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The Way We Were

In which I take a fond look back at 1970s advertisements. It was a very different country, then.

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6 Responses to The Way We Were

  • Was it really different. It was more like today, imho, when the 60’s hippies were starting to get their way much like the SJW’s of today. I think SJW’s partly exist and are supported as a vicarious re-living of the SJW’s parents & grand parents generations. They try to see the world through the eyes of a 1960’s person but with a 2010’s reality and they fill the disconnect with nonsense.

    • Watched “Shaft” the other week.
      All those “tanks” on the streets. Even the poor drove cars big enough to put a modern “med size” in the trunk.

      And you ask if it’s different.

      • We were convinced everyone would die in small fiery car wrecks, crushed by collisions with Chevy Impalas or Olds Delta 88’s.

        I remember my weirdo buddy who’s dad actually liked Volkswagen Beetles. Had to open the birdy window to close the car door.

      • I still miss those little “wing” windows. Very useful.

  • The 1970’s were a time when drinking and drugging went on pretty much unencumbered by law, morals or common sense.
    We are reaping only what we sown. (think back to 0bama’s blase references to his own drug abuse)

  • I loved that first picture…”Mostly Male”. That was Bruce Jenner, right?