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Because, you know, the current political circus has sucked all the air out of the coverage of anything else … or maybe it has distracted everyone so much they aren’t paying attention. But this story is one that is and has been inevitable since the debacle of Obamacare was passed and instituted:

Federal health officials are seeking to deny medical reimbursements to doctors and hospitals that have served patients insured by failed Obamacare health insurance co-ops, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

Instead, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are insisting it, not medical providers, has the first right to any remaining funds as 12 of the 24 co-ops go through the liquidation process.

A legal showdown is expected over who pays for the co-op debacle that to date has lost at least $1.4 billion in federal solvency loans. The failures have forced the cancellation of health insurance policies for at least 800,000 customers.

The confrontation now pits medical providers against CMS bureaucrats who claim the federal government should be first in line to get any leftover funds.

The government’s plan has failed, those who trusted the government to implement it properly so they’d be reimbursed have been stiffed, and who is it trying to muscle their way to the front of the line for any money available?  Why the same institution that set up this enormous scam, of course.

That’s what you get when you pass laws no one has read with policies written for and by bureaucrats and special interests, and haven’t a clue as to how any of it will work in the real world.  And no one should forget, this is all on the Democrats, who wrote it, passed it and signed it into law. Every bit of it.

And now, the institution that brought about all this failure is putting those it is supposed to serve at the back of the line for reimbursement.  Of course we’ve seen this before, haven’t we? Think GM bankruptcy and bailout.  Yeah, creditors … back of the line.

Mandy Cohen, CMS’s chief operating officer, was the first Obama administration official to assert the federal government would preempt reimbursements to local or state medical providers. She did so during a Feb. 25, 2016, House oversight subcommittee hearing on health care.

“For federal loans, there is an order of repayment,” Cohen said. “I believe we are at the very top of all of the creditors.”

Well, except for a little thing like the Supreme Court saying the opposite:

Cohen’s testimony also puts CMS on the record as ignoring a 1993 U.S. Supreme Court verdict that held the federal government is next-to-last in line for payment in insurance cases and policyholders are first. Cohen claimed the Justice Department will enforce the CMS policy.

Same bullying government, same guy (and party) in charge.  And of course the Justice Department will enforce “CMS policy” even if “CMS policy” is contrary to the law, because, the law is selectively enforceable under this administration, isn’t it?


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  • Have a patient with multiple medical conditions / complications, but a true believer in Obamacare. Used to come in with a 6 inch diameter button pinned to his jacket: “Obamacare is better than no care!” emblazoned with the Obama halo logo, his petulant mug and all. He’d regularly tout the glories of the program – and I’d have to bite my lip through the visits.

    Well, someone’s insurance got canceled and he had to go onto the exchange. It took some self control when he came in and wanted to know if I’d still see him with his new insurance, because not many local docs do. Yes, he’s still a patient. No, we don’t take any new patients with those plans.

    Seems all the heartless docs aren’t all that evil.

    • You were wrong to continue with the patient.

      Should’ve turned him down with a huge smile.

      But that’s just me- I believe in teachable moments and delivering a lesson

  • What was it I used to mumble back when they were ramming this thing through using legislative legerdemain, oh, right, “health insurance is not the same as health care”.
    Now it would appear health insurance isn’t even the same as health insurance.

    The truth of course is the Republicans sabotaged Obamacare, by, uh, somehow or other.

    • That is the message.

      With Big Zero Care, it goes into fuller effect next year and the year after. The media will lay the blame at the feet of Republicans. The traditional Republicans will gladly accept blame and take the challenge of fixing it by making it even bigger.

      Case in point in Michigan RINO governor Snyder did a mea culpa on the Flint Situation instead of firing back and signing off on money to fix the situation that was already fixing itself. And the media is trying really hard to hang him politically with it anyway.

      • Right, the Obama EPA isn’t at all responsible, totally the republican governor.
        That’s the accepted part for Republicans in ruling class theater.
        Snydly Whiplash.

        • It’s not only an accepted part, it’s one they rush to embrace. Along with other cartoon characters. How many of the Rep. “leaders” have said “The first thing we will do is repeal Obamacare”? Then what?

          The Rep. Solons have had years to come up with some coherent ideas or plan. Where can I find it?

          • They mostly wanted to retool it for their end of the donor class.

          • In Act II the Republicans will hammer enough nails through the dog poop on the board to make it work for the Insurance Companies and Hospital corporations.
            This makes it wildly unacceptable to the Democrats, and various unprotected non-crony segments of the population who cry out it’s still not working for them.
            Toward the end of the act, the Democrats rouse the populace to righteous furor and follow the Democrat hero as a torch wielding crowd off stage, presumably to the towered citadel of the Republicans.

            Act III opens in the ruins of the Republican fortress, where the hero and his men, who have now regained control of government, begin hammering more nails into the dog poop on the board to ‘fix’ it.

          • Did I mention when the play closes each evening ALL the actors gather together in the bar across the street for their party.

          • I don’t want to open healthcare accross state lines. This will likely lead to mergers and the Walmart-ization down to 2 or 3 large providers. Too big to fail, Too big to not be heavily regulated. I’d prefer the state limit which keeps the companies small and numerous.
            A national HC company is a beautify opportunity to do wealth redistribution and propping up failed states by requiring standard flat rates nationally but allowing the healthcare burderns of illegals in places like California to not only be off-loaded onto those who actually pay in California but now to the whole country. You just killed any pressure on the payers in CA to fix CA’s mess. Not that they feel inclined. But I don’t want to carry the burden of their failed policies.

          • You’d be doing it at the national level through the Obamacare risk corridor thingies anyway.

            This is like the book Dune – “the money must flow”.

  • I call it Oblowmecare.

  • Here’s something from today’s news

    Obama is calling our allies “free riders”. But we’ve never been more respected internationally, right?