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The left wants so badly for socialism to work

And that’s why they were so enamored of Venezuela.  All the leftist illuminati waxed on and on about how Hugo Chavez was a champion of the people and how he was working an “economic miracle” there, as illustrated by the 2013 Salon article by David Sirota.  In it Sirota gloats about how wrong the right is concerning Venezuela.  Headlined “Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle”, the sub-headline on the piece is classic:”The Venezuelan leader was often marginalized as a radical. But his brand of socialism achieved real economic gains.”

In light of Venezuela’s imminent collapse, I’m sure Sirota is cringing today.  As usual, the “economic miracle” Chavez had wrought under his brand of socialism worked swimmingly until they ran out of other people’s money.  Then, well, same crap, different regime.

I had to laugh, in particular, at this paragraph from “gloaty-boy”:

When a country goes socialist and it craters, it is laughed off as a harmless and forgettable cautionary tale about the perils of command economics. When, by contrast, a country goes socialist and its economy does what Venezuela’s did, it is not perceived to be a laughing matter – and it is not so easy to write off or to ignore. It suddenly looks like a threat to the corporate capitalism, especially when said country has valuable oil resources that global powerhouses like the United States rely on.

Well, laughed at his silliness or is it perhaps willful ignorance in not understanding, even when he was calling Chavez’s Venezuela an “economic miracle” what was really going on there.  No one is laughing at the purely predictable and lamentable problems the citizens of Venezuela are going through now because of Chavez.  He sold them a bill of goods and now they’re suffering the consequences.

What’s frustrating though is the useful idiots like Sirota and gang who won’t take the time to learn why socialism doesn’t work and certainly won’t look too deeply into any regime, such as Chavez’s, that shows the possibility of their long held dream of collectivism and central planning working.

If, in fact, they’d do that, there wouldn’t be guys like me, 3 years after the fact, pointing a finger at them and laughing at something they wrote about an economy that was doomed from the beginning.  As most of us noted at the time of the Chavez takeover, it wasn’t a matter of “if” his plan would fail, but “when”.  “When” is now.

Look at the video and the pictures, Mr. Sirota.  They’re not pretty.  They’re not pretty at all.

How does it feel to have been a cheerleader for the kind of desperation and chaos Chavez’s “miracle” has brought?  How does it feel to have wished a stable and thriving nation (it had its problems, but nothing even close to those now) into the state it now endures?  And tell me again why Chavez’s daughter is worth 4 billion?

You must be so proud.


21 Responses to The left wants so badly for socialism to work

  • Next time different people will be in charge and it will work! – Chavez sadly failed because, uh, America hated him and, uh, the CIA, or, something, that we can’t prove, but is true anyway. Because socialism!

    Someone should suggest that Sirota take whatever money he was paid for whatever he wrote and contribute it to whatever fiasco the UN is about to unleash on Venezuela while it pretends to save the country (that will fill the vaults of people identical to Chavez’s daughter).

    Isn’t that Dale’s kangaroo I saw hoping towards the road to Caracas?

    • Don’t forget, we (allegedly) gave him cancer too.

    • You beat me to it. I was going to go on about how the capitalist, imperialist, running dogs worked day and night to undermine the heroic efforts of Chavez in Venezuela. So Venezuela is yet another victim of capitalism.

  • They are in something between a football game and a war where winning is the objective, not result or being right or wrong. They won as far as they’re concerned.

    • Hence a certain Moosesquozen professor and his ‘winning’.

  • Having friends who lived there (now having fled back to the States for their physical safety) I have a little insight into their story. These people are committed Socialists, true believers. But even they are taken aback by the level of corruption and mishandling of the economy in what should have been a cake-walk. Venezuela holds the worlds third largest oil reserves, being run by the state, it should be all gravy. There should be money to burn, literally they should have money coming out of their ears. Yet they are in dire straights. Even with manner from heaven, the literal golden goose, Venezuela lives at the level of a sub-Saharan hell-hole that has no resources. How can that be? Easy, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So the next time you hear the useless eaters clamber for more government and the handouts that follow, we can simply point to Venezuela as the living and breathing (for the moment) example of how epically Socialism will fail, both in theory and in practice.

    • Having friends who lived there (now having fled back to the States for their physical safety) I have a little insight into their story. These people are committed Socialists, true believers.
      >>> It’s unfortunate they escaped.

      • They are on student visas. Allegedly they can’t vote. I have had long heated talks with them, but there are some things that transcend logic, like ideology. One only has to look at a Bernie Sanders rally to see the fox is already in the hen house. All we can do is point out the obvious. Ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever.

        • Any way to get them deported? They need to face the consequences of their beliefs

    • “useless eaters” I have two bones to pick with that term.

      One is it seems to be used to broad brush anyone who is not an elite or rich, when I’ve seen it used elsewhere, which include workers of any class. If you work you’re not useless. In all honesty I sometimes have a hard time telling people who sit a home and collecting a income from the wealth their father’s father accumulated from a 6-kid stay at home welfare mom. Its not a surprise those two likely have the same politics.

      The second bone is the answer to ‘eat the rich’ is not ‘eat the poor’. In a Democracy of any flavor, that will eventually see the ‘eat the rich’ crowd win and take over a la Venezuela.

      I don’t like Communists and I don’t want to enable them by living up to the cliche.

  • Don’t bother – it’s lost on someone like him. He’s off to making goo-goo eyes at the next socialist “success” story….wherever that may be

  • Something about old ways and outdated, change for the future, and good and necessary. I’m optimistic!

    • And “obsolete” and “anachronism”. Always work those in when possible…

  • Central planning, command economics has NEVER worked, and simply because it CAN’T work.

    How many times has that been proven, and at the cost of how much human suffering?

    I was reading this morning about surgeons washing in seltzer water because there was no running water in their city. It’s like something out of a dark, twisted Marx Brothers’ movie…

    • ” It’s like something out of a dark, twisted Marx Brothers’ movie…”

      “Cooked Goose!”, with an option for a second movie and third movie “A Day at the riots” and “A night at the barricades”,

      • Ducked Soup and No Animal Crackers…or anything.

        You can’t brew beer without stuff, and water is one of the basics…

        • Now now, if hebrew slaves can make bricks without straw, clever socialists should be able to make beer without barley and water!

          Perhaps St. Hugo will come to them and deliver unto them a miracle! Or maybe the Prophet Karl will do Barley and Water, like loaves and fishes? They scrounge around the plant, find 5 grains of barley and two glasses of water from the 1st floor men’s room toilet tanks, prophet Karl comes and blesses them with some clever sayings and explains workers controlling the means of production, and they brew beer with 5 grains and two glasses and when they’re done they have beer, truckloads of barley, and 150,000 gallons of water?

          This central planning thing clearly needs some adjusting if Maduro is going to insist on miracles on demand. There’s probably some lead time required for the socialist Saints or Prophets to get travel papers from Hell to Venezuela. And these days if they’re going through Chicago or New York, they better add another 6 hours for the TSA grope lines.

        • I bet the bourgeois are doing evil things to derail the beer production, like drinking the water.

  • The place is being described as “a war zone without a war”.

    Not a single lesson will be learned in the US from their suffering.

  • If your preferred system of government requires “the right people” in charge, chances are it’s a pretty lousy system. But then again, there’s no such thing as a socialist who’s admitted error….those are ex-socialists.