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Economic Statistics for 29 Feb 16

Volatility continues in the Chicago PMI, which plunged from 52.9 to 47.6 in February.

The Pending Home Sales Index fell -2.5% to 106.0 in January.

The Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey continues to plumb the depths of contractionary readings, falling to -31.8 from -30.0 in February.

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One Response to Economic Statistics for 29 Feb 16

  • And Mr. Immelt is wary of the tense relations between business and government around the world, charging that “most government policy is anti-growth”. But the unit will be able to retrench and grow stronger through the downturn, he says, thanks to the diversification provided by GE’s structure, and because GE is better positioned to weather a storm. “In the USA, we want exports but seem to hate trade and exporters; globally, governments love small businesses but then regulate them to death”, he writes in the 19-page letter. Immelt criticized the relationship between business and government, calling it “the worst I have ever seen”.

    … and this guy, General Electric Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt, is Obama’s jobs czar.