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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 10 Jun 16

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The two things Trump got right put him over the top. Also, we’re heading straight for 60s-style social unrest, and Chloe Grace Moretz displays her delicious donut.

 This week’s podcast is up on the Podcast page.

And the donut we’re referring to is this one:


Please do not attempt to write a caption for this picture, or to make any references to any possible symbolism that the donuts may invoke. Just don’t do it.

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6 Responses to Observations: The QandO Podcast for 10 Jun 16

  • Yes, – you know the drill here.

    It’s too obvious.

  • Killjoy.
    I hope you realize just what a loss to posterity you have caused.

  • Sadly, I just recognized that Hillary’s donut has been photoshopped to make it appear less appetizing. The original pic can be seen here:
    Of course, the original doesn’t look that much better.

  • Photoshop. That’s like plastic surgery for photographs, right?

  • Spartanberg is a protectionism success story. Cross-over/SUVs are clased as light trucks. When they were finalizing the laws to open the floodgate overnight to imports, there was lobbying to protect the Pickup which at the time was still a niche utility farm/commercial vehicle. So they toss them a bone and put on the ‘chicken law’ a 25% tariff on light trucks.

    Most of the so-called ‘transplants’ either currently make something classified as a light truck or were originally created to make something classed as a light truck. So if they are making something else. Its either they have a plant on their hands already from making a light truck vehicle that would otherwise be idle, they are actually making cars for export to countries that have per country import quotas. You can import 50,000 beamers from Germany and another 50,000 from the US to Korea. Lastly these law often have reciprocity, if you make $100 million in cars, you can import $100 million in light trucks. I’m not sure of the latter exists but it used to be common when we had a different policy toward international trade given to us from the Founders.

    Regardless, the transplants are a case study for protectionism. Find their use otherwise ironic to the highest.

  • YYYEEEECHHH…even with all that sugar glazing on those doughnuts; I wouldn’t sample either of them!