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Where does this administration find these idiots?!

I’m sorry, I’m a little angry today.  That’s because of this statement:

“When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important? What’s important is, what’s your satisfaction with the experience?” McDonald said Monday during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters. “And what I would like to move to, eventually, is that kind of measure.”

That’s a statement by VA Secretary Robert McDonald addressing a question about excessive wait times at VA facilities.  All I can figure is he must have been a rather mediocre product of public education because this screams “STUPID!”.

When waiting in line for “Space Mountain”, Mr. Secretary, do people die?  No?  Then, you idiot, it’s not a valid comparison.

And secondly, what sort of “satisfaction with the experience” can someone who died waiting have, dumbbell?  I’ll tell you now, since it is obvious you can’t figure it out – a very UNSATISFACTORY experience.

But of course, the dead can’t speak, can they you moron?!

Tell you what, why don’t you quit trying to find ways to explain the excessive wait times that are killing veterans and fix the effing problem?  Ever think of that?


What a freaking imbecile.



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20 Responses to Where does this administration find these idiots?!

  • Because, going to a VA hospital is supposed to be for your amusement and entertainment?
    Has this guy ever actually even visited a VA hospital?

    The appointees of this administration have an exceedingly rare record of just plain STUPID going for them, and they’re not afraid to let us know.

    • Yet another example of the heartless Obama Administration.

      We have idiots at OPM (lost 30 million workers files to hackers)
      We have the politically active IRS
      DHS is ignoring immigration law
      We have lying attorneys at DOJ (both had federal judges in cases of the IRS (appeals level) and immigration admonishing them in the past week)
      The Environmental Protection Agency killing jobs at every turn to “show leadership.”
      Echo chamber management by the WHite House foreign policy staff.

      • One might almost ask what all these things have in common.

        Could it be the people selecting candidates for appointment?
        Could it be the people responsible for overseeing the appointees?

        Perhaps too often someone is ‘bored’ doing his job and picks the first name that someone suggests.

        • It could be as simple as that all of these people belong to the Obama Administration.

          Over at Redstate they have a story that says that Obama’s favorables are now higher than his unfavorables.

      • Not to mention that DoJ staff and lawyers are soooo busy watching porn when they’re not instigating riots in Ferguson and Sanford,Florida.

        • You omitted the time they take to coordinate the deceptive information they’re giving to judges in some cases.

          My my, so much to be admired in government these days!

  • In Ontario, there used to be a program that would reimburse people who obtained heart bypass surgery in the States. The program consisted of a volunteer effort that obtained “at cost” pricing from co-operating US hospitals but other private funding to help people waiting for bypass surgery (up to 4 months at the start of the program) find quicker surgery in the US. Of course they resented what the program highlighted.

    They eventually shut it down. The justification, the wait list had stabilized at 8 months. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out how that stabilization occurred. But any truthy sound claim that the true believers with no pride can pretend with a straight face that make sense is all it takes.

  • He fails on even more levels because, yeah, Disney does indeed measure wait times. And publicizes them.

    God, I hate bureaucrats.

  • Maybe his wife or kid should be made to wait when they’re ill.

    Maybe that’s the only way they will learn.

    Maybe people are becoming dangerously tired of this kind of crap.

  • The Disney folks came back saying …

    We take wait times very seriously. We continually push the boundaries to give our guests the best experience possible. A large team of highly trained industrial engineers are tasked with improving our guest’s experiences, from transportation, to guest flow, to ride comfort and certainly wait times.

  • Millions of people are receiving free preventive checkups under ObamaCare and finding nothing wrong.

    More are walking out of VA medical centers, alive and helped. More will be working at the higher minimum wage of $10.10, $15, or hopefully $30 with sufficient public support.

    Millions will switch to hourly work and will receive 1.5x pay for any overtime hours worked. Other millions will be prevented from injuring their psychologic and physical health from working more than 40 hours/week, or maybe more than 30.

    More are boarding airplanes alive and well after passing through security lines. Fewer people die in terror attacks than from household falls.

    Emergency services and doctors offices are filled to capacity, delivering services every day.

    Hundreds of millions drive on roads constructed by government. Their garbage is collected and their water is supplied by government. If something should go wrong, your letter will be opened and read by a public servent within government, not by a robot.

    This is a record of outstanding achievment. Government is functioning, and the vast majority of people are alive and participating in the society. More government will provide even more services to the people.

    Why are there complaints? (sarc)

  • I have an acquaintance who was getting free medical care from the VA for years, including routine annual physicals. He was actually incensed when they started charging him copays. I pay for health insurance and dental care, and if my fellow veterans with priority 6-8 have to wait for long periods to get free or subsidized care I really don’t care.

    • I think you missed, ‘long wait lines coming to doctors and hospitals near you.”

      • sorry, I don’t get it. Are you referring to civilian medical care? If so, why?

  • stupid on multiple levels, not least of which is that Disney obviously measures wait times…

  • The premise for the prescient movie “Idiocracy” has begun…

  • I find it amazing that Robert McDonald graduated from West Point and served in the Army.

    • All the way up to Captain.
      But a couple years ago he claimed he served in Special Forces, which was one of those not true thingies, no different than Hillary’s sniper fire and Brian Williams chopper RPG attack.
      He graduated from Ranger School. Please note I studiously avoid using the word ‘only’ there.

      Clearly it wasn’t his military experience that they were looking at but they probably figured that gave them extra armor in the event of problems (it just did, so case in point).
      I can’t much get behind a guy who buffs up his military career by claiming to have been in Special Forces, and wasn’t, even if he was qualified to be a Ranger – that wasn’t a mistake, it was a lie.

      He’s been an American corporate sea gull for half his life, and I’m forced to wonder how many other ‘buffs’ happened during his business career.
      Oh, and in theory he’s a Republican.

  • And this asshat still has a job.

  • The actual statement is not even true on its face. Disney tracks the hell out of ride wait times. They are the most transparent service metric in the country — they can be found at any time in real time on dozens of apps.