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Venezuela gives new meaning to black (out) Friday

Indeed, not only can you not get any staples at grocery stores in the socialist paradise of Venezuela, now there’s an energy shortage.

Solution!?  Take Friday off for a couple of months (because no one uses electricity at home)!

President Nicolas Maduro said Venezuelans will have “long weekends” in an appearance on state television on Wednesday night, announcing the measure as part of a 60-day plan to fight a power crunch.

“This plan for 60 days, for two months, will allow the country to get through the most difficult period with the most risk. I call on families, on the youth, to join this plan with discipline, with conscience and extreme collaboration to confront this extreme situation,” Maduro said.

Yes, discipline, conscience and extreme collaboration because your government has so screwed the pooch that the poor thing is dying.  And it is your responsibility, dear Venezuelans, to do with out to fix their mess.

You see, they’ve flat run out of yours and other people’s money and they’re now calling on you to sacrifice even more!

And even with Venezuela and Cuba as prime examples of what Senator Sanders is pushing, there is a significant portion of the voting public that is trying to “feel the Bern”.

All the Venezuelans want is to “feel” a little electricity, oh, and milk and toilet paper, and diapers, and vegetables and meat, meat would be nice, and …



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9 Responses to Venezuela gives new meaning to black (out) Friday

  • “said Venezuelans will have “long weekends” ”

    Another country increases the chocolate ration! Hurrah for the workers paradise!

  • Call it Earth Month and you’ll get all your local hipsters doing it voluntarily.

  • It’s not a Bernie Sanders problem. If Bernie Sanders decided to go back to making ‘Back to the Future’ movies, there’s an endless supply of socialists that would take his place.

    The problem is a completely uneducated and heavily propagandized population that likely spans people up to their 40’s that don’t know socialism is a repeated historical failure. And a slightly smaller group of SJW’s that believe the appearance of supporting ‘good intentions’ is more important than what actually happens. An attitude that is a perfect fit for popularizing socialism.

    Of course a large part of Bernie’s support is people who won’t support Hillary at all costs but won’t vote Republican, either.

    Anyway, its easy to fixate around one person, but Bernie is replaceable, its his support that is the scary problem.

  • Toilet paper seems to be the ultimate measure of the ‘quality of life’.
    Venezuela and Cuba don’t have it much. You won’t find it in public restrooms there.
    Having it in a Socialist state is the ultimate in bourgeoisie.

  • If only they’d payed for everyone to go to college (even if it’s not appropriate) they wouldn’t be in that situation. /snark
    Or maybe if they’d given everyone free ponies, or free houses, or free Mercedes Benz sedans, or just whatever free things they could think of.

    Funny how after the money from the oil ran out they couldn’t keep the system working.

  • I will wager that when masses of Venezuelans start crossing the Rio Grande Dem. support for a tight border will soar.

    • I have to say not – The Democrats will have special “Venezuelan only” lines at the crossing points.
      “Form here for receive your free “Obama Welcomes you to America” bag containing citizenship papers, cash, toiletries and other handy items. First come, first served. Remember to vote Democrat in November 2016.”

      I wouldn’t even be surprised to find out we need to ‘surge’ Venezuelans – there’s probably a Responsibility To Protect them from being poor somewhere in Obama’s orders from Valerie.

  • I just wonder who Venezuela is blaming because when socialism fails,, that’s what you do.

    Probably us.