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A litany of failure

This is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum:

Some St. Paul public schools are unsafe for students and teachers, writes Katherine Kersten, a senior policy fellow at the Center for the American Experiment, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

A Central High teacher was “choked and body-slammed by a student and hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury,” while another teacher was knocked down and suffered a concussion while trying to stop a fight between fifth-grade girls. There have been six high school riots or brawls this school year.

Hoping to close the racial suspension gap, the district has spent millions of dollars on “white privilege” and “cultural competency” training for teachers and “positive behavior” training, an anti-suspension behavior modification program, writes Kersten.

Misbehavior is initially tolerated and as it is, it become endemic and epidemic.  What’s the penalty for doing so?  Well, teachers are punished with “white privilege”, “cultural competency” and “positive behavior” classes.

Meanwhile where the problem is centered, i.e. with the students, nothing changes.  In fact, the “authorities” then make the problem even worse:

When that didn’t work, “they lowered behavior standards and, in many cases, essentially abandoned meaningful penalties,” she writes. Students can’t be suspended for “continual willful disobedience” any more. Often, students “chat briefly with a ‘behavior specialist’ or are simply moved to another classroom or school where they are likely to misbehave again.”

Behavior has gotten worse, wrote Aaron Benner, a veteran elementary teacher, in the Pioneer Press. “On a daily basis, I saw students cussing at their teachers, running out of class, yelling and screaming in the halls, and fighting.”

Again, this isn’t rocket science. The problem students, knowing they aren’t going to be punished for their behavior, continue to replicate it and push the envelope even more.  All the liberal psychobabble that has led to this point has had inevitable result that teachers live in fear.

Teachers say they’re afraid, writes Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario. He quotes a letter from an anonymous teacher, who says teacher are told there are no alternative placements for violent or disruptive K-8 students.

“(Teachers) have no way to discipline. If a child is running around screaming, we let them run around and scream. If a student throws a chair at the Smart Board we remove the other students and call for help. If a student shouts obscenities, we simply use kind words to remind them to use kind words themselves. I am not kidding. . . .

The only consequence at the elementary level is taking away recess or sending the offending student to a ‘buddy classroom’ for a few minutes.”

Who are the victims?  Well, obviously the teachers.  But there are even more victims which the dominant philosophy within this school district seems to simply ignore:

At this teacher’s high-poverty, highly diverse school, “I have many students in my class who are very respectful, work hard and care about doing well in school,” the teacher writes. “The disruptive, violent children are ruining the education of these fantastic, deserving children.”

No kidding.  So what has increasing tolerance, lower behavioral standards and the refusal to discipline brought this school system?  Failure.  It has failed the teachers who are left to deal with increasingly violent behavior.  It has failed the good students who have their ability to learn and succeed hampered by disruptive students who go unpunished.  And, in reality, they fail the disruptive students, who are never taught the hard lesson that certain behavior is unacceptable and will be punished.

Because, you know, that’s just outmoded thinking.

Oh.  And “race”:

On March 9, a veteran high school teacher was suspended for social media posts complaining about the discipline policy, when Black Lives Matter activists charged him with racism.

Theo Olson, a special education teacher at Como Park High, wrote that teachers “now have no backup, no functional location to send kids who won’t quit gaming, setting up fights, selling drugs, whoring trains, or cyber bullying, we’re screwed, just designing our own classroom rules.”

He did not mention race.

Black Lives Matter had threatened a “shut-down action” at the school if Olson was not fired.

That’s just pitiful.  And the results of such poor leadership within that district are inevitable:

The same day Olson was put on leave, another Como Park teacher was attacked by two students, suffering a concussion. “The two entered the classroom to assault another student over a marijuana transaction gone bad,” an associate principal told the Star-Tribune.  Two 16-year-olds face felony assault charges.

Welcome to the blue education model in action.



11 Responses to A litany of failure

  • Epidemic for years.

    It’s always addressed with fresh theories and “reform,” as this post notes.

    Good way to maintain a dependent, internal racial proletariat. Has worked so far.

    • What fresh theory? The answer is always “throw more money at the problem”

      • Oh, no, they constantly role out “new” theories. The education departments and foundations and the departments of education always have fresh theory. And it’s mind-boggling. One of the theorists is none other than Bill Ayers — that Bill Ayers.

  • BLM is about proteciting chaos and cultivating chaos and shutting down all the logical response, leaving your only one response, appeasement.

    Appeasement as the public policy to racial strife if the goal.

    • BLM is about proteciting chaos and cultivating chaos and shutting down all the logical response, leaving your only one response, appeasement

      ——Because of their lousy education, they ignore an obvious flaw in that plan. There’s an excellent second option available to their targets. I leave it unnamed for now

  • This is not just a problem of race or BLM. Over 20 years ago my father-in-law taught in a 95+% white school. He was knocked unconscious in the hall by a white student. The student got a couple of days suspension. Many of the female students thought nothing of having children out of wedlock. After all, that’s what the welfare is for.

  • At this teacher’s high-poverty, highly diverse school, “I have many students in my class who are very respectful, work hard and care about doing well in school

    —–why should the Dems and their union subsidiary care about these kids? They’re gonna grow up to vote the wrong way with that attitude.

  • Rockford Illinois. As there were some problems, a magistrate force them to bring in a consultant – a black female out of Oakland, CA. My parents best friends were active with the school system and were at that first meeting. After being introduced, her first words were, “I see too many white people here.” One would like to think she wanted to encourage minority parents to get involved. However…

    A program called ‘Controlled Choice’ was enacted – just a polished up euphemism for bussing. You picked three schools where you would like your kid to go, and if he/she went to one of these you had a ‘choice’. If not, oh well. It wasn’t surprising that the private schools in the city and surrounding areas had long waiting lists.

    They too decided that the racial proportion of kids in detention should be the same ratio as the overall proportion of the school. The bad black kids figure this out within a few hours. They ran the school – teacher’s were terrified. Had a chance to talk with one of the janitors there during this period. He would blockade himself in his office (after being beaten up several times), showing his face only before the kids arrived and after they left.

    The administration also felt that in each course the racial proportion of the students signed up had to be representative of the schools population. So if there were 30 kids signed up for a class – say a beginning calculus class – and there were 10 Asian students, 15 white student’s, and 5 black kids signed up, but this did not match the racial proportion of the school population, they canceled the class.

    This is not a joke.

    Guess when you get old like this, there really isn’t much new anymore. That explains the popularity of Bernie with college kids. They haven’t been taught (nor read on their own) that all of this has been tried – and always ends in failure. It’s only a question of degree – a bloody civil war or just putting adults in charge again.

  • Funny, you’d think we never had a working model to build from.

  • #DeathByDems

    There’s nothing more to say, really…