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Stray Voltage

I’d love to tell you this comes as a surprise, but in reality, yeah, not so much.  As I’ve been saying for years, I’m fine with solar power as a concept, but in execution, it’s not at all ready for prime time.

A federally backed, $2.2 billion solar project in the California desert isn’t producing the electricity it is contractually required to deliver to PG&E Corp., which says the solar plant may be forced to shut down if it doesn’t receive a break Thursday from state regulators.

This is the one that burns birds out out of the sky.

PG&E PCG, -0.02%   is asking the California Public Utilities Commission for permission to overlook the shortfall and give Ivanpah another year to sort out its problems, warning that allowing its power contracts to default could force the facility to shut down. The commission’s staff is recommending that it grant the extension Thursday.

You can probably count on it getting a “break” since a) it’s California and b) government only requires accountability from the little people and c) … solar! (Turn a blind eye to those burnt birds littering the ground.  Environmentalism and animal rights are only important when greedy corporations stand to profit.)

Meanwhile, elect Hillary, she’ll get rid of the coal mines and coal miners jobs and then we’ll simply die in the dark.

Welcome to machine world!  Robots are going to soon be taking over all those “$15 minimum wage” jobs soon:

Domino’s have developed possibly the greatest use for robots yet – safe and secure pizza delivery in what the company claims is a world first.

The company is testing pizza delivery by robot in New Zealand, known as the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU). The three-foot tall battery-powered unit contains a heated compartment for storing up to 10 pizzas, and is capable of self-driving up to 12.5 miles, or 20 km from a shop.

Economic reality says that when labor prices itself out of business and there is an cheaper viable alternative, people usually go with the alternative.  That’s because economic law is based in human nature, not pie-in-the-sky social justice.

You may have heard of the results of the YouGov survey that showed Millennials have a much higher regard for socialism than capitalism.  No, well, look at the Bernie camp and figure it out.  Helen Raleigh says we have to “educate” the generation about the perils of socialism because they’re to young to have seen it in action and seen the results.

She says:

So if you are a survivor of socialism, whether from the former Soviet Union, China, Cuba or Venezuela, speak up and share your stories. Don’t limit yourself to just your families and friends. Make yourself available to your community, especially neighborhood schools. Contact the local high schools and ask them if you can come to their social science or history class and speak to the kids directly. I’ve spoke at several high schools before. Rather than telling them that 20-30 million Chinese people died during the three famine caused by Mao’s disastrous policy, I shared with them the story of an uncle I never met. He was born during the famine. My grandmother was too hungry to produce any milk to feed him, and there was no baby formula available. He died in my grandmother’s arms. While I was sharing this story, those teenagers were spell bound. No one was checking their iPhones. Many of them came to shake my hand afterwards and said “thank you.” It was a rewarding experience for me.

One problem, Helen.  Where this is really needed would likely find you booed off the stage, while The New Red Guard demonstrated and called you a racist and hate monger.  Other than that, you’re precisely right.

Melissa Click, the asst. Professor fired by the University of Missouri because of her conduct, just won’t go away and has a new whine now:

As a Media Studies scholar, I understand how the increased surveillance resulting from advances in technology like digital recording and wireless broadband has come to mean that our mistakes will be widely broadcast — typically without context or rights of rebuttal — exposing us to unprecedented public scrutiny.

But I do not understand the widespread impulse to shame those whose best intentions unfortunately result in imperfect actions. What would our world be like if no one ever took a chance? What if everyone played it safe?

It has nothing to do with “shaming”, Ms. Click.  It has to do with accountability.  Intentions don’t mean squat.  Actions do.  Welcome to the real world.  Now, go away.

And finally, this visual pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?


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9 Responses to Stray Voltage

  • Oh Melissa you little fascist, bless your pointy head – we had all the context we needed.

    I’m surprised she hasn’t claimed the video was misleadingly edited.
    You know – what really happened was a picnic table fell on the guy, and she wanted some muscle to ‘get the guy outta there’.
    Yeah, that’s it.

    See, if only we didn’t have the whole context.

  • The company is testing pizza delivery by robot in New Zealand, known as the Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU). The three-foot tall battery-powered unit contains a heated compartment for storing up to 10 pizzas, and is capable of self-driving up to 12.5 miles, or 20 km from a shop.

    And then I have to put on freaking PANTS and go out to the freaking thing to get my pizza like some sort of animal…

    • lol!
      And here I was worried the silly thing would get knocked over literally and have it’s valuable cargo stolen by the kids on my lawn.

      You brought a better problem to the table!

      Don’t ya just love the first world and our trials and tribulations?

  • Mrs. Click: Sunlight is the enemy of germs. If you have a fear of sunlight, there might just be a problem here.

  • Google sought overthrow of Syria’s Assad

    … this sounds like a scene out of ‘The President’s Analyst’ (1967) with Google playing the part of the “Phone Company”.

    Which beggars the question … is Google the new “Phone Company” ?

    • …is Google the new “Phone Company” ?

      A thought-provoking question. A remake of The President’s Analyst would indeed probably use “The Search Company” instead of “The Phone Company”.

      In fact, Google has an international presence that AT&T never approached.

      But at least we get to reject Google’s “throw something against the wall and see if it sticks” efforts. I enjoyed watching Google+ flounder. They have struggled getting beyond search, advertising, and email.

      Of course, that’s the only things they need to know more about us than anyone in government with the possible exception of the NSA.

  • For those “low information” voters …

    Hillary promises illegals can get ObamaCare

    This really shows the limits of Hillary’s generosity.

    Hillary is basically saying that illegals can buy ObamaCare (without a subsidy), an all day pass at DisneyWorld, a ticket to Alexander Hamilton on Broadway, beach-front property in New Mexico, or a lifetime pass to the Clinton Foundation like anybody else who has too much money left in their pocket after the government is done taxing them.