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Another chapter in “WTF”?!

Seems college isn’t about college anymore – at least at Oberlin.  The shot:

recent piece in The New Yorker examines the effects of a new wave of student activism at Oberlin College, a small, private liberal arts institution in Ohio, and it’s pretty eye-opening.

According to writer Nathan Heller, Oberlin is “at the center of the current storm” of activism on college campuses, with students heavily involved in issues including classroom diversity, safe spaces, racial inequality and social injustice.

Due to the intense focus on those issues, many progressive students are dropping out.

They claim that their activism is getting in the way of their studies, and other students, the faculty and the administration have made it impossible to live on campus.

The chaser:

Heller spoke to self-identified “Afro-Latinx” student Megan Bautista, who said that she was upset that the school refused her demand to erase any grades below Cs.

“A lot of us worked alongside community members in Cleveland who were protesting (the death of Tamir Rice in the fall of 2014 – ed.). But we needed to organize on campus as well—it wasn’t sustainable to keep driving forty minutes away. A lot of us started suffering academically.” In 1970, Oberlin had modified its grading standards to accommodate activism around the Vietnam War and the Kent State shootings, and Bautista had hoped for something similar. More than thirteen hundred students signed a petition calling for the college to eliminate any grade lower than a C for the semester, but to no avail. “Students felt really unsupported in their endeavors to engage with the world outside Oberlin,” she told me.

But that’s not the real world even if it is the world the students feel they need to embrace.

It’s funny to me.  You go to college and you essentially make a commitment to that college to take classes you choose and to perform well enough to get a good grade.  Then … squirrel!  Suddenly that commitment is put on the back burner as you discover a new and more important one.  Well, more important to you.  The old, “I want my cake and I want to eat it too” selfishness of a child who has always gotten their spoiled way.

And who is supposed to suddenly change the rules because you’ve decided on this new commitment and thrown over the old one?  Oh, yeah, the institution you made the previous commitment too.

Students should feel “really unsupported” by the school because they’ve reneged on their commitment to the school. Why should the school feel obligated to support them if they don’t feel obligated to their commitment to the school?

Mature folk actually know the right answer to that question.   The immature?  See above.

Maybe they should offer a Maturity 101 course for these children.


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15 Responses to Another chapter in “WTF”?!

  • If they want to become part-time or full-time activists, that is a choice they can make. There are consequences to that choice, which is a lesson that they need to learn. I’d like to flash forward a few years when these delicate flowers are employed (ha ha). I’m sure their employers will welcome and support their choice to leave their job responsibilities behind while they pursue their activism. Yes, I’m sure that’s how the real world works.

  • Funny, I look in from Germany (Hello from Munich!) and see you’re still cherry picking weird stories about a few disgruntled students and trying to make it seem like it’s a big thing. Yeah, students ask for stupid things some times and colleges have to turn them down. Duh.

    • The “cherry-picked” citation begins:

      “A recent piece in The New Yorker…”

      And this is epidemic.

      And you’re still a creep.

    • Hey, since you ARE looking in, get a read for us on why the Krauts are buying guns in record numbers again will ya?

      I mean, who could they be afraid of? After all, THEY are ‘ze Germans’.

    • And because Oberlin USED to be a school worth going to – but you wouldn’t understand that concept at all.

      They don’t write articles about Moosesqueeze U for a reason.
      Primarily because no one outside of Augusta would care.

      • I think the good professor should keep his head down in case his little academic whitebread world up there in the cold wastes becomes the target of some diversity action. After all, have you seen the happy-snaps from his junkets? The whiteness is almost blinding. White Lives on Dead White European Junkets Matter!

        • Exactly why he’s safe – there are probably 10 or 20 SJW’s running loose in Maine somewhere.

          Other than that he’s not even remotely dealing in a world where ‘color’ comes in anything but white and BLM protests are going on in exotic, far away, hard to reach places like Connecticut.

          My recollection of Maine-iacs says they’re more likely to major in forest or farm management courses than Wymens Gender studies.

    • Hope you’re enjoying Germany. Have you found the need to explain Trump to them yet? Perhaps they would best understand him as the anti-Merkel. Guess you haven’t been checking the news here lately, but there’s been some craziness at Mizzou, DePaul, and others as well as Oberlin.

      Here’s the problem: The colleges are NOT turning them down (see Mizzou). From a friend with a daughter there in Colombia, she notes a number of the rabble rousers aren’t even students, but rather ‘professional protesters’ if you will. She left her white suburban enclave as a flaming liberal (she is a teenager after all), and after witnessing the infantile behavior of the ‘protesters’, their shouting down of contrary opinions, and the hypocrisy of the left, she has traveled 180 degrees politically. She can’t wait to graduate so that she will no longer have to tell the professors what they want to hear just to get a good grade.

  • Alien thought patterns ain’t they?
    Someone else is supposed to pay for them to take courses that have no real value, in curricula that serve no real purpose so they can be awarded their adult participation trophies.

    It’s all good I’m told, because soon automation will make everything for us, free of course, and we’ll be liberated to spend our time pondering the meaning of why Shiner Bock has screw top bottles, and many other deep mysteries of the universe.

  • Well, the prescient film “Idiocicracy” is now happening. However, the bad thing is it is happening now, not in 2505.

  • Maybe the college should give out participation grades along the lines of the trophies for just showing up.

  • self-identified “Afro-Latinx” student

    >>>> Anyone uses that signifies mental illness

    • Is that some sort of black hispanic?

      Thank God the US government officially sanctions treating citizens differently based on their ethnicity and gender, otherwise she’d just be a US citizen and entitled to no special handling based on
      her gender, color or ethnic origin!

      What a crazy idea that would be!