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Interesting article by a Dutch author that talks about the immigrant problem in Europe.  As always, read the whole thing.  But I was struck by these two paragraphs:

In December 2013, Professor Ruud Koopmans of the Berlin Social Science Center published a study on “Fundamentalism and out-group hostility,” in which he compared hostility among Muslim immigrants with hostility among Christian natives in Western Europe. He writes: “Almost 60 percent agree that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam, 75 percent think there is only one interpretation of the Quran possible to which every Muslim should stick and 65 percent say that religious rules are more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live.” In regards to Christian citizens he concludes: “Less than 4 percent can be characterized as consistent fundamentalists.”

On hatred of Jews and homosexuals among Europe’s Muslim population, Koopmans finds: “Almost 60 percent reject homosexuals as friends and 45 percent think that Jews cannot be trusted. While about one in five natives can be considered as Islamophobic, the level of phobia against the West among Muslims — for which oddly enough there is no word; one might call it ‘Occidentophobia’ — is much higher still, with 54 percent believing that the West is out to destroy Islam.” Recorded rates of Christian hate toward Muslims hover around 10 percent.

I am enamored of the new term because, more than anything, it is a term that can be thrown back at those who like to trot out “Islamaphobia” each and every time anyone attempts to discuss radical Islam.  So what’s the problem with Muslims, aka the “religion of peace”, that so many of them have hatred for the West and Western ways?  Doesn’t that qualify for a “phobia” for heaven sake – especially in the era of being tagged as ___aphobic (fill in the blank) of you disagree about anything the left is invested in.

The article says much of the problem in Europe is that Muslims there aren’t assimilated.  I can believe that.  The question, however, is how much of that is Europe’s fault and how much of that is the immigrant’s fault.  For instance, if you’re not willing to subordinate your culture (religious or otherwise) to the dominant culture, you’re not going to be assimilated.  If that’s the case, and the numbers are as indicated, aren’t then a majority of immigrant Muslims “phobic” about the West?

So, why are they there?

That’s the salient question, if the data is true, and it is one that EU leaders and those in the US, won’t ask or face.

If not to assimilate, what is the purpose of your immigration?

That question likely will see me labeled as “Islamophobic”.  If so, I can live with that.


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  • A couple of years ago, I encountered a more general neologism for this mindset, but I can’t at the moment recall it. By “more general”, I mean the word wasn’t coined in terms of “the Occident”, but rather in terms of “one’s own”. It may have used ‘oecumene’ as its root, but right now I’m not sure even of that.

    Basically, it functioned as an mirror image of ‘xenophobia’. Where ‘xenophobia’ denotes an irrational fear or hatred of other peoples and cultures, this word was meant to denote the irrational fear or hatred of one’s own people and culture, as is pandemic amongst leftists.

  • “If not to assimilate, what is the purpose of your immigration?”

    Invasion. Unarmed invasion.


  • Free stuff until the time is right, then all the stuff.

  • “White privileged” is designed to eliminate the validity of such attempts of symmetry.

    • It’s odd but the ‘white privilege’ concept has been with us for decades. The term though is more likely to get the correct perception. Back in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s the term was “The Man”.

  • Xenophile is a better term to use to parry the “Islamophobia” attack . It draws on the subconscious association with Pedophile, which is helpful from a rhetorical perspective.

    To love others above one’s own people is a pathology, and Xenophile captures it in a single word.

  • “So, why are they there?”

    Mainly because it is much more pleasant to live in the civilization built by the kaffirs than it is to live in the civilization built by the True Believers. They will live in Western countries, moaning and bitching all the while about being victimized and oppressed by their inferiors, until they destroy them.

    • Funny thing though, once the kaffir are destroyed the civilization with all its comforts goes away right quickly.

      Give the muzzies control of Europe and you’ll see the whole place will look and function like Beirut within a decade

      • A whole decade?
        Nah – I bet they can have it looking like Tripoli inside 6 months.
        The Prophet never got to Europe, so no worries about smashing anything and everything in sight.

        Think of the endless hours of recreation available for them once they’ve got it under control!
        Rent a sledgehammer or bring their own for the tour of the Louvre or any of the other famous museums!
        You can be sure, they’ll bring plenty of semtex, there’s lots of churches to demolish!
        Statues, monuments, buildings – wow – so much to do, so little time!
        And when they’re bored with that, they can round up some gays and Christians and pitch them off high places, ah, the screams in the French Alps in the spring!
        Nuns to slaughter, priests to crucify and plenty of young women to rape and enslave!
        It’ll be grand, grand!

        It’ll be so peaceful once the religion of Peace finally conquers.

        • As Tacitus said, “They make a desert and call it peace”. Or if we believe Erp, we will no doubt have another Islamic Golden Age.

          • Indeed!
            A golden age!

            Check out the number of times Muslim’s came to town back when they were ‘tolerant’.
            Sacking Pisa, Grenoble, Marseilles, taking the Alpine Passes between France and the Italian peninsula and they REALLY didn’t like monastery in Monte Casino it seems, torching it at least twice.
            And then there’s occupied Spain, ah, good times!

            To think all of those Europeans who thought they were preserving future generations by resisting!
            Charles Martel should have invited them to tea and submitted!
            Palermo would probably be a major capital today!
            They wouldn’t have had to sack and burn Marseilles
            Vienna should have thrown open the gates!

            Instead of working at a college in Mooseville, Erb would probably have a job at a nice madrassa in a place called Dar as-Moose in the province of Wilaaya al-Oud.
            He’d take occasional trips by dhow to see the ruins of the ruins of Rome because we’d probably never have developed flight.

            But on the plus side, he could have all the young co-eds he wanted, they wouldn’t be co-eds really, heh! that’s crazy talk
            because what’s the point in teaching girls anything other than to cook and submit?

  • They’re there mostly because the likes of Germany need labor before the communist bloc collapsed and provided its own cheap immigrant labor. They’re there because the euro-crats sincerely believed that just by coming to Europe they would magically understand how much better life was if you didn’t slaughter one another. Europe destroyed itself in two apocalyptic wars and figures everyone else learned the same lesson. They’re there because the socialists believe that poor downtrodden Muslims will behave like Marx said the proletariat should and not cling to their koran and tribes.

  • I don’t know that calling this a phobia on the part of Muslim immigrants helps much. It is much like Prof Pollywobble coming around and calling everyone fearful of this, that and two dozen of the other because in his view fear is irrational and it is his trump card against all arguments, in his own mind at least. This isn’t fear is it? It appears to me to be contempt. A fear can be overcome by various methods or avoided. But this contempt is built on a foundation of belief that West is corrupt and inferior. Calling it fear is just once again giving them the bigotry of low expectations, the usual subtle racism of the modern left, saying that they are really no better than misguided children. They don’t fear us, they despise us and want to destroy us.

    • Criticizing someone for Low Conduct is not the same as ‘bigotry of low expectations’. In fact, ‘BOLE’, would be the call for accommodating their conduct since it is a given and we can expect no better.

      And, xyz-phobia, is a pop-psi marketing term. It is often plastered on any resistence to anything broadly, contempt and disgust particularly are equated to fear as the motivation for that resistence, as a way of denigrating the person and their position in one word. I think Q’s use of a phobia-ism is well within the paramaters of how it is used in talking points in general.

      OTOH, its does not roll off the tongue and since it is a marketing term, I would suggest the main failure in the term is phonetic and he keep trying, :p.

      • OTOH, [‘Occidentophobia’] does not roll off the tongue and since it is a marketing term, I would suggest the main failure in the term is phonetic …

        I had thought that, too.

      • In fact, ‘BOLE’, would be the call for accommodating their conduct since it is a given and we can expect no better.

        That is pretty much what is happening. Local girls are told to dress more modestly in order not to offend/inflame the immigrant men, for example.

        • As opposed to beating the living shirt out of the immigrant men who can’t restrain themselves.

          I suspect you wouldn’t have to teach too many of them how to swim in a sack stuffed with vipers before word got around that getting inflamed wasn’t a good idea any more.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t going for the “hey, let’s adopt this word”. I was going more for the irony that one side, who, per the survey, seem to have a much smaller proportion of haters, but have a word thrown at them every time they speak the truth that cannot be uttered.

      • Well there is no disputing that for sure! Surely the good professor will be along shortly with his usual diagnosis for all us scaredy cats.

  • The question, however, is how much of that is Europe’s fault and how much of that is the immigrant’s fault.

    –100% on the immigrant.

    Next question

    • Well, there is that old saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. Europe has already been fooled once.

  • George Mason University renames law school The Antonin Scalia School Of Law.

    I can see our future ..

    The Barack Obama School of Occidentophobic Studies

  • Y’all know about “whiteness studies,” right? It’s not the equivalent of all those other “studies.” Black or Latin or Women’s studies. No, whiteness studies is about how privileged and bigoted white folks are. At a university near you.

    • In Tennessee, at least, I think that would generate some massive pushback against any public university that tried it. UT’s Office of Diversity is already fighting for its existence because of some stupid politically correct guidelines for Christmas parties, and some stupid “respectful” pronoun nonsense.

      By the way, I read your novel on the plane this week. An excellent, excellent read. I particularly admire the concise style. I hope the real world doesn’t have villains like those in the book, but I admit I fear it does.

      • Thanks. Where some find a concise style, I fear others find an infuriating minimalism. I wrote it that way after reading some of Crichton and some Vince Flynn and saying to myself, “They get away with that!” As for the villains, after the novel was written but before it was published, the John Marshall Norton character was realized with the arrest, in real life, of the State Department lifer, Kendall Myers, who was a spy for the Cubans (and therefore for the KGB as well). Myers was an ideological spy, as opposed to a for-the-cash spy, as Rick Ames supposedly was.

        I thought that the most frightening characters were the characterless psychopathic young women, the blondes, who showed up toward the end. I’ve met people who were very close to the point that the blondes had reached. Soulless blanks, remorseless killers.

  • I think the word we want is “Christophobic” making reference to Christendom even though the faith is not what it used to be. Certainly easier to say though.

  • I also hear that Zoroastrianism is catching on in the Ummah. Perhaps the Europeans should import some evangelical priests.