Free Markets, Free People

If you like your pistol, you can keep it.

From the same bozo and administration that brought you the highly successful health care insurance scam, I mean plan, now we’re talking about spending tax dollars, your tax dollars, on ‘smart’ guns, uh, for government agencies only though.

The general idea being that if we give cops and DHS and the Army smart guns ‘accidental’ discharges from the ‘unauthorized use’ of   weapons will be reduced.

“These common-sense steps are not going to prevent every tragedy, but what if they prevented even one?”

We’re not doing things for the children any more, now we do things to prevent just one tragedy.

What a pity President bozo and his Secretary of State, madam un-indicted felon didn’t take action to prevent 4 tragedies on September 11, 2012 in Libya huh?

But I digress.

So we’ll dump money, your money, my money, into studies, and subsidize spending on weapons systems and methodologies that allow a firearm to identify the owner before it can be fired.  All sounds like a great idea, who doesn’t want little kids not to get shot, or pets, or whoever gets shot that didn’t sorta deserve to be shot.    How could anyone be against that, right?

Note the usual caveats here – it’s only for government agencies or military weapon purchases and it’s just studies and developing the technology, etc.   So, no fear, they’re not coming for your weapons ‘Merica, nope nope nope.

I wasn’t aware that there were a large number of accidental discharges by military, national, state and local firearm carrying authorities that were causing tragedies, or is there news I’m missing?

Let’s get real shall we?  The study is just the foot in the door that allows the salesmen to develop and sell us the technology, and the weapons, which, I’m sure, will be dirt cheap dontchaknow.  And it’s probably not just pistols we’re talking about here, assume it’s all types of fire arms because unauthorized and accidental discharges have gotta be stopped and since crazy Americans won’t give up their guns, we can at least make them safer, right?

Assume for the moment they are successful.  Certainly not going to happen under bozo’s administration, but it’s a path to be followed, and probably will continue after he’s left office, because this is government, and studies are studies, and hey, it’s not their money so who cares if they drop millions on it.  Chevy Volt owners might buy one if we give them a $7500 tax credit.   And it’s not like we’re going to ask for the money back from the people who we gave the grants or subsidies to, because that’s not how it works.

Alas, there’s only about 357 million problems with this plan.  That would be the current number of weapons in the hands of American citizens that don’ t use this technology.

Believe me, they’ll want you to understand right up front, you’ll still be able to hang on to granddad’s vaunted Colt 1911 even if it means that we might not prevent a tragedy until those old crappy low tech weapons are finally off the street sometime in the far future.  Maybe they’ll even allow you to trade your old junkers straight up for flashy new electrical ones!

Yeah I’m sure, no one will write any laws or regulations that will make the old weapons illegal once they create this cool technology, and make it practical, and workable, and maybe even affordable.

Sure.  If you like your old weapons, you’ll still be able to keep them.

You can trust Barack, right?


18 Responses to If you like your pistol, you can keep it.

  • Weeeellllll…..

    You know how expensive that’s gonna be, right? It’s not really fair for *ALL* taxpayers to foot the bill, right?

    So –in the name of “If it prevents just one Tragedy”– we present to you: The Thousand-Dollar Tax On New Guns.

    Of course, this is just-only-merely in the Northern Marianas Islands. I’m SURE that NOBODY has ANY plans to try to sneak such a thing into any Continuing Resolution or other mundane piece of legislation that Congress tosses out for Dear Leader’s signature. Our Republi-can’ts wouldn’t let such a thing happen, right?

  • There was a story back about 20 years ago that the FTC wanted to put warnings on marbles ( those spheres of glass that you may have played with as a child).
    The reasoning was that there was roughly one death a year due to children choking on these marbles.
    The idea was schuttled when it was revealed that the FTC wanted the warning on the marbles, not the packaging they were sold in.

  • I’m waiting for the hacker that electronically disarms an entire police force.

    cue Dr Evil

    • I think you’re on to something. By the time they get something working they’ll be able to build in a government controlled kill switch. Whether a local transmitted burst to lock out all guns in an area or even regular re-authorization required to prevent lockout by connecting to the internet. That way you can keep your gun for hunting and home defense but not for use against the government. Unfortunately too many people would agree to that.

      • That was about the first of my many thoughts. Works on those regiments that might refuse to shoot the kulaks too.

      • But the other line of thought fits into the FBI-Apple “if the government can get into your phone, so can anybody else” meme.

        There are something like 300 million guns already out there. If it’s impossible to round out 11 to 14 million “illegal aliens,” who really believes you will every get enough of those 300 million guns off the streets.

        • Well, they can reduce it, because there are too many gun owners who won’t go – “screw you, my weapons all fell out when I rolled my canoe in about 50 feet of water on the last camping trip and I don’t have them any more” and will turn them in when they’re told to.

          Maybe less than there used to be back when laws still appeared to work for everyone, but a lot will get turned in.

          but you’re thinking along the lines I do – we can’t round up eleventy million illegals, we aren’t going to get 300 million guns.

          So, they’ll legislate a change in legal calibers and close the ammo supply.

          • The compliance rate in Connecticut is what ?

            “I’ve seen estimates of 1,000,000 firearm magazines that should have been registered under the law, but the state reports registering only 40,000 … just 4 percent.”

      • Show of hands, does anyone here believe the government of His Majesty King George III would have authorized the discharge of Colonial militia firearms on Bunker (Breeds) Hill?

        Think maybe they would have used an override to prevent it if they could have?

  • This technology sounds awesome. Let’s protect the president with it immediately.

    • I dunno. Guns are so evil I say don’t use them at all to protect him.

      Or his kids.

      Give ’em all rape whistles or some such

      • Right. Wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone’s right to a fair trial, would we?

  • No one said those arms have to be cheap right?

  • “Each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are going to regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or antitrade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

  • It’s only common sense to have wireless accountability for gun discharges! If you feel you need to pull the trigger, you simply enter the scenario you are facing in the convenient keypad on the grip, and it is forwarded to the ATF Accountability web site where it is evaluated and the decision to permit a single discharge is then relayed back to your handgun. The laser pointer is then activated, as is the HD video feed, and you can now safely pull the trigger. The video feed is immediately relayed to the ATF Prosecution web site for evaluation, just in case you need to be prosecuted for reckless discharge of firearms.

    Bottom line, so many tragedies will be averted, that this safe gun technology will be immediately adopted by all right-thinking citizens!

    • Bwaaahahahahah – exactly.
      What right thinking person wouldn’t want to know their actions are government sanctioned and approved!
      What right thinking person would be against accountability! Only thugs and murders that’s who!
      If you aren’t going to do anything wrong with your firearms, you have nothing to fear!

      The technology will be whiz bang cool, high tech fast, and practically fail proof!
      Just like the ObamaCare web site was!