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More about the Mizzou SJWs – ‘they want a firepit’

I guess what strikes me as so interesting is the sense of entitlement in the following as well as demanding someone else pay for their demands, both monetarily and with their time.  It begins like this:

Just days after protesting students defenestrated the University of Missouri’s president and chancellor late last year, interim leadership issued a statement lauding “our brave students who sacrificed their own needs to do the work that should have been done long before they joined our community.”

But when these “brave students” camped out on Mizzou’s Traditions Plaza in solidarity with a grad student on a hunger strike, they demanded special treatment from the university to make their stay as comfortable as possible, according to new email correspondence reviewed exclusively by Heat Street and National Review.

 “The students tenting/demonstrating are asking for a generator for their campsite,” wrote Chief Diversity Officer Noor Azizan-Gardner on the morning of Nov. 6, four days into Jonathan Butler’s hunger strike. “Is there any way that we can help with this? Let me know if this is even possible.”

“We got them power this morning,” wrote Gary Ward, the vice chancellor for operations and chief operating officer at MU, two minutes later.

So power provided as requested even though no generator was put out there.  Result?  Sorry, not good enough.  Less than 4 hours later:

“I just heard from the students that they have one power strip with 8 outlets on it and it’s connected to one of the power sources on the quad,” writes Azizan-Gardner, copying Chancellor Bowen Loftin, in addition to Ward. “The students are concerned that they may trip the circuitry if they overload it. So, they have texted me that they need to have more power outlets and/or a small generator so that they can have heat and refrigeration this weekend. Please let me know how we can provide this for them.”

Heat and refrigeration.  Because, you know, protesting should have all the comforts of home paid for by the institution against which they’re protesting.  No wonder there are so many feeling the “Bern” on campus.

This time, Gary Ward wasn’t quite as into helping:

Ward responded less than enthusiastically: “That is all we have and I had folks come in first thing to get that. I am very concerned with providing a gas generator for safety concerns. That also requires us to have a person come in and keep them in gas. I very much appreciate our students and their right to protest but they are right now killing grass and putting stakes in the ground where we have underground sprinkler system. No other group or individual have been allowed to set up home on our quad. Typically when a tent request comes in the request needs a [procurement code] to pay for all the associated expenses. I request they move off our quad that many of our folks have worked very hard to make enjoyable for the entire university community. It really was not designed for a campsite.”

Sanity!  Hey, the quad does not belong to them, they’re making demands that no one has ever made and they should be moved off.  And oh, by the way, those that do set up tent camps usually pay “for all the associated expenses”.

The answer from the administration?  A giant cave:

The administration then briefly deliberated whether a resolution could be reached with the protestors soon. After one notes the enormous national news coverage, Chancellor Loftin recommends “that we handle power by providing a generator of our own or access to more power from campus.”

“Will do,” Ward responds.

Ward is being the “good soldier”, but the administration simply ignored their own rules and took the easy way out because they didn’t have the stomach to facedown the protesters like the administration at Ohio State did recently.  Result?  Well, when you give an inch, you can expect them to ask for a mile … especially if they’re not paying for it:

About an hour later, Ward writes back: “The generator is set up. They want a fire pit.”

Freakin’ hilarious if it wasn’t so sad a statement on many students and the administrations of many academic institutions.  Protest and demand that others not only heed your demands but pay for the amenities of your protest as you imagine them.

And on the other side, just lay down and let these people run over the rules of the institution and cave into their absurd demands.

What kind of life lesson is that?  While this may work at Mizzou, they’ll be standing in an unemployment like faster than you can say SJW if they tried to pull this nonsense at work.  Of course there are many corporations out there caving in to racial extortion, so that’s not quite as true a statement as it once was.  But you get the point.

No wonder Mizzou is closing dorms this coming fall semester.  The administration there deserves everything they’ve gotten … and frankly should have suffered even more for their wormy conduct.

That’s no way to run a University.



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  • I wonder how they managed to not ask for a “Cabana boy” and “Five Star” chef.

    How is it that nobody told me the university had a Concierge ?

  • I was thinking Martinis on the veranda after sunset, and perhaps cheese and cracker plates for 400.
    That was about the way I took “They want a fire pit”.

    He probably meant it that way, and the asshats in charge probably didn’t get it at all.

    Excuse me, we’re thinking of trying to preserve this? Really?

  • There’s a significant feel of theater to the whole situation. Mizzoo seems amenable to the whole idea. So the leadership there, imho wants to do these things and this is an excuse. And/or is protest theater to establish protesting as college norm because some people are stuck in the 1960’s and have done their best to recreate that.

    • Charlie Rangel is retiring so there isn’t anybody left to give them a “draft” and a real threat of life and limb.

  • Hey! Of course they need a firepit. How else are they going to cook the marshmallows and weenies while they tell ghost stories?

    Today’s word—

    noun: exasperation; plural noun: exasperations

    a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.
    “she rolled her eyes in exasperation”
    synonyms: irritation, annoyance, vexation, anger, fury, rage, ill humor, crossness, testiness, tetchiness;

    This applies both to the students and the “grownups”. That school should be placed in receivership, which is another way to say adult supervision.

    “How is it that nobody told me the university had a Concierge ?”

    Ha! Good one. I rather like the term “bumboy” better. Gotta love those Brits.

  • I would have turned on the sprinkler system.

  • I’d like to give them a fire pit. Facing ISIS. They could learn to fire and reload.

    • Other way around- give ISIS the fund in that scenario. Better off that way.

    • Hey, you’re kind and generous – I was thinking the pit could be dug with a couple mk82 bombs, and the fire started with some WP grenades.

  • Thirteenth-graders. Ignore them, they will soon get tired of their foolish game.

    BTW: why do you need a refrigerator if you’re on a hunger strike?

    • To keep the icing fresh on the victory cake. We’ll be able to eat it about 15 minutes after the cameras film the hunger strikers.

    • These are students who are hanging out in solidarity with the ones actually on a ‘hunger’ strike. Of course if that was an actual hunger strike they would have starved to death by the time this all executed. So I question the definition these people have of ‘hunger strike’.

      • 10-20 or whatever students take a hunger strike and hundreds share credit. Good work if you can get it.

      • And assumes there was some actual hunger striking going on.

  • Couple of things:

    1- “Chief Diversity Officer” is a job like Mustard Somilier- a sign that when the power goes out forever, a lot of us are going to die right away because they’re absolutely useless

    2- Notice what a f–king lickspittle for the protestors this guy is. Hey can we get them a firepit? Jesus

  • That’s no way to run a University.

    The incoming freshmen that avoided Missouri in droves quite agree

  • Apparently, none of the Mizzou administrators have read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

    • On the contrary – according to several critiques of the book I just found on line – they read the book many many times, possibly had it read to them, or are reading it to their entitled socialist offspring.

      Here’s a sample.

      Who knew that the primary cause of the problems of the younger generations can be linked directly to THIS book?