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Bern with Bernie?

Will Bernie become a write-in candidate?  Well, his supporters let it be known that they won’t vote for Hillary and many of them were thinking “write-in”:

Many took a different approach, saying they would not vote for Clinton, but would vote for Sanders as a write-in candidate.

That would split the left’s vote fairly significantly if they actually did that.  But, in reality, it is likely anger talking right now and many of them will fall in line and vote for the Hildebeest. But I would absolutely love to see this take off.

Others, though, are so mad they’re claiming they’d rather vote for Donald Trump than give Hillary the satisfaction of winning the White House.  Check out this reasoning:

A member of the group said: “I will vote for Trump as a f*** you to the stupid people that voted Hillary in. We are more likely to have a revolution with Trump in office and less likely to have a foreign war”

They have a point.  Well, at least about the “revolution” and their rather violent proclivities (see Trump rallies to find Bernie’s troops).

As for the “let it burn” crowd, they’re very well represented among the Bernie supporters:

Some said they would rather let the country ‘burn’ with Trump than let Clinton into the White House, with one person writing: “I’d rather Trump than Clinton. I won’t vote for him, but I’d be happy to see this country burn.”

If they weren’t such little fascists, I would be more sympathetic.  If they weren’t of the socialist mind-set, I could likely find more common ground with the sentiment.

But as it is, I hope they do what they say they’re going to do.  Neither of the candidates is worth warm spit and the more voters split away, the better this might all become.  No one gets a majority of either the popular vote or the electoral college?  Wouldn’t that be simply wonderful.


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11 Responses to Bern with Bernie?

  • Yeah, but one of the two will win at this point, that part is as certain as Hillary being the nominee back in January.

    I enjoyed the show just knowing how pissed Madam Felon must have been every time she lost to Sanders and every time the FBI makes headlines like they’re really trying to do their job investigating the Wreck of the Hillmail.

    But the first act is pretty much over except for the conventions.
    I guess that will be another act, for both parties as the nevertrumps dream of deus ex machina to disappear the Donald, and return Jeb to his rightful place and the hopeless Bernites discover one more time they were never meant to be more than a walk on and off at the beginning of act I.

    Unfortunately we won’t be allowed to leave the show, even after one of them is elected.
    It will be instructive though, and possibly destructive.

    • If you think NeverTrump people have the least notion about Jeb Bush, you’re both less bright and less well-read than I have given you credit for.

      My motive(s) and those of many others are not hard to find.

      • Well, reality would be Ted probably for a lot, but the guy our owners want has never been Ted, any more than it was Trump.

        Since Ted didn’t make it on the first go, I wouldn’t expect the uni-party to implement any attempt other than Jeb if they can find a way to trump Trump.

        • As far as NeverTrump, well….
          #1 – I ain’t voting for Hillary
          and living in Texas, I suspect that in the end Texas will vote for Trump, whether I cast my symbolic no vote for Johnson, or Ross Perot, or Mickey Mouse.

          This is going to be another election where all my choices suck.

  • No one gets a majority of either the popular vote or the electoral college? Wouldn’t that be simply wonderful.

    >>>> Pres. Jeb! or Rubio certainly won’t be wonderful, which is what throwing the election to the electoral college ensures.

    • You mean Congress. If the E.C. doesn’t get majority, it goes to Congress. And the Left gets a RINO president they can demonize as illegitimate from the get go, again.

      • I’ve understood the House can only choose between the top EC voter-getters.

        • I looked it up (imagine that!) and you’re right… 3 vote getters. So does that mean Pres. Gary Johnson 😉

      • You mean Congress. If the E.C. doesn’t get majority, it goes to Congress.

        >>> Yup, that’s exactly what I meant, into the House of Reps (by state delegations I believe) but you know……lazy thinking and such.

        Thanks for the correction.

        • It gets even better: The House of Representatives chooses the President and the Senate chooses the VP. It’s possible to have a Pres and VP of two different parties. (Not necessarily this election, but it is possible.)