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When leadership counts, Obama has failed on all levels

If Obama was where someone was pouring leadership into a glass for others to partake, he would have his glass turned over. He is the antithesis of a leader. He is, without a doubt, one of the worst leaders this country has ever suffered. And that’s not just my opinion.

James P. Cain, a former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark. He lost his son-in-law in the recent Brussels bombing. In a eulogy for his son-in-law he makes it clear what he thinks of the current US “leadership” in the face of a deadly and intractable enemy that much of the West and specifically the US, refuses to either recognize or confront.

Let’s be clear. This fight is not only against America and Europe, and it is not against Christianity. It is a fight against individualism, reason and independence of thought that began during the Enlightenment over 350 years ago in France, and found its greatest expression in the grand experiment launched by our Founding Fathers in Philadelphia.

This freedom is now under attack by the henchmen of the Dark Ages wherever they detect it—from Paris to Pakistan, San Bernardino to Istanbul, Nairobi to Brussels. Those who embrace this freedom, in what was once permissible to call the civilized world, are awakening to the battle lines that are forming. And like the battles that liberated Europe 70 years ago, the civilized world now demands coordination, willpower and leadership.


More important, where is American leadership?

Even before the horrifying attacks in Brussels, I was hearing grave concern from many friends in Europe about America’s withdrawal from the global stage: Our leaving Iraq without putting adequate security measures in place; our rebuffing of traditional allies in the region; our passivity as hundreds of thousands of Syrians were slaughtered; our paralysis as Islamic State made a grotesque spectacle of beheading “infidels,” including Americans. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels, the worried chorus from Europe has grown louder.

Of course the chorus has grown louder.  Europe has invested little in its own defense.  The US has always been there for them … until now.

It’s one thing to make the case that it is the job of Europe to begin to shoulder more of the burden of its own defense and then begin a well-thought out plan to which they’ve agreed to shift some of that burden.  That’s leadership.  Abandoning them is not leadership.  And Obama has, essentially, abandoned them by not leading.  He’s helped create the crisis, by lack of leadership, and he’s now exacerbating the problem by continuing his lack of leadership.

He simply isn’t nor has he ever been a leader.

And the world has suffered because of that.

While you may believe that the US needs to back down from the role of world policeman, that’s something a leader would do with a plan and gradually.

You don’t just quit doing it.

That is, unless you’re unqualified for the job you hold, have never held a leadership position previously and are not a particularly deep thinker when it comes to figuring out the consequences of your actions or lack thereof.

But then, I just described Barack Obama.


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8 Responses to When leadership counts, Obama has failed on all levels

  • And his bozo henchmen and advisors.

  • Maybe he just doesn’t give a shit about preserving the influence of the ‘evil colonials’ in the region. Every decision, inaction (Syria, Iraq) and action (Lybia) and intervention (Egypt) have all been on the side of diminishing the Legacy Colonial Influence. Ghaddafi wasn’t a big friend of the West, but he was Westernized, Same with the Egyptian Leadership. Syrian Leadership is Westernized to a point.

  • */sac But he was a well-spoken minority, we simply had to vote for him */sac
    Just like we have to vote for gender and expect different results…
    This doesn’t have to happen, but it will, if we don’t get our act together and field a better alternative.
    Time is Not on our side.

    • Yes & No. I think everyone that voted for him was in love with themselves for voting a Black Man. So, in fact, the worse choice he was for the job, the more their choice is proof of overcoming their inner racist. So the more we state or show he is inept, the higher their sense of self-love.

      I think overcoming the inner feminist is purely superficial and won’t trigger actual self-love chemicals.

      • To me if they voted for him for that reason alone all they did was prove they are, at a minimum, closet racists.

        How hard is this – vote for the person, their beliefs and principles, not their color, gender, height, weight, hair color, age – good God, how HARD can this be?

  • …unless you’re … not a particularly deep thinker…

    I nominate that for understatement of the month.

    • Come on man, figuring out what club to use up there on the green to get the ball into the little hole, that’s hard stuff!
      Following all the instructions he’s given on how to trash the country, complicated.
      Calculating where Mecca is 5 times a day from his current position, sometimes while in motion, awesome spherical geometry.
      Understanding the formula to reduce premium costs by 3000% AND still have them come out to be higher than they were before – VERY VERY complicated – that’s practically Einsteinian math.