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Watching the Trump protest thing

There’s something very interesting going on in conjunction with the Trump protests recently in Chicago, St. Louis, etc.  It reveals how intolerant the left is, again, and it also points to where this sort of vile and violent behavior is born:

College students now are growing up on campuses strongly influenced by the radicals of the 1960s, which has been fertile ground for an increasingly illiberal and disorderly definition of “peaceful protest.” . . .

Trying to silence speakers they don’t like, along with using human chains and other protest tactics to take over central spaces, violates a norm cherished all the way up to the Supreme Court: that a person who has rented an auditorium has a right to speak, no matter how atrocious the sentiment expressed.

Well, except when lefties are “triggered” by the speech.  Then the speech is deemed illegitimate and rightfully, as they see it, suppressed. The irony, of course, is they and the media call Trump Hitler while it is the protesters demonstrating all the foul attributes of the Nazis.

Interestingly, it comes as as surprise to some members of the media that Trump’s supporters see through the media spin on this and aren’t blaming the left’s actions on Trump.  They think it has to do with ignorance or agreement.  Instead, it likely has to do with seeing through the charade that both the media and the left have put together.

Now it is certainly one thing to protest a candidate peacefully (everyone has that right), but when protesters are committed to violence and confrontation, they’re likely to find it.  You have to remember, the protesters had to travel to the Trump rally to get what they wanted.  No one sought them out for that.  The protesters have also admitted organizing to shut down Trump.  Again, they made a conscious decision to interfere in the other side’s right to hear their candidate.  And they did it precisely like they’ve done it countless times on the college campus where someone had the temerity to invite a speaker who disagreed with their views.

Heather MacDonald lays out the case for the left being the source of the divisiveness we now suffer and are suffering during this political season.  It’s just in their DNA it seems, and as pointed out above, it has its roots in radical academia:

To the mainstream media, Black Lives Matter’s claims and academic identity politics are not “divisive,” they are simple truth. But if you don’t accept those truth claims — and the data refute them — the vitriolic anti-cop rhetoric of the last year and a half, and its underpinning in academic victimology, easily match the alleged divisiveness of anything that Trump has said.

Anyone … from whence were most of the “media” birthed?  Of course they don’t see them as a problem for the left.  They’ve been raised in the culture of left academia and leftist propaganda is their “normal”.  Naturally they don’t see anything inflammatory in the rhetoric of the left or the left’s political candidates.

The rhetoric of Democratic presidential contenders is just as incendiary. Hillary Clinton says it’s a “reality” that cops see black lives as “cheap.” Bernie Sanders says the killing of unarmed black people by police officers has been going on “decade after decade after decade.” In fact, among the 36 “unarmed” black men killed by the police last year (compared with 31 unarmed white men), a large percentage had been trying to grab the officer’s gun, were pummeling the officer with his own equipment, or were otherwise so viciously fighting with the arresting officer as to legitimately put him in fear for his life.

This is the result of the Bill Ayres faction taking over our colleges and universities.  They’ve spawned “The New Red Guard”, and The New Red Guard is now moving out into the streets.


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  • The campus radicals — and potentially every student on campus, but the radicals especially — have undergone and are undergoing what Robert Conquest called “mindslaughter” at the hands of psychopaths — narcissists who lack conscience and empathy, who are deceitful and have no objective concept of truth, do not really know a bloody thing, but who do, in varying degrees, depending on their position in movement hierarchies, practice Marxism as an ideology of power.

    It has been going on for a long time, but kicked up its pace considerably in 1968. That was a key year. Now it’s inter-generational on campuses, and has worked its way down into public schools.

    One change over that time is that has moved from a psychological matter to something behavioral and neurological.

  • If you listen to Hillary, putting aside that grating personality, she’s just hitting what are sounds, tones on a scale, that set off the internalized program of her audiences. The Party has done that for a long time, but now it’s down to Pavlovian precision. Barack’s method is slightly different, though very studied in its application. Hillary can’t reach his abilities, so she sticks with the programmed stimulus-response, and doesn’t even bother to try to sound like a deep thinker, which is Barack’s shtick. With him you can depend on his word-length pauses between words, with the uhhs and other stammer effects, that make him sound like he’s thoughtful, even brilliant, when to say he’s just full of sh*t would be to put the best possible face on it.

  • Whatever you want to call this era in our history, it’s in the twilight now- probably the fading of the twilight as a matter of fact.

    I see a lot of anti-Trumpers bring so solemn with their “you don’t have the right to beat up protestors” bs. Sure, nobody has a *right* to do so, but let’s be honest- these protestors who come to disrupt and prevent and ruin ABSOLUTELY deserve to get the living crap kicked out of them. And that’s what’s gonna happen sooner rather than later.

    The burning and time of violence is close. The left wants it. They’re gonna get it.

    America in the twilight.

    • Then they’re really going to need their safe zones.

    • It’s ironic that those protesters who have been accusing us conservative establishment Neanderthals of intolerance and violence have been successfully relying on our tolerance and non-violence for their safety. God knows I have wanted to get a little violent with some of them for half a century now. I think you are right about the ‘time of violence is close’, and I must confess to having mixed feelings about that.

  • This post is almost funny in how wrong it is. Yes, there are the cliques of radicals that attack free speech, but for the most part the Ayres generation is retired, and the older faculty who are from that era bemoan the fact students aren’t protesting, and aren’t radical. Instead students are working in grass roots organizations, doing practical things, trying to make a difference on the ground rather than protesting – which almost all see as a waste of time. Yet if one wants to generalize from a small – tiny – sample, one can come to the false conclusion this post reaches. This generation – the Millennials and those in school now – will shape the future. They are pragmatic, cosmopolitan (via internet more connected globally) and, well, what Johnny Cash said about the 60’s generation is now true for this one: “Yeah, the ones that you’re calling wild, Are going to be the leaders in a little while, This old world’s wakin’ to a new born day, And I solemnly swear that it’ll be their way” (Johnny Cash, “What is Truth”, 1970)

    • Largely twits, spoiled, and consumed with first world problems. The world is here to serve them.

      Course they’ll shape the future, they’re all there is.

      A generation taught to think everyone gets a trophy and Internet is a right, and they’re owed a college education with a great job on the other end.
      A group that spends all their time with their faces stuck in their phones communicating with people 30 miles away and ignores the people they’re sitting with.

      They’ll be another 10 years growing up because they’ve been sheltered from reality.
      It’ll be fun to watch from a safe spot.

      • Yeah, yeah, just like the oldsters in the sixties were talking about the young generation. You have stereotypes that simply don’t describe most of today’s youth – kids that work 30 hours a week to put themselves through college, who volunteer in the community, who form partnerships even with those they disagree with politically. Your caricature is normal – probably every generation thinks the youth are spoiled, with weird ideas. But you know what – the youth shape the future, and their ideas become tomorrow’s mainstream. And then many of them will complain about the youth , especially those who have chosen to lock themselves in a world view formed when they were around 20.

        • The “oldsters” in the 60s, Mr. Goofyballs, were right. They saw 1968, for instance, from the standpoint of sanity and a tradition of liberty and decency, and knew that what was transpiring was a vile sickness. You describe students who work their way through college, but there’s an entire generation out there who have learned nothing on bigtime borrowed money and they’re flocking to a candidate — Colonel Sanders, the Communist — who wants to pay their loans and give the next generation “free” college.

          Imagine a country where more money is taken from taxpayers so that students can be subjected to an array of Professor Goofyballs, just like you! What could be better for their future!

          • The oldsters in the 60s weren’t right, but it doesn’t matter. Their time past, and a new generation shaped a new America. Every student I’ve known for two decades have had debt and difficulty paying for college – with maybe just a handful of exceptions. They are hard working and I get joy watching them persevere and succeed. And yes, I think I make a very positive contribution to their future!

        • Again, of course youth shapes the future – how self evident and stupid it is to repeat that like it has a significant meaning.
          There are always good kids out there, there are always bad kids out there.
          There’s nothing special about this generation, other than it’s smarty ass self absorption.

          • Judging from the tone and tenor of your posts, I think you are far more self-absorbed than most of the youth I know.

          • Heh – coming from you that’s almost a recommendation

          • Back to ‘insulting’ Scott.
            I wonder what chemistry causes the “I’m fun! and friendly! please talk to me!” version that shows up after hours.

        • It wasn’t just the oldsters. A lot of us youngsters were not too happy with what was going on, but we were too civilized to act like the barbarians.

    • I guess you can make a case for suppressing speech as being cosmopolitan, these days.

      • Those types are the bad apples. A minority, just like the tiny number of protesters at Trump rallies. You’ll always have those types. But they are the exception, not the rule.

        • The problem is that a tiny number of protesters is shutting down speeches by a large number of conservatives. Yes, it’s a small number, but it seems the tiny minority shuts down a disproportionate number of conservative speakers.

          • That shouldn’t happen, and I would actively fight efforts to shut down conservative voices.

          • It *shouldn’t* happen, but it *has* happened and it continues to happen. The riotous protests at the Trump rally are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve been making this point for years.

        • The protest was organized entirely around shutting down speech.

          “How Bernie Sanders supporters shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago

          By Alex Seitz-Wald

          When Ja’Mal Green, a prominent black activist and Bernie Sanders supporter in Chicago, saw that Donald Trump was coming to the University of Illinois Chicago, he knew what he had to do. “Everyone, get your tickets to this. We’re all going in!!!! ‪#‎SHUTITDOWN‬,” he posted on Facebook last week.”

          Jorge Mena, a undocumented graduate student at UIC, started a petition on calling on the school’s administration to cancel the event. The petition garnered more than 50,000 signatures, and once brass at MoveOn, which has endorsed Sanders, caught wind of the UIC backlash, they wanted to help. MoveOn chipped in money to get signs and a banner printed and blasted out an email to members in the Chicago area encouraging them to join the protest.

          Just a few? Of course it seems MSNBC thinks it no real problem.

          • “Jorge Mena, a undocumented graduate student at UIC,”
            Does that mean he took all the courses for a PhD but never received a diploma?

            Anyway! how about “undocumented graduates” shutting down speech in ‘our’ country.

            Yeah, that’s what the Bills of Rights is about!
            That people who don’t belong here should be allowed to infringe on the rights of citizens!!
            That’s in the shadowy bits of the 72 Amendment back paragraphs over behind the tool shed, right?


      • Not to mention the ignorant lefty bad apple idiots in the media who give this minority their loud voice.

    • So, you’re saying, Scott, that today’s student (far from initiating all this radical bullsh*t), simply can’t think, will absorb it all, “normalize” it (“normalize” in parens because the abnormal isn’t normal), and head off to live the kind of shallow, mediocre life that you have lived?

      I agree. They won’t know their own fields, of course, just like you. They’ll be as dull as the dishwater around them. And they’ll go for anything the sh*theels with power throw their way.

      The lads in particular will be a new age of emasculated, effeminate — did I say shallow — Mr. Goofyballs types, like you. You see yourself in the future and unfortunately you’re probably right, and right out of bad utopian fiction, just that horrible.

      • Ah, the point is not to live a shallow life – indeed, when I teach it’s not just about the subject matter, but also life lessons, especially the importance of having meaning and purpose in life. Though your insults are strange — “emasculated, effeminate?” What weird adjectives to use. They definitely aren’t as ideological in thinking as the last generation, people are more pragmatic, a bit cynical, but have a strong sense of community. I look at the youth and I see great hope for the country, I think they are better than the past generation. Our generation ran up debt (public and private) with a thirty year binge driven by fear of others and a empty penchant for vacuous consumerism and “stuff.” The kids now are set to be the next “great generation” to fix what we’ve messed up.

        • Since you have established yourself as a sick liar, with a reputation that goes back at least twenty years — with many people having attempted to have that “honest discussion and debate” with you — you’re not in any position to describe any generation. You’ve never gotten off your short-cycle mental loop, which is conditioned by your mediocrity and thorough dishonesty.

          You’re an oddity even in the museum of internet oddities. An astonishing self-actualizing abyss of mendacity. I used to read some of Ott Scerb’s parodies of you aloud to people, who would scream with laughter. They had never heard anything so funny, and then I would give them the punch line, that old Ott had you down to your soul. There the laughter ends.

          • Funny – you know by now that there is nothing more impotent than internet insults. Yet in them you betray your frustration, even a bit of jealousy. Thanks! I remember back in 2000 when you arrogantly predicted that America would pass a constitutional amendment making gay marriage illegal, because no way would Americans support what you called a perversion. I think that shows just how competent you are at judging the culture and politics – or other people. Now, go complain to the school board! I’m sure they’re doing something to piss you off 😉 Or the mayor, yeah, go rant about him….

          • “even a bit of jealousy. ”


            Thanks, you made my day.

    • Speaking of a Pavlov’s dog…

    • ” They are pragmatic, cosmopolitan…”

      And don’t forget ignorant. Many must take remedial courses. And of course, with courses like these–
      ENG 100 – Gender, Race & Class in Media
      ENG 100 – Pregnancy & Birth
      ENG 100 – Love, Peace and Rock & Roll
      ENG 100 – Pregnancy & Birth
      ENG 100 – Human Language
      ENG 100 – A Journey Through Italy
      ENG 100 – Conflict & Culture N Ireland
      ENG 100 – Food: History & Culture
      ENG 100 – War and Healing
      ENG 100 – Questioning Justice
      ENG 100 – It’s All Too Much
      ENG 100 – Art as Social Critique
      ENG 100 – Total Chaos

      they will stay that way.

  • CNN’s Wolf Blitzer made an on-air flub Tuesday night, when he called said Hillary Clinton won the primary in “North Korea.”

    “She really wanted Florida and Ohio, specifically North Korea — North Carlina I should say, was always, was always one of her goals,” Blitzer said.

  • With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month.

    They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”

    The operation, calling itself Democracy Spring, is threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The radicals believe this will result in the arrest of thousands of their own activists.

    “We will demand that Congress listen to the People and take immediate action to save our democracy. And we won’t leave until they do — or until they send thousands of us to jail,” the website for Democracy Spring declares, channeling rhetoric from the Occupy movement.

    The group is backed by numerous organizations, including the George Soros-funded groups, the Institute for Policy Studies, and Demos.

  • Here’s one of those “bad apples” we keep hearing about.

    Go listen to him – it’s short. Then explain how there’s nothing really that wrong when a college student can be maintaining in what’s apparently all seriousness that white people should just kill themselves, and maintains that white lives have no value.

    • Meh. One minute and twenty-one seconds of edited video doesn’t prove much to me. None of the students seemed to me to be too passionate about the subject. Sounded and looked more like a practice session to me.