” for nothing. They’ve raised snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, to an art form.

  • They let Obama get this justice, I’m voting for Hillary

  • Just to play devil’s advocate here. Depending on which way the winds blow, I do see a scenario wherein an Obama pick could pass (beyond the GOP Senators being stupid). If Bernie has a serious shot at the Presidency, it could, potentially, make more sense to allow Obama to pick a Justice than Bernie. Even an Obama pick would be to the right of a Sanders pick. I’m not saying this is likely, but in this specific case, it might make more sense to confirm an Obama pick than allow Sanders to replace Scalia.

    I don’t think this is likely, because I don’t think Sanders can win the nomination, let alone the White House, but it does need to be considered.

    • Of course, Obama could overplay his Progressive hand and energize conservatives to come out and vote .. less the SCOTUS transform the country (while ignoring the 9th Amendment).

      • A new version of the Wellstone memorial. In theory, I like it, but I suppose it depends on who the GOP candidate is.

  • … maybe the media will like them

    How did that work out for John McCain ?