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Punching back

Resolute is a forest products company.  It is one of the largest manufacturers of newsprint in the world.  It has also been the target of a lengthy campaign by Environmental Non Government Organizations (ENGO), like Greenpeace.  At first, when approached by the ENGOs, Resolute cooperated and thought it was part of a cooperative effort.  But, like all good shakedown artists, the ENGOs continued to defame Resolute while insisting on more and more draconian measures be met by the company as new provisos in their “agreement”.

Resolute finally had enough:

On May 31, Resolute took a page from the ENGO’s playbook and, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, filed a civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) suit against Greenpeace and a number of its associates who, though they claim to be independent, act cooperatively. The RICO Act intended to deal with the mob as a loose organization, or “enterprise,” with a pattern of activity and common nefarious purposes, such as extortion. (Greenpeace has asked the Justice Department to use the RICO Act to investigate oil companies and organizations that sow doubts about the risks of climate change.)

The 100-page complaint alleges that Greenpeace and its affiliates are a RICO “enterprise.” According to the Resolute news release, it describes the deliberate falsity of the malicious and defamatory accusations the enterprise has made and details how, to support its false accusations, “Greenpeace has fabricated evidence and events, including, for example, staged photos falsely purporting to show Resolute logging in prohibited areas.” The suit also calls Greenpeace a “global fraud” out to line its pockets with money from donors and says that “maximizing donations, not saving the environment, is Greenpeace’s true objective.” Additionally, it cites admissions by Greenpeace’s leadership that it “emotionalizes” issues to manipulate audiences.

In the U.S. lawsuit, Resolute is seeking compensatory damages in an amount to be proven at trial, as well as treble and punitive damages.

I’ve got to say I’m really glad to see this.  This ENGO scam has gone on far too long and in many cases has had the tacit backing of the government, or elements of the government.  As the article notes, the discovery portion of this suit will be interesting since it will likely uncover many things the ENGOs would prefer stayed unknown to the general and easily duped public – well, at least the part of the public they’re able to dupe into contributing to their “cause”.  Their “cause”, it seems, has become shaking down companies. Even one of the original founders of Greenpeace acknowledges what they’ve become and he minces no words doing so:

Patrick Moore, one of the original founders of Greenpeace, is disappointed that the group that originally wanted to help, is now an extortion racket. He told me: “I am very proud to have played a small role in helping Resolute deal with these lying blackmailers and extortionists.”

We’ll follow and report.  Hopefully this is the beginning of a large and needed pushback.



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14 Responses to Punching back

  • Excellent!!!

    I hope that Resolute will live up to its name, and push this along. Greenpieces has turned into one of the worst anti-science, anti-modernity outfits on the planet. But I can’t think of any of the “bigs” of environmentalism that has not been subverted into a racket.

    • Well, you know, having extra cash to burn in your mud hut to keep you warm on a cold winter night, that’s important, right?

      I could at least respect them if they were willing to lead people off the cliff themselves, but from what I can see, they’re interested in making sure a bunch of other people go off, leaving them a less occupied world to enjoy in a more natural state.

      • You are an environmental gangster for even suggesting that you can burn in a fireplace or stove. My gawd, man, where have you been…???

        • They’re mud huts! We have small holes dug out away from the wattle walls and straw mats, under holes we left in the roof to let the smoke out.
          We only burn twigs and branches that came off the trees naturally, and are very dry! So there’s no a lot of smoke!
          We’re trying to round up wild pigs to bring into the hovel with us to add heat in winter and reduce the need for fire, but since we threw away all the bang sticks we’ve lost a couple of the tribe to mean mama feral porkers.

          Some of the more gentle tribe members have suggested we raise lots and lots of bunnies instead and keep them with us for added warmth, but dang it, I want bacon!

  • Then, there is the case of Kent Recycling Services, LLC v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Kent Recycling sued the Corps, but lost in two lower courts, which held the Clean Water Act did not allow people to challenge a federal takeover of privately-owned wetlands until after a lengthy permitting process had been completed.

    But that was before the Supreme Court ruled against the Corps in a case, also brought by PLF, just last week. In that case, Justice Roberts ruled that Hawkes Co., a family-owned business in North Dakota, could immediately challenge a federal agency’s decision to prevent them from using their private property.

    • How much longer do you think before the serfs realise the king actually owns all the land eh?

  • One would be hard-pressed to find a green group who’s actions and stated goals didn’t qualify them as a racketeers.
    Speaking of phony environmental movements, 2″ of Global Warming is predicted to fall in the Catskill Mountains today.

    • Well, I’ve noted recently that the continental US is ‘special’ for some reason when it comes to warming, or to be more accurate, lack thereof. Somehow our continent is special, the founders would have said blessed by divine providence, but clearly it’s just a wrinkle in the universal simulation.
      However, the high temperatures in the Southwest ARE an indication of warming,
      but snow in the Catskills in June, that’s just weather.

      And of course the flooding in Europe, worst in 100 years, is because of warming.
      That part about it happening before, 100 years ago, before Magic Mike and his Hockey Stick, you can ignore.


    I wonder how much wealth has been squandered on this crap…???

  • You’re just cherry picking weird stories. Greenpeace and those other environmental groups are made up of young pragmatic people who want to make the world a better place. They’ve been indoctrinated taught by people like me. Only a few extremists do the mean stuff.

    In fact, you dense righties don’t get to define what’s extreme. We do. We pragmatic moderate post-modern leftists are the only one with godlike powers of political science. We have the magical intuition to know what’s extreme and what’s not. And we don’t either just use the extreme label when they get caught doing what they normally do. Stop saying that.

    Also stop saying that I’m a creepy old man who takes nubile coeds on trips to Europe. Well, I mean, I do take nubile coeds on trips, and I am about to retire, but I’m not creepy! Why, I even get up and dance with them on occasion. Which they just love. I can tell, because they laugh and laugh. It’s all such good fun.

  • Ott Scerb –

    How can you leave out the magenta caterpillars?

    And also, you-know-who’s voluptuous bosom?

    I’m going to grade this one “Incomplete”, perfesser….

    • Cut him some slack! He wanted to watch voluptuous bosoms instead of writing about them and he used up his data plan bytes watching Co-ed fantasy porn.
      I’ve heard those overseas providers can be a paycheck killer if you’re not careful, he’s just a Professor ya know, not George Soros.

    • Well, I actually did write about the magenta caterpillars, and how some of them now have the face and combover of Donald Trump. But I can only post comments of three or four paragraphs these days. When I post more, I just get an error.

      It’s probably that ex-military basket case Dale Franks targeting me. He’s mean, and he’s probably giggling right now over what he’s done to me. Just like he did when he changed the dadabase, or whatever its called, and deleted my comments on a thread where I was completely dominating you thick righties. And don’t start with how he deleted everyone’s comments on just one thread in the changeover, and someone posted the supposedly deleted comments later. I just intuitively know that it was mean and directed at me because you people can’t handle my brilliant logic and godlike powers of political science.

      And I didn’t either look like a complete ass for claiming he targeted me when he didn’t. Stop saying that.

      • A quality post – savor the image for a moment.