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The new fascism

Consider yourself a climate skeptic?  Well that’s dangerous ground if the new fascists have their way.  And who are these fascists?  Why a group of 20 Attorney Generals from blue states.  The Federalist Society has the goods:

The twenty Democratic AGs’ (“Green 20”) concerted investigation against ExxonMobil (Exxon) and organizations deemed “climate change deniers” represents a threat to core constitutional commands of free speech, limited and constitutional government and the rule of law. This latest incarnation of regulation by litigation which seeks to punish climate change wrongthink has crossed a line that lies at the core of the First Amendment—a government imposing its orthodoxy upon its citizens. Declaring the need for “transformational” action on climate change as a settled question, Virgin Islands’ AG, Claude Earl Walker, announced, “We cannot continue to rely on fossil fuel. Vice President Gore has made that clear.” (Glad that’s all settled!)

As the United States Supreme court has noted: “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.” Further, punishing Exxon for its own research that expresses concern about climate change disincentivizes research and development and criminalizes the expressions of doubts, theories and concerns that are essential to the scientific method.

So, as others try to paint them as the “Green 20”, I’ll call them what they are – the Fascist 20.  They are the very definition of fascists, or at least this part of the definition – “forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc.”  

You may roll your eyes at the latter part but isn’t their goal precisely that, i.e. deciding what industries is acceptable and which aren’t?  And attacking those which “aren’t”.  First it was the tobacco industry.  That worked.  So now, using the same sort of tactics and laws, they’re going after the fossil fuel industry, climate skeptics and anyone else they rope into this gaggle they want to eliminate.

This can also be likened to the Inquisition since it is clear, to many, that the “science” of climate alarmism has now become a religion, and it is time, since they can’t prove their point scientifically, to go after the heretics who are badly damaging their scam/religion.

If you don’t think that’s the case, consider this:

The tone taken by these attorneys general at their March 29th press conference with Al Gore reveals all. The calculated hysteria whipped up by Gore’s linkage of natural disasters and the spread of the Zika virus to climate change, was followed by the state AGs startling descriptors of their quarry—“morally vacant forces,” destroyers of this earth, planet destroyers, existential threats, deceivers! Walker announced his offices launch of “an investigation into a company that we believe must provide us with information about what they knew about climate change, and when they knew it,” a catchy formulation that was a verbatim echo of NY AG Schneiderman’s tone of climate McCarthyism.

This vituperative language calls into question these regulators impartiality and professional ethics and rises to abuse of the powers of the office of attorney general. Gore thrummed a bass-line of “fraud” and sensationalized recent weather news as “a nature hike through the Book of Revelation.” Somehow the rise of new diseases that Gore never heard of when he was growing up can be attributed to fossil fuel use (junk science, anyone?). NY AG Schneiderman closed the news conference with a litany of billions and billions of dollars of damage.

This is indeed, junk science and an attempt to use the authority of the law to both intimidate and silence those who find both the science and the arguments of the climate hysterics to be badly wanting.

This is a big “no-go” in terms of how this country is supposed to work.  But we now have government agents as, basically, hit men, out to ensure the bosses agenda gets followed.  And, obviously, they’ll stoop to any level, to include fascism, to get that job done.

Land of the free …?

Yeah, feast your eyes.


15 Responses to The new fascism

  • Exxon committed fraud with misleading business practices when they failed to advise their investors that a collection of hysteric moronic rent seeking government asshats were going to sue the company using quack science and government strong arm tactics for continuing to do what the company is in business to do.

    I’d say the hysteric moronic rent seeking government asshats have a strong case.

    I look forward to the day they themselves are prosecuted under the RICO act for attempted extortion.

  • Lawyers are running to take advantage of a void created by an unwilling to commit to almost anything Congress. Obama’s been doing it for over 5 years.

    • Speaking of voids .. Exxon ought to stop selling products in the 20 states whose AGs are going after them … without notice

      • I’m not sure all government regulations have worked to Exxon’s detriment. Consumer’s yes, Exxon’s not so sure.

  • this is why so many guns have been sold over the past 8 years.

    Because they’re gonna be needed

    • Not to fear, liberals are more than jokingly looking forward to carpet bombing the people and places that supply their food.
      Apparently they feel their Ivy League educated privates will pull the trigger on ‘red state’ Americans.

      It must be nice to be as clueless as Marie Antoinette.

      • Why do you think they want women in combat?

        • Just more ‘in your face’ behavior.
          The same reason for replacing the dead white guys on the currency (though it strikes me there is a tremendous lack of representation on the currency from the Asian, Native American, Hispanic, and especially Islamic founders of our country)

          Take THAT! You (pick your targets here, all that apply – patriarchal, racist, conservative, straight, christian) bastards!
          Hear us ROAAARRRRRR!
          There will a new requirement for safe spaces on all battlefields where the dears will be able to take refuge from hurtful behaviors, ideas, language and/or imagery.

      • Meh. It wouldn’t take very much to starve out major red cities. A power station ruined here, a bridge closed there, a road or two made impassable. Oh sure, food aid would pour into the port but I imagine it wouldn’t get distributed with any kind of efficiency or speed enough to prevent food riots.

  • “…destroyers of this earth, planet destroyers,…” Hey imbeciles, the earth is not going to be destroyed by burning every last molecule of fossil fuel. A million or so years from now, the earth will still exist. It has survived meteor hits, violent earthquakes, ice ages, and so on, it will certainly survive us.