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Economic Statistics for 4 Apr 16

Factory orders plunged -1.7% in February, with core capital goods dropping -2.5%, indicating trouble for business investment.

The Fed’s Labor Market Conditions Index rose slightly, but remained in negative territory for March at -2.1.

Gallup’s US Consumer Spending Measure reports that American’s self-reported daily spending rose from $84 to $89 in March.

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2 Responses to Economic Statistics for 4 Apr 16

  • Economy may not have grown at all in first quarter

    The median of economists who participate in the CNBC/Moody’s Analytics Rapid Update is now 0.5 percent for tracking GDP growth, down from 0.9 percent last week. Their average forecast for growth is 1.1 percent.

    Given the average, and substantial, revisions to government GDP data, that 0.5 percent could easily turn into a negative number, or a much higher number. That is based on a CNBC study that examined every report going back to 1990 and found an average error rate of 1.3 percentage points in either direction.

  • Bernie Sanders can’t figure out why he’s “getting killed” with older voters, and he thinks it’s “the weirdest thing in the world.”

    Maybe it has to do with that tax on Wall St to fund “free college”.
    Seniors, with pensions and 401(k) plans in the stock market, know they will end up paying for any new taxes on Wall St.