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I Pronounce it “Vulva”

For those who are interested, the Scandinavian saga that is my first two weeks of owning a 17 year-old Volvo can be found here.

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7 Responses to I Pronounce it “Vulva”

  • I am surprised people are so comfortable with ‘delegate’ stealing because ‘it’s in the rules’. If it was a sport I could see that. Being ‘in the rules’ doesn’t make something right. It should be shifting the argument maybe from ‘are Trump and his supporters being screwed’ to ‘is this the system we want?’. A system that allows insiders to pick the nominee under a placebo of an election where we pick the short lists of approved candidates and if something anomalous happens they can reach in there and change it.

    I could accept that more if we could have more than two parties and which are barely different. But the media will prevent that. The Tea Party got themselves in the cross-hairs initially because the Left & Media thought they were an actual Party. The smear they put on them is equivalent to the depicting them as the European Far Right Nationalist Groups get depicted. That is the same way they see Trump, ironically.

    I can’t believe people are comfortable that the whole thing is managed by nearly invisible insiders.

  • I have recently joined the ranks of the beasts in that the keyless entry on my Honda stopped working. I figured the original key was kaput so I got the second key out and it didn’t work either.
    Even worse, the driver side sun visor cracked and wouldn’t stay up. Considering it was blocking my view of the road I removed the whole thing. I feel like the Visigoths have come knocking on my door. The little things…

    So, anyone have one of those 3.7L V6 Mustangs?

    • I’m down to one working key for my 15 year old car. The other will no longer hold a charge, and so won’t work remotely. A new one costs $375.

      If I added up all the things the car now needs so it doesn’t annoy me, it’s about half of what the car is worth to fix all of them.

      And I might have to, or get another vehicle soon. The car (2001 BMW 3 series) has decided it really, really doesn’t like cold weather. There are about four things on the car that don’t work when the temperature drops below freezing.

      But then, my car before this one was a Dodge Neon, and after six years of fairly light driving, it was practically ready for the junk yard. So let’s count our blessings that we can still drive cars as old as ours, long after they’ve been paid off.

      • Now, I just want to point and laugh at you for buying a Dodge Neon.

        • I was broke. Bought my first house and had two kids under four.

          But you can go ahead and laugh. It’s in the top five goofiest looking cars of all time. Plus I don’t even remember how many recalls I had to take it in for. At six years old, 65K miles, it needed an engine overhaul, new brake rotors, and a new AC system.

          Surprisingly, it didn’t drive that badly. Pretty nimble. While it lasted.

      • My Honda Civic is over 8 years old. It runs well but the little things are starting to break. I’m not in a huge rush to get rid of it as I’ve known some people to get well over 200k miles out of them. Besides, I had a POS Chevy Cavalier before it. The Honda at 8 does better than that Chevy ever did.