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Windpower: Danes out while US has new plans to extend endangered species kill license for 30 years

Denmark is abandoning wind power.  Up till now, Danes had been paying very high energy bills, 66% of the bill being “green taxes” and only 15% going to energy generation.  Under pressure from Danes, who enjoy the highest energy prices in Europe, Danish politicians are abandoning wind power as “too expensive”:

Denmark’s government abandoned plans to build five offshore wind power farms Friday amid fears the electricity produced there would become too expensive for Danish consumers.

“Since 2012 when we reached the political agreement, the cost of our renewable policy has increased dramatically,” said Climate Minister Lars Christian Lilleholt, a Liberal Party politician representing the country’s minority government, according to Reuters.

The government would have had to pay $10.63 billion to buy electricity from the five wind farms — a price deemed too expensive for consumers who already face the highest electricity prices in Europe.

“We can’t accept this, as the private sector and households are paying far too much. Denmark’s renewable policy has turned out to be too expensive,” Lilleholt said.

Imagine that.  The fact that “renewable energy” forms have been installed doesn’t equal “cheap energy” (much like ObamaCare doesn’t mean “cheap insurance”, even though you were led to believe it would).  And all of them have required some sort of subsidy to survive – which means they’re obviously not self-sufficient (that meaning that they can’t produce a product at a price that consumers are willing to pay and make enough profit to ensure their continued production).  In fact, I’m having a very rough time finding any “renewable” source of energy that is self-sufficient.

Of course, the reason for the emergence of “green” and “renewable” energy sources is the “global warming” scam.  That scam allows the environmental extremist agenda full run with your money.  And this, so far, has been the result (don’t forget Spain).

Meanwhile, in the US, we’re apparently going to continue with the fiasco and while we’re at it, kill more endangered species by extending the license to kill them that wind farms already have to 30 years:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency charged with protecting bald and golden eagles, is once again trying to make it easier for the wind industry to kill those birds.

Two weeks ago the agency opened public comment on “proposed improvements” to its eagle conservation program. It wants to extend the length of permits for accidental eagle kills from the current five years to 30 years. The changes would allow wind-energy producers to kill or injure as many as 4,200 bald eagles every year. That’s a lot. The agency estimates there are now about 72,434 bald eagles in the continental U.S.

And the media, which will make sure to run the picture of an oil soaked bird above the fold on page one and in the lead on newscasts, is not interested in this story at all.  As for the enviros? Well, much like the so-called feminists were willing to remain silent about Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse of women, they must also have malleable principles that allow them to sanction at least 4,200 chopped up bald eagles a year for the sake of “green energy”.


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11 Responses to Windpower: Danes out while US has new plans to extend endangered species kill license for 30 years

  • Sound science and sound economics all say that “green energy” is non-viable. See the period?

    Good science and sound economics ALL say that we can…and damn well BETTER…use what god or nature put in the ground to power our modern way of life.

  • Green energy is a placebo to justify shutting down fossil fuels. A unicorn and pony technology to convince people to go green would be a minor & temporary discomfort. False HOPE, to make it easier for your submission.

    Regardless, I think Green is about to be abandoned. They see more potential in the Cultural Marxism of Social Justice to bring in the Socialist Utopia.

  • We can’t use DDT anymore because it hurts the Bald Eagle, but we must use windmills, which also hurt them. DDT saved thousands upon thousands of lives, and could save more. How many lives has a windmill saved?

    • There was only the junkiest of junk science in support of DDT ever harming anything. But, on any cost/benefit analysis, DDT should be in use world-wide and every day.

    • “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson – environmental fantasy masquerading as science has cost the lives of MILLIONS of children worldwide. But it’s not important to the left because they’re dark babies, and they have to save the planet and all that.

      Can’t cite it, but recall reading the inventor of DDT used to eat spoonfuls of it to demonstrate its harmless nature. It did not cause the cancer – in fact he lived well into his 80’s.

      Growing up in south Florida, helicopters used to spray it all the time – we’d stand out in it as they flew over. Though my wife might disagree, I don’t think there were any serious side-effects.

  • Maybe the US AG’s will demand documents for discovery to see if Exxon’s influence caused the Danes to determine that wind power wasn’t cost effective!

    Turn it around though once reality finally takes hold.
    Think of all the good things we could do with Al Gore’s money when we commence civil forfeiture proceedings on his wealth and declare it was all acquired through criminal conspiracy to promote global warming fraud.
    Case of US vs Al Gore’s $200 million.

    I don’t care if I get any of it, I’ll be happy just knowing Al is reduced to cleaning the Manbearpig cage at the zoo.

  • Power. Money. Societal Control.
    “Green Power” fits this concept like a ready-made lock and key.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  • “…thirteen Republican members of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee Republicans sent letters to 17 state attorneys general and eight environmental groups requesting documents related to the groups’ coordinated efforts to deprive companies, nonprofit organizations, scientists and scholars of their First Amendment rights and their ability to fund and conduct scientific research free from intimidation and threats of prosecution.”

    Good for the thirteen! That’s how its done. Punch back, twice as hard.

    Flip the script.

  • The real killer is the ‘Fatal Conceit’ which F A Hayek warned about, that politicians cannot have enough useful knowledge, keep it up to date and do the calculations to be able to predict best outcomes and plan and control the way to them.

    No matter how often this turns out to be so, the next round of arrogant idiots believe they are specially gifted and can do the impossible where those who went before failed.

    All these renewables scams were launched because the Idiocracy-in-charge were confident that the price of fossil fuels would go up and up and up and up as we ran out of them (fracking anyone?) because they believed their own propaganda and relied on that impeccable source of truth and science the Green Blob. Which is why there has been a consistent theme that irrespective of global warming and even if you do not belief the doom, moving away from fossil fuels makes sense, so stop fighting it and do as we tell you.

    So it would be the case, these geniuses thought, that as the price of fossil fuels went up, renewables (aka unreliables) would not actually become cheaper, just comparatively less expensive or at least no more costly. But alas the price of fossil fuels has plummeted, they are evidently abundant, we are not running out and even the damned climate is not doing what it is supposed to.

    But that is the problem with predictions.

    Now if we started putting these charlatan clairvoyants in prison for fraud, their kind might think twice about it in future.