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More Mizzou: Racial fear and loathing on campus

Yes, I’m fascinated by this incident primarily because of the outcome or consequences.  As more and more information comes out about the background, the more one sees that it wasn’t the administration (although it had a big role in the failure there) or whites who were the problem there (and yes, I’m sure that makes me a “racist” to the SJWs).  It was the activists.  There was a culture of fear all right, but it wasn’t white students who were responsible.  You can sum up the problem with this Tweet:

Mizzou tweet

Now whether or not this person was a Mizzou student or not, the fact that the tweet got 16 retweets and 3 likes speaks volumes.  It is an attitude and how that attitude is represented on campus.  For instance, a white student wrote to the Chancellor that he attempted to engage in a dialogue with some of his peers who apparently were black.  The result?

I tried to foster peaceful, civilized discussion with a few peers. What I received was a combination of personal and racial attacks, with direct quotes such as “You can’t have an opinion on this because you are white,” “You have no right to speak,” and “Get the f*** out of the lounge.” I will not fill out a bias report on this because it has been made perfectly clear to me by both faculty and students that my skin color apparently gives me immunity from racial harassment, and I can only be treated as the aggressor in these situations.”

Note where he points out that his belief about his inability to get redress via a “bias report” has been fostered not only by students, but by a faculty which apparently has wholly bought into the myth that only whites can exhibit bias.

That sort of non-support translated into other problems. Increasing problems.  Can anyone guess what they were?  Here’s what a mother wrote to the administration out of concern for her daughter’s safety.

My white female student is being mobbed on her way to class and shouted at while being pushed claiming she’s a racist solely because of the color of her skin. . . . In the last 2 days she’s had 3 cancelled classes so her teachers could participate in this nonsense. So we’re paying for our child’s teachers to protest instead of educate?

Instead of standing up to what they supposedly hate and won’t tolerate – namely pure old racism – they ignored it and allowed it to continue because, apparently, they’re more afraid of a word than doing their jobs.  As a result, their mission – education – suffered at the hands of out-of-control racist students.  And yes, I’m more than happy to call them precisely what they are.

Additionally, their not addressing the intolerance of the activists only encouraged more of it.

So there is one reason students decided not to attend the University of Missouri this fall.  There are many more.  For instance:

On November 9, the vice president for human resources, Betsy Rodriguez, wrote to Missouri’s president, Tim Wolfe, saying that she thought he needed to see some videos being circulated on Twitter under the hashtag #ConcernedStudent1950. One video posted under that hashtag portrays a protester singling out people on campus, shouting, “If you’re uncomfortable, I did my job.” In the background, other protestors shout “power,” raising their fists.

“There are at least 2 [such Twitter videos] from Griffiths society today, and 2 from the dining halls (one of those — Plaza 900) included visiting high school students,” Rodriguez wrote. “The protestors are increasing in aggression and disruption. These are pretty scarey [sic].”

That’s right … visiting high school seniors were treated to the spectacle as well and made to feel unwelcome, especially if they were white.  You can see the videos at the above link.  Instead of being “oppressed” and “silenced”, it appears the protesters pretty much had the run of the place.

But had the administration grown a pair and stepped in to stop the nonsense, they might of avoided what happened in the near term and what has now happened as a consequence.  But they didn’t.  A day after the videos above surfaced, this discussion took place between two high ranking members of the administration:

A conversation later that day between Rodriguez and Michael Kateman, the university’s director of internal communications, raised other “collective thoughts” on the protesters’ behavior. “Even students not involved in the protests are getting agitated, fearful, and concerned,” their notes said, pointing out an incident where outsiders drove two hours to join the protests on the University of Missouri’s campus. “The protestors are willing to interrupt non-related events to protest. . . . Our concern is that the longer we wait to have mtg [to address the situation], the more we risk violence. The longer we wait, the greater the risk of violence.”

As you’re most likely aware, they waited too long.  They let outside agitators establish themselves, and they had sympathetic faculty who made it worse while making fools of themselves.  And the leadership?  Absent.

It’s not like they couldn’t see this coming.  Well before the events which caused all the consequences, they were made aware of the problem.  A student wrote the former chancellor describing an encounter with this movement:

“Everyone has freedom of speech and expression,” she wrote. “But this was a large group of people. I know I’m not alone in saying that I felt very unsafe and targeted when I encountered them. . . . people screaming at me from the sidewalk.” She wrote that “all lives matter and discrimination should be fought against,” but she feared “that group brought more division, hostility, and discrimination than that one man [yelling racial slurs] could have.

But the immediate problem was ignored and allowed to grow.  And instead of taking charge of the campus and it’s environment, the administration allowed it to become a place which people feared others simply because of the color of their skin.  Here an employee of the University writes the former Chancellor:

My fear is that things are going to get out of hand and something very bad is going to happen,” she wrote. “My husband is a Sgt. for the University Police and he is having to be in the middle of this mess and having someone like Melissa Click do everything in her power to incite a riot will make things go from bad to worse. I normally take walks around the campus a couple of times a day but currently am afraid to do so because I am white. My daughter goes to school at Mizzou, has some night classes, and she is now afraid to walk around campus and go to class because she is white.

Racism … pure and simple.  The protesters and activists were what they denounced.  And they had created a climate of oppression and fear.

They must have been very proud of themselves.

The good news is the institution that ignored it and allowed it to happen is suffering the consequences of its inaction (or in many cases, its enabling).  It is well deserved.  And, hopefully, other academic institutions will learn from the experience, heed any warning signs and take appropriate action.  The fact that a relatively small population of students and activists were able to make this sort of impact on a major university because they weren’t confronted immediately certainly should teach a lesson.

But then it seems in this age and time, lessons aren’t heeded and history repeats.  I fully expect to see this happen again at least once, if not numerous times, in the not too distant future.


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13 Responses to More Mizzou: Racial fear and loathing on campus

  • I’m sure that when the BLM and NBPP folks hear Hillary Clinton and her anti-gun rhetoric that they all chuckle to themselves thinking .. “Sure Thing Honkey”

  • “having someone like Melissa Click do everything in her power to incite a riot ”

    Now, where have we heard that name before? It IS puzzling. If only I could remember.

  • {chuckle} Overreacting again, I see. If you looked at the world through my non-ideological eyes, you could see that these incidents are isolated and don’t mean anything. I certainly don’t see anything like that on my daily walks around our moose-blessed campus, so ergo such things don’t happen. I decree it.

    I certainly don’t support these tactics by the protestors. But I don’t condemn them either. Because I’m non-ideological, so I just want both sides to sit down together and have a conversation. That always works. Always. People see how the other person thinks and feels, and just magically starts to see their point of view. And then the ones on the wrong side give in to the champions of truth and justice, with a bit of compromise so the ones on the wrong side save face.

    But {sigh} you sterile, inbred righties don’t seem to take in the important fact that, since you’re on the right, you’re always the ones on the wrong side. Well, maybe not always. I’m sure there are times you’ve been on the right side. Hmm, let me think.

    Nope, I’m drawing a blank here. I guess you’re effectively always on the wrong side, and should therefore always listen politely to those of us on the left and just accept that we intuitively know what’s correct.

    Now I’m not saying those protesters were in the right. Nope. Not saying it. They might have been wrong. But what are the odds, really? They are an oppressed minority, and while I don’t know much about what those are like because I’ve never really been around such people, my annual trips to Italy give me a magical ability to understand the plight of people unlike me.

    Not to mention that the trip gives me joy in my heart and renewed energy in my loins. But not from the fact that I’m staying in a hotel with a dozen nubile coeds down the hall. Stop saying that. And you really need to shut up about how the hotel bill always has a charge for something like Student Bodies 17: Exploring the Mounds and Valleys.

    Anyway, back to the whole campus thing. The only real problem is that there’s so much sexual assault, and not by middle-aged balding professors either. Some of those frat boy types can get pretty randy. Besides, I never liked them. It was guys just like that who gave me so many wedgies and noogies in high school. And college. And grad school. And even a couple when I worked in DC.

    And don’t start up with false rape accusations and young men getting their lives ruined. These lovely nubile coeds here would never do that. Why, they even spend time chatting with me when they don’t even have to. And it isn’t to butter me up for a grade, stop saying that. They just love my rich, creamy analysis. On lots of different subjects.

    You cherry pick exceptions to make it seem like these campus problems are all over. They’re not. Again, I have a sample of one that proves it. So don’t start with all those news articles. They are cherry picked. Don’t you love how easy it is for me to handwave away your ridiculous arguments? I really like claiming that something is cherry picked. It immediately invalidates anything you say, because to refute me, you have to pile on so many examples. Which I of course handwave away too. So you do all the work, while I just pop in, do my magic handwave, and win the day. Usually by causing you to insult me, of course. Or by claiming that all those examples means you doth protest too much. That’s another of my favorites.

    • Excellent, Ott.

      Thank you!

    • So you would rather have these “isolated incidents” become campus wide (because if you give them a hand, then they would demand an arm, if you give them an arm, then would demand an upper arm if you get my drift).

    • Ah, Ott is back. Hilarious.

  • “If you’re uncomfortable I did my job” better watch out because soon enough it’s going to be met by someone who says “if you’re on the floor bleeding I did mine”

    Because many many people are at a dangerously low tolerance for this bull. And if it won’t stop… will be stopped.

    Not a threat, a statement of fact.

    • Which is why it will continue to happen in places that ban sidewalk chalk and establish ‘safe zones’ from hurtful words.

    • When the first guy does it, and all forms of media are coming down on him and any one who defends him as the next Hitler, are you going to help spring him?

      Most likely the first people who do that are going to be allowed to burn on their own.

      The unfortunate thing about their nature is they act like a group. The unfortunate thing about everyone else’s nature, it they recoil at the idea of acting as part of a group. Until things are bad enough and threaten a higher number of people to change their nature so they will act as a group, nothing like that will happen in enough quantity to make a difference. In small doses, it makes martyrs for the other side..

  • “They must have been very proud of themselves”

    They are.

  • An effective way to counter the SJWs is fighting fire with fire – example (make sure to read the linked background note) – although that course of action may be more viable for student-veterans.

  • Think this might be the beginning of the eerily prescient movie “The idiocracy”

    Read the plot to behold what is in store for the future of these “snowflakes”.

    • Nah, there’s a always a few that are smarter and won’t end up with shit all over themselves, that’s how we get scummy kings and ‘leaders’ like Melissa Click.
      She was smart enough to worm her way into ‘authority’ and lead a bunch of stupid (or greedy, or both) kids astray.

      But she’s probably not real dumb, she knows how the game is played inside her universe, she was just arrogant and got bagged by people who operate in places where her college universe and the real universe intersect.