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Cheerleaders must conform!

Still fascinated by all of this.  This mossy little sub-culture that suddenly sprouted all these oversensitive and whiny little crybabies in the one institution where they ought to be trying on their big boy and girl pants fascinates me.  Kind of like a bacteria culture fascinates a bacteriologist. And besides, what’s to say about Trump and Clinton?  A con man and a crook are likely to be the nominees, brought to you by … “democracy”.

Anyway, now, apparently, there is hell to be paid at the University of Washington because the “cheer team” (what we used to call “cheerleaders”) offended some of the overweight and pasty womyn who populate gender and feminist studies.  They apparently had the gall to notify those who were interested in the “cheer team” what was expected.

Cheerleaders, it turns out, are expected to have a certain look.

“U-Dub” students (hey, that’s just one letter away from U Dumb!) were unloading on social media, crying to counselors and fleeing to safe spaces after the cheer team posted an infographic describing the look to strive for if you’re planning to try out for the squad. (In the routinely craven manner of all universities, the UW spirit program ordered the graphic removed and called in nine tons of smelling salts for those affected.)

I repeat: The graphic was aimed only at young women seeking to be cheerleaders. Pasty-faced Womyn’s Struggles majors attending rallies in shapeless sweatshirts, and black-clad Emily Dickinson fans emoting agonized coffeehouse verse were not the target audience.

So, the graphic apparently “offended” the “uninterested” (i.e. those who had no intention of joining the cheer team but had no problem whatsoever passing judgement on their methods) to the point that they became interested because …

“I can’t believe this is real,” Jazmine Perez, the student government’s director of programming told the Seattle Times. “One of the first things that comes to mind is objectification and idealization of Western beauty,” she harrumphed.


Signe Burchim, a UW senior, added, “I think it’s really upsetting and kind of disheartening the way it’s basically asking these women who want to try out to perform their femininity — but not too much.” She said men would never be subjected to such a message while trying out for a sport.

The worldly Signe Burchim, UW senior, and person with so much knowledge of what goes on out in the real world absolutely and positively knows this to be a fact … well, according to her woman studies prof.  Men are never asked to meet the standards of some group or team they would like to join (I assume there are men on the “cheer team”).  Ever.

As for Ms. Perez and her attempt to make this about race, sorry, a swing and a miss.  As the NY Post points out:

Contrary to Ms. Perez — who reminds us that college is a place where you pay $50,000 a year to unlearn the obvious — female beauty standards like facial symmetry and waist-hip ratio are pretty much universal. But here’s the thing she missed: The graphic made no demand that cheerleaders be pretty. Everything illustrated has to do with styling and presentation, not your actual attractiveness. And no, it isn’t racist: Race is nowhere mentioned or implied.

Tailoring your look to a group’s standards is how almost everything works. You don’t show up to play baseball in a scuba suit. You don’t show up for a business meeting in board shorts and flip-flops, unless you work in Silicon Valley, in which case you don’t show up in a tie and wingtips. And you don’t wear Goth makeup, “Born To Be Bad” tats and fishnet tights to a cheerleading tryout — unless you’re doing a performance art piece, which might actually be funny.

If you want to be a cheerleader, your hair should have “volume” and your eyelashes should be “false,” because that’s how cheerleaders roll. You don’t like it? Fine, do what everyone who feels the same way has been doing for decades: Sit in the bleachers, roll your eyes, make snarky jokes and stew in your jealousy.

But hey, these precious snowflakes have learned that almost anything that doesn’t make them feel happy is likely to have something to do with the patriarchy, racism, sexism, miscegenation, white privilege or some other yet to be identified shortcoming of the dominant culture.  Don’t believe they learn it at school?  Check out this email from a professor at the University of Missouri before it all went in the ditch:

Dr. Tim Evans, an associate professor in the Department of Veterinary Pathology, writes to his colleagues: “I applaud the support provided to our protesting students who, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them, are using what they have learned in the classroom and putting it to practice.”

If what Dr. Evans says is true, what a profound disservice the faculties of these schools are doing to their students.  As I’ve said any number of times, they’re letting the inmates run the asylum, and make no mistake, given the level of this sort of nonsense now ongoing at various schools, they more closely resemble asylums than they do institutions of higher learning.

But there’s a backlash building and the University of Missouri is only the tip of that iceberg.  Parents recognized the inmates were in charge and pulled their kids or decided against sending them to that university.  Money talks, SJW BS walks.

It is indeed going to be both fascinating and entertaining watching how this all finally sorts itself out.  But I can’t at all help observe it all with glee as the very people who taught and enabled this generation of whiners and crybabies are the first it consumes.


6 Responses to Cheerleaders must conform!

  • Every time I think we’ve reached peak stupid,. something new comes along to prove me wrong.

  • Odd, Jazmine Perez looks like most cheerleaders

    • I’m pretty sure cheerleading is about sex, I remember that was what made me a Dallas Cowboys fan back when it was America’s team, back there in the dark ages.
      Jazmine is going to fix that.
      No more hormonal white guys lusting after bouncing blondes in short skirts and tight sweaters buddy!
      She’s promoting a ‘new campus culture’ and guess what that culture ain’t gonna be.

      I mean look at this rational from her elections profile- “To promote student safety, I will work to make under-utilized spaces accessible to all students”
      eh? Are students being threatened, and molested or otherwise accosted and annoyed by inaccessible under-utilized spaces on campus?
      Will making these spaces accessible put a stop to that?
      Will utilizing these spaces keep them productively occupied so they can’t pose a threat to student safety?
      Will she ever admit she used a mission statement generation program to help create her election profile?

      ” I will implement social justice and awareness programming throughout our homecoming week.”
      Ah, here we come to the nub of her campaign – social justice.
      It’s pretty obvious a ‘cheer team’ isn’t completely inclusive, it’s designed by it’s nature to be a subset, run by people who see things incorrectly and are probably trying to increase or at least preserve objetification of wymens.
      So perhaps one of the institutions we should seek to alter into an unrecognizable state is the cheer team.
      This will ensure we support school pride and install a sense of community CORRECTLY.

      If everyone can’t be a member of the cheer team perhaps no one should.
      All should cheer, though it will be uncoordinated and lacking in practice and technique, it will surely make up for that lack by it’s inclusive nature and it’s enthusiasm as all partcipate.

      As for any people who want to be members of a traditional cheer team, well, screw what they want, this is justice we’re talking about here.
      And they will conform to the demands of the loud minority to better enable them to be happy individuals on campus.
      Perhaps they would be happier with a firepit instead of a cheer team.

  • She said men would never be subjected to such a message while trying out for a sport.

    Wrong. I was a scrawny little guy in my freshman year of college. If I had walked on for football or basketball tryouts I would have been laughed off the field. I was not the jock type.

    • ” She said ‘I’m about to say something that will make it obvious you shouldn’t listen to anything I say’ “

  • “Student Government” is perhaps the biggest fraud on campuses. They are good training for fascistic bureaucrats, but not much else. They have power, perks, large sums of money extracted from students to play with, and no real accountability.

    Long ago, in a University far away, it was discovered that the President of the student government (a well paid position, I might add) was not enrolled as a student. Her excuse was that her duties as Pres. left her no time to actually be a student.