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Economic Statistics for 21 Mar 16

Existing home sales fell -7.1% in February, to a 5.080 million annual rate. On a year-over-year basis, sales are up 2.2%.

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index slipped into negative territory in March, dropping from 0.28 to a worse-than-expected -0.29.

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One Response to Economic Statistics for 21 Mar 16

  • A [radical Half Wordl] proposal that calls for barring humans from half of the Earths land mass has actually received serious consideration from Fusion, the Univision-backed television network aimed at the millennial generation.

    The way Fusions editor for environmental coverage frames it, the proposal might just be the answer to all our problems. Possibly saving all mankind as we know it.

    It’s nice to see environmentalists, UniVision and Donald Trump come together on an idea.

    Off course, President Trump will be setting aside the land along the US borders.