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Government hands out license to kill to favored industry

One of the important economic truths we who pay attention to markets have learned is the government should never be involved in picking economic winners and losers.  It’s doomed to failure and it is even more doomed when driven by politics – which usually ignores reality for utopian visions they try to pay for with your money.

The recent utopian dream shared by the left and our leftists in government has been “clean energy”.  Like wind turbines and solar.  Why?  Well it would help create a much more clean and healthy environment where the birds and bees and flowers and trees would all be much happier.  And, after all, it is our responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect our wildlife.

You mean, like birds, right?

According to a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, every year 573,000 birds (including 83,000 raptors) and 888,000 bats are killed by wind turbines — 30 percent higher than the federal government estimated in 2009, due mainly to increasing wind power capacity across the nation.[i] This is likely an underestimate because these estimates were based on 51,630 megawatts of installed wind capacity in the United States in 2012 and wind capacity has grown since then to 65,879 megawatts. And, at one solar power plant in California, an estimated 3,500 birds died in just the plant’s first year of operation.[ii]

Oh wait, that’s not supposed to happen!  And when it does, don’t the leftist environmental groups go batsh*t crazy (no pun intended).

I mean look how they were when oil was the culprit killing birds:

Over the past five years, about 2.9 million birds were killed by wind turbines. That compares to about 800,000 birds that a Mother Jones Blog estimated to have been killed by the BP oil spill that occurred in April 2010[iii]—5 years ago–despite not all of them showing visible signs of oil.[1] Nevertheless, BP was fined $100 million for killing and harming migratory birds due to that oil spill. In comparison, the nation’s wind turbines killed more than 3 times the number of birds than did the BP oil spill over the past 5 years. And, wind turbines routinely kill federally protected birds and eagles.

Why I’m sure there have been protests and all by environmentalists haven’t there?  And media coverage!  I mean I remember watching hours of oil soaked bird footage on CNN and the other networks.  Where’s the outrage?  And where is the fines for this gross violation of all the leftist environmentalists hold sacred?  Why isn’t the federal government stepping in and doing something?

Oh, they did?  Boy, did they:

The Obama Administration on December 9, 2013, finalized a regulation that allows wind energy companies and others to obtain 30-year permits to kill eagles without prosecution by the federal government. The American Bird Conservancy filed suit in federal court against the Department of the Interior, charging it with multiple violations of federal law. [viii] Nonetheless, the Shiloh IV Wind Project in California, for example, received a permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service allowing it to kill eagles, hawks, peregrine falcons, owls and songs birds while not being subjected to the normal prohibitions afforded under the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Treaty Act.[ix]

Now that, my friends, is truly outrageous.  Different standards for different industries – one fined at the first ruffled feather because it is the unfavored industry, and the other given a license to slaughter what we all believed to be “protected species”.

Your government at work, picking winners and losers and excusing the winners from adhering to the law.  Special treatment.  Is that equal treatment under the law?

Well of course not … but it is how banana republics do things.


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46 Responses to Government hands out license to kill to favored industry

  • 30 year permits…apart from the egregious bullshirt of the whole waiver, think about that time frame and ask yourself why they aren’t subject to regular review and renewal on a more frequent basis.

    Oh well, just more reasons why Big Ears is destined to go down in the next 30 years of history as worst President ever.

  • What silliness. An oil spill is negligence. Birds are killed by structures of all sorts all the time without penalty. I remain convinced Obama will be seen as a great President, but as this article points out – he’s been a very effective and consequential President. The reason the right goes so batsh*t crazy with anger and insults over Obama is because he’s been an effective leader – albeit for things they oppose! That’s also why people like me think he’s the best President of my lifetime (well, Ike was good but I was less than a year old when he left office).

    • You would be funny if you weren’t so pitiful Scott.

      • Especially since it’s not cost effective.

      • Being seen as “pitiful” by someone like you is some thing I consider a compliment. 😉 We see the world in very different ways, and have very different priorities. I don’t take them personally, but I know a lot of you do – you can’t separate the person from the politics. I get that with your perspective, especially on foreign policy, you think Obama has been horrible. From my perspective, he’s been the best President of my life time. We’ll see how history decides but again – no one can deny he’s been effective and consequential.

        • “you can’t separate the person from the politics. ”
          While you think that makes you sound open minded and cool, that’s stupid on stilts Scott.

          Let me just go full Godwin right now to make the strongest point I can – can you separate Hitler from his NAZIs? Stalin from his communist government? Napoleon from his Imperium?
          Your politics are part of who you are, they are not a separate thing, sometimes they literally define you.

          I may defend your right to be an idiot and say idiotic things, but that doesn’t make you any less of an idiot.

          Obama – Consequential, yes. His actions, inactions and amateur hour screwups will have consequences the country will have to endure.
          Effective, only if you consider increasing racial division, engineering economic malaise, and reducing American influence to be effects worth achieving.

          • For most people, politics does not define who they are. Stalin and Hitler used politics to express who they were – they were sociopaths who yearned for power to fill their needs. But most people are nothing like them. You can call people idiots all you want (though given my level of education it’s a bit silly an insult), but at base we just disagree on some fundamental issues. I think Obama has put this country in a far better place than it was in 2008 (and do you really think Bush compares better?) Funny how Obama inherited a major recession from a Republican, and has given us over 12 million new jobs and one of the better performing western economies, but you accuse him of ‘economic malaise.’ I guess you will interpret everything into something bad to fit your world view. You think things are worse. I think America is far more influential than in 2008, and more respected. There are always problems of course. Anyway, we’ll see how Trump or Hillary do next!

          • Too many people let it define them, you, in fact, do. It’s obvious when you comment here, your denials not withstanding.
            No, actually Scott your level of education is not any indication, unfortunately, of whether or not you’re an idiot.
            You just think that the abbreviations you use after your name give you some magical power that must be respected.
            It used to be perhaps, but not any more.

            That Trump and Clinton are the two main candidates we will be forced to choose between instead indicates there are rather a lot of idiots running loose in the country these days.
            We shouldn’t have ever gotten here, but here we are, where the ruling party elite, and the Obama Presidency have set the bar.
            It is not impressively high.

          • I sort of like that you call me idiot. It shows more about you than about me. I’ll just note that I haven’t been too impressed with your knowledge of politics either 😉 But you don’t do any harm commenting on blogs like this, where mostly like minded people read what you post. It is that kind of ‘politics is personal’ mentality that has generated Trump.

          • My knowledge of politics – you mean my ability to recognize a guy who shouldn’t be President?

            Versus your display of political and historical acumen in insisting that he’s a great President, that he’s blessed us with a good economy, and that we’re more respected throughout the world?

            Explains the delusion that I have ever (ever ever ever ever..) attempted to impress you.

          • You have an opinion. No matter how long you arrogantly state and and insult those who disagree, a lot of people give Obama very high marks and believes in the direction change he’s brought to the White House. After all, he inherited two wars and an economy in free fall! I honestly think you are so locked in the world of right wing blogs and memes that you don’t realize how the world views Obama and the respect he gets. You should read real news – your view is very non-mainstream. And I believe it’s also very wrong. But hey – it’s America, disagreement is part of politics. Live well!

          • “though given my level of education it’s a bit silly an insult),”

            Education has nothing to do with being an idiot. Which you would know if you were less of an idiot.

            The rest of your comment highlights just how uneducated you really are.

          • Hey Sparky, I’ve managed to change my view on Bill Clinton and acknowledge that he wasn’t the anti_christ.
            My opinion of big ears will almost certainly never change unless I start smoking whatever you must be smoking.

          • You thought Clinton was the anti-Christ? Why am I not surprised… I feel sorry for you – as Obama gets accolades over the years you’ll be stewing, angry that everyone else is “wrong” while you’re certain you’re right. Oh well, everyone can have an opinion.

          • “You thought Clinton was the anti-Christ? ”
            Get your sarcasm detection meter calibrated.

            ” as Obama gets accolades over the years you’ll be stewing, angry that everyone else is “wrong” while you’re certain you’re right”

            If I’m wrong about how history views him (I won’t be) I’ll just recognize I’m obviously out of step with what I thought was the American idea.
            As the saying goes – “when the facts change, I change my mind..”. I don’t believe that will prove to be necessary in this case.

            I’m not “angry” or “stewing” now. I won’t be later.
            You have a thing about projecting emotions onto people huh Scott.
            I don’t feel any more “emotion” about Obama than I do about Reagan, Eisenhower or William McKinley.

            I just say he’s a poor President rather than a great one, and I maintain he only got elected by people like you, closet racists who know racism is wrong trying to make themselves feel better by voting for an otherwise unqualified ‘black’ man that people projected their own visions on.

            No one can ever take away that he was the first black American President.
            They might in theory though take away his Nobel prize sometime in the future if, again in theory, Iran lights up Tel Aviv with a nuclear device.

            Being born a particular color isn’t much of an accomplishment in my book, and since I’m not a racist, the idea of a qualified black man, or a qualifed woman, being President, doesn’t seem impossible or wrong to me, that’s what makes us the country we should strive to be.
            But a person who’s not qualified to be President, and he wouldn’t be the first, I’m not going to overlook just because of his skin color.
            You’re just in love with the idea you think you proved you weren’t a racist 8 years ago, well, that and you think you’re jerking my chain, which makes you happy.

            Keep dancing.

          • What’s your obsession with race? As I said, Obama is the only President of my lifetime who I really feel thinks like me, has a world view similar to mine, and a style much like I would have in the office. It’s been a joy to have a leader for eight years that I trust to respond in a way that reflects my values and priorities. The fact he’s black isn’t even close to relevant, it’s strange that you’d bring that up – or is that the meme the right is using to rationalize why so many support him – to say it’s just because he’s black? Bizarre – but I do see how people use memes and narratives to rationalize holding on to beliefs. That’s what drives you – not facts, but narratives, blog inspired memes used to protect your perspective from reality. But I don’t know anyone who voted for Obama because he was black or thinks voting for him proves them not racist. That is about the most outlandish claim you’ve made – very strange.

          • Not me. I didn’t care that he was black except that seemed to be his whole campaign.

            ” has a world view similar to mine, and a style much like I would have in the office.” – really, and….you could know that about him and vote for him for President because he?
            Did what, exactly, before he became President?

            You claim to be so politically astute, yet you voted for a guy who’s school records you never saw to prove he was super duper smart.
            Who had no accomplishments or legislation as an Senator.
            Who voted ‘present’ on most of the votes he did make as Senator.
            Who had no accomplishments in Illinois.
            Who attended a hate America church for years and didn’t notice.
            Who’s campaign was hopey changey ness, and not substance.

            Now McCain/Palin weren’t exactly Washington /Lincoln, I wasn’t happy about having to vote for them myself, so I get you not even considering voting for them.

            I maintain you voted for him and think he’s awesome sauce because of his skin color Scott – well, that and he was the Democratic candidate.
            Because apart from those two things, how could you possibly consider handing the job of running the free world over to the guy, with as little as you knew, and as minimal a record as he had?
            Does my opinion about why you voted for him annoy you?

            You’re not a bad guy Scott, you just have the soft racism of low expectations working against your vision of who you are.
            And what decent person who secretly worries they might be racist is going to say that was the reason they voted for the guy?
            Come on!
            That would just prove to any rational person they were racists, which is why no one who can string two thoughts together is going to admit that, even to themselves.

          • Are you kidding? Columbia University and Harvard Law School and you’re questioning his grades? Do you know how utterly ridiculous that is? Sure he had accomplishments. A hate church? *eyes rolling* Wow, you have absolutely nothing do you, it’s funny. Some bizarre fantasy that people only voted for him because of his race? No, you’re just in denial. The GOP and President Bush brought us the Iraq debacle and the biggest economic collapse of a generation. Obama has steadied the economy, he has restored respect for America in the world, he has as the link I gave brought a massive amount of change to the US – and has proven himself an effective leader. Whining about grades or his church, or bring up race….are all just ways for you to try deny reality. It’s smacking you in the fact, and you look utterly foolish pretending it’s otherwise. But hey, stick to right wing blogs and you’ll be safe from a reality that defies your biases!

          • It’s okay Scott – we get you that we had to see Bush’s Grades, and Gore’s grades, even though they went to the same schools, or their equivalent.
            And the church thing, yes, never happened, it was just the imagination of the New York Times

            And you just hopped over the actual history of no accomplishments prior to being elected President, like the good little dancing monkey you are.

            So, in other words, you voted for a cypher, because you thought even without a record of having done anything, he’d make a capable leader for the Free World.
            You did nothing to explain why you voted for him, all you did was windmill your arms, restate your previous declarations about how you think the world sees us, your view of the economy, and foam at the mouth about why the standards for how we measured Obama as a candidate didn’t need to be the same ones that we had been using to measure the previous candidates.

            And now, 8 years later, you’re adjusting your world view to explain what you did in the past by declaring that he thinks like you, and that was why you voted for him, when you couldn’t possibly know how he thought when you voted for him.

            You’re not real good at this are you.
            Oh, but you are politically astute, whereas as you pointed out, I ain’t.
            Ever hear the joke where the punchline is “you don’t come here for the hunting do you?” – that’s you Scott.,

          • “who I really feel thinks like me, has a world view similar to mine, and a style much like I would have in the office”

            We agree on something. Both of you are lazy, incurious and dishonest pseudo intellectual frauds. Both of you stopped learning after doing the bare minimum of scholarship and now rest on your “laurels”, posing as educated “experts”. Both of you make extensive use of straw men and airily dismiss any opposing views, usually accompanied by insulting the education or character of those who disagree with you.

            Unfortunately for you anyone with a real education sees you both for what you really are; mackerels in the moonlight without the shine.

          • “you don’t come here for the hunting do you?”

            🙂 🙂 🙂

            I looked it up. Best joke I’ve heard in a while, and so apropos. Thanks.

          • Alan, assert as much as you want, you can’t deny the material in the link I posted that shows that Obama has been very effective and successful at pursuing his agenda. Though I’m not adjusting my world view – when I first supported him in 2008 – the first politician that ever inspired me to actually donate money – it was because I saw in his thinking my own basic world view. His pragmatism in pursuit of ideals is exactly how I look at the world. It has been delightful to have a President for eight years who governs as I would. I’ve never had that before. And he was more successful before he became President than you’ll ever be. He had more accomplishments before he became President than either of us likely will ever have.

            Timactual – seriously – you can’t call Obama lazy if you’ve read the reports of how he operates. He’s definitely engaged and active. You can consider me a fraud if you want – I find that amusing. If I am, I’m a successful one 😉 And I see you for what you are: someone who offers little substance but likes insulting those who think differently than you. And the value of that? Uh, very little.

          • Your one link, which you pissed away on VOX of all places, is about as useful and accurate as the Obama government figures that say unemployment is less than 6%.

            I respect VOX in the same way you respect Russia Today.
            The difference is one is produced in Russia, the other is managed by Mr. Journolist.

            So, not much difference really.

          • Oh – heh, more successful than I’ll ever be.

            In an alternate universe where America foolishly made me, an equally unqualified guy, President, I was better.

        • Whatever happened to that lack of ideology you are so proud of?

    • Are you sure your conclusion about being so great isn’t worked backwards from “I’m so great” when you see the right, ‘go batshit crazy’?

      On, the right we’re not fixated on race 1st or even at all. We see his bullshit and its unacceptable because we hold him to the same standards as ourselves. However, for Democrats voting for him was a personal achievement. You overcame your inner racist to cast that ballot, you conquered him.

      I was pretty convinced you were all brimming with pride for have voted for him because he was Black. I began to wonder why you took such glee in our frustration. Of course you project your internalized racism on a false externalized racism of the right. That doesn’t fully explain it. The more of a complete screw up he is, the more you feel you overcame your racism. Because you didn’t use the excuse of his incompetence and Negative Results of his Presidency to not vote for him. And more you are in love with yourself for how good control you exhibit over your inner racist.

      • Not because he was black – I really liked the way he thought (I still do) and I found him to be the first President I could relate to as someone who looks at the world in a way very similar to myself. No other President in my life fits that bill. I feel like someone like me is finally President! And as that article shows, he has been very effective and consequential as a leader! I am absolutely convinced time will show this to be right, and the anger against him from the right is in fact evidence of that efficacy. I don’t think race is that relevant a factor for either his opponents or supporters, you’re emphasis on that is a bit weird.

        • Never took you for a “grifter”

        • I feel like someone like me is finally President!

          That statement should give everyone night sweats

          • That’s right, shaping the minds of the future and the direction of the country! *evil laugh*

          • Perhaps eventually they’ll allow malpractice suits for your class of doctorate.

          • Ha-ha. But hey, tonight I got my first win as a baseball coach as my ten year old son’s team won – my son both pitched great and had a couple big hits. So nothing can bother me tonight 🙂

    • Scott is just phoning it in now, linking to a voxsplanation rather than spending time to pontificate in his own words.

    • “Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history”

      And Hitler is officially one of the most consequential chancellors in German history.
      And Stalin is officially one of the most consequential leaders in Russian history.

      Lucky them. Lucky us.

  • I don’t think giving allowance on killing birds will make Wind a winner.

  • Thanks for posting.

  • Sun Edison, who owns that solar/gas electric plant in the Mojave so famous for converting birds into “streamers” wasn’t always a loser.

    WASHINGTON– House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s husband bought up to a quarter million dollars of stock in SunEdison, a now financially troubled green energy company just weeks before it announced a major 2014 acquisition that sent its stock price soaring.

  • Show of hands: How many remember the phrase “I will fundamentally change this nation”?
    Mission accomplished.

  • This is just an instance of a trade-off. Fossil fuel use causes pollution and kills birds, both of which are negative. On the other hand, renewable energy helps solve the problem of pollution, and also kills birds, but at least one of these things is a positive.

    If the choice to be made is a.) polluting and killing birds, vs b.) killing bird but not polluting, then choice b is pretty clearly the better choice.

    Actually, choice C might be best: solar photovoltaic panels do not spew pollution and do not kill birds.

    • Does air pollution reliably kill the birds before they can breed. Because the windmill meat grinder is pretty much instant kill.

      Also what level of dispensation does government hand to the other power producers.

    • Speaking of birds and solar panels, how do you plan to clean all the bird droppings off those millions of acres of solar panels so they can generate all that electricity?

      • And what about plain old dust.


        Ah, now I understand why we need millions of immigrants.

  • The nugget of gold in this unfortunate thread is that Erb says that Obama is the most consequential President and then goes on to say “he thinks like me” more than once. In some corners that would be seen as obvious delusions of grandeur. But in Erb’s case it’s really delusions of sustainable mediocrity.

    A good basis for comparing Erb with Obama would be Robert Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist. And though I’m sure that Scott would get a respectable score (and be proudly denied parole), Barack would best him by a considerable margin. Scott’s no more than a lifetime but small-time back alley crook. Barack’s a world class gangster.

  • “I sort of like that you call me an idiot.”

    Scott, everyone who has ever spent time discussing anything with you calls you an idiot. That’s an inescapable conclusion. It’s analytically secure — like all bachelors are unmarried. Erb is an idiot.

    And there’s a very good reason for that: You are an idiot.

    But if it only stopped there, at being an idiot.

    You are the collapsed infrastructure of narcissism, the breakdown of personality in a bell jar, and a special exemplar of a Mr. Goofyballs.

    Only Ott Scerb has gotten to the core essence of you and should get a Nobel Prize in both Literature and Medicine for it.

    • Ah, the middle school boy is out shooting insults in a comment section of a partisan blog. So impressive! *eyes rolling* Grow up.

      • You’re confusing pure description with insults.

        You are an idiot. That’s not a bold statement. It’s just a common fact. You can pick it up like a stone and put it in your pocket.

        But as the blacksmith aboard the Pequod said, “You cannot scorch a scar.”