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Stray Voltage

With this latest SJW/liberal push, you have to wonder about the future of Title IX, don’t you?

Human bodies are either male or female, that is the only way they come. Males are physically different than females. Hormones and body modification cannot change that.

That’s a scientific fact, but liberals refuse to acknowledge this basic truth.

The Obama Administration’s directive requiring schools to allow transgender students use the bathroom of their choice has opened the gender dysmorphia floodgates.

For the first time in Alaskan history, a male athlete recently competed in the girls’ track and field state championships. The mother of one of the girls who lost to the transgender runner is crying foul after he took home all-state honors.

Well, well.  No need for female athletes – I mean those born that way – at all, is there?  The floodgates are open.

Bodies with the X/Y chromosome setup develop quite differently than the female body … as the article says that’s a “scientific fact” that has essentially gone undisputed in the history of mankind. Now, apparently. it’s all a “matter of the mind”.  You know, ‘if you think, you are’.  Never mind the wedding tackle, hormones and muscle mass (not to mention agility and strength).  If you say you’re a woman, it is everyone else job to kowtow to the absurd.

The results are, as usual, perfectly predictable.  But I am interested to see, now that they’ve essentially wrecked Title IX, how the liberal elite are going to justify it.

Speaking of the absurdity of all of this, how about when women begin to be hurt?

Critics are scrutinizing mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor Fallon Fox, after the transgender fighter gave her opponent a concussion and broke her eye socket.

Fox defeated her opponent, Tamikka Brents, by TKO at 2:17 of the first round of their match. Brent’s eye injury resulted in a damaged orbital bone that required seven staples.

In a post-fight interview this week, Brents told Whoa TV, “I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life.”

“I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night. I can’t answer whether it’s because she was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor,” she stated. “I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right. ”

Fox’s “grip was different,” Brents added. “I could usually move around in the clinch against…females but couldn’t move at all in Fox’s clinch.”

Sorry Brents, but it was that “scientific fact” from above being used with a vengeance on you.  Because, well, you know, “social justice!”

“Inclusive” as well as “equality” are being redefined by the SJWs:

News that a university lecturers’ union has banned straight, white men from attending their equality conferences in a bid to create “safe spaces” is deeply depressing.

University and College Union equality conferences are held exclusively for women, LGBT, ethnic minorities or disabled people, and members must declare their “protected characteristic” when applying to attend.

Surely UCU can see the irony of hosting an equality conference where – as George Orwell wrote – some are more equal than others?
Apparently UCU is irony impaired.  But then, we’ve seen that to be the case with most of the Special Snowflake causes we’ve been watching.  So much for “equality” and “inclusiveness”.  However, no one should be surprised if these participants wouldn’t lecture you to death about both if you suggested leaving one of their favored self-identified “victims” out of the conference.

The bureaucracy has decided you’re just too dumb to handle “payday” loans, so they’re getting ready to try to shut the industry down.

More than 50 million Americans each year seek access to short-term, small dollar credit.  Generally speaking, these are loans with a maturity measured in weeks or months, for amounts less than $5,000.  This borrowing is used to fund just about everything that other borrowing funds, though on a smaller scale, and more immediately.

These are also loans you can’t get from a bank or other lending institution because they won’t write one for “weeks”.  As for the interest charged, here’s a interesting comparison:

Borrowing money is like renting money. You get to use it two weeks and then you pay it back. You could rent a car for two weeks, right? You get to use that car. Well, if you calculate the annual percentage rate on that car rental — meaning that if you divide the amount you pay on that car by the value of that automobile — you get similarly high rates. So this isn’t about interest. This is about short-term use of a product that’s been lent to you. This is just arithmetic.

Indeed, it is.  And, there are a majority of people who use this product who both benefit and are able to pay it back based on the terms under which they borrow it.

But that’s not good enough for the crowd who thinks they need to tell you how you should live (and would never need such a product, so have no idea whether or not you really do need it).

Read both articles.  The Freakenomics article is pretty well done, while quite long.  But in the end, you’ll probably be like me – none of the government’s business except in the case of force or fraud.  Of course driving this product underground and into the hands of the criminals guarantees both force and fraud, because obviously, the product is a viable one and people need it.  Like most of these attempts by government to rescue you from yourself, this will backfire in a big way.  Entirely predictable, as usual.

Is the grifter close to an actual indictment?  Well, if you listened to Josh Earnest this week (and why would you?), he may have tipped off something he didn’t plan on doing:

Perhaps it was an unguarded moment, but the White House has seemingly confirmed that the Justice Department is conducting a “criminal investigation” regarding Hillary Clinton’s personal email use – despite persistent claims from the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee that investigators are pursuing a mere “security inquiry.”

Press Secretary Josh Earnest used the term at Thursday’s briefing, after being asked by Fox News about whether President Obama’s newly unveiled endorsement of Clinton might apply pressure to investigators assigned to the Clinton case.

Earnest rejected the premise, saying the job of career prosecutors is to follow the evidence to its logical conclusion.

“That’s why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference,” Earnest said.

Of course there’s no reason for him to talk about “criminal investigations” unless there’s a “criminal investigation” being conducted is there.  Instead, you just blow it all off.  Maybe this is why Bernie is sticking around.

And, finally, from the usual media realm of the “unexplained” and “unexpected”, another perfectly predictable and explainable event has apparently “surprised” them:

Violent crimes – from homicides and rapes to robberies – have been on the rise in many major U.S. cities, yet experts can’t point to a single reason why and the jump isn’t enough to suggest there’s a trend.

Still, it is stumping law enforcement officials, who are seeking a way to combat the problem.

“It’s being reported on at local levels, but in my view, it’s not getting the attention at the national level it deserves,” FBI Director James Comey said recently. “I don’t know what the answer is, but holy cow, do we have a problem.”

Holy cow, Mr. Comey, check out the “Ferguson effect”.  See if maybe that might have some bearing on explaining this mess.  Maybe, when you have government all but sanctioning violence against cops, the cops decide not to work quite as hard or risk themselves as much as they usually do.  When it is “damned if you do”, most won’t.

Again, the total unawareness of human nature seems to stump a certain segment of leadership who cannot, for the life of them, see how their programs and their actions can have such a negative effect.  And their lapdogs in the media are equally at a loss.

Meh – screw em.

Have a great weekend!


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12 Responses to Stray Voltage

  • The narcissism required to claim that you have power above.. let’s call it Nature is just “a big giant big.”
    When i hear these claims that you can “pick your gender” I am reminded of those infamous words from Star Trek …

    Kelinda: This cultural mystique surrounding the biological function.
    James T. Kirk: Yes?
    Kelinda: You realize humans are overly preoccupied with the subject.

  • “No need for female athletes – I mean those born that way – at all, is there? ”
    Remember the old Cold War days when we used to accuse the Ruskies of putting genetically non female competitors into female events in the Olympics, and we were outraged at the idea?
    Ah, good times, good times.

    • You don’t suppose some of these “transgender” athletes might have looked at their potential female competitors and said “Hmm. I can’t really compete at the top level with men, but I think I could take those women. Maybe even dominate them. And all I need to do is say I believe I’m a woman. OK, I’m a woman!”

      • Where’s Bobby Riggs to save us now,eh?

        Seriously, let the women who busted their asses training to be at the top of their event take this idiocy up with the authorities.
        Talk about unfair, idiotic and downright disrespectful of real female athletes.

        But you know you and I aren’t allowed to have any say, so pass the popcorn brother, we may as well enjoy the show and cheer the real females on to victory.

  • I, of course, am an expert in SJWs because of my magical life on campus here in Moosington, Maine. And don’t start with how I didn’t even know the term SJW until you righties told me about it a few months ago. Just don’t start.

    And what I know about them is that they just want to sit and talk about things. Have a conversation. One in which you dense righties don’t say much and mostly just listen to those of us who are much more enlightened. For example, those with godlike powers of political science, and who raised their kids to be gender neutral.

    But of course, history shows that you won’t listen to people like me. You insult me instead. {sigh} {giggle} It’s OK. It just shows that you fear my brilliant, rich, creamy analysis. Stop laughing. No, it’s OK. {swupp, swupp} I just need a bit of tension relief sometimes to deal with it. Right now, I’d like to have my Obamacok (TM) Oral Therapy Device with squirting action, but it’s about worn out. My nurse wants me to try this new Hillateat as a substitute. {swupp, swupp} But it just isn’t as good. A bit too flabby, and it won’t squirt no matter how much I suck.

  • Again, the total unawareness of human nature seems to stump a certain segment of leadership who cannot, for the life of them, see how their programs and their actions can have such a negative effect.

    From a vacuous but attendant populace that sponsors an equally vapid entertainment complex most times falsely refereed to as new media, we get a political class never held responsible. After all, they all mean well, and can not be judged by the consequences of their actions.

    We get the society, and government of our choice… until we don’t. Then it is bad luck as someone notable once said.

    Snowflakes, SJW, the Dems and evidently the GOP will get it good and hard real soon. Only they wont – not the real reasons for their self inflicted “calamities”.

    ‘With property comes responsibilities’ my grandfather taught me decades ago. There was a reason that our founding fathers put that into our constitution as requisite for voting privileges; not race, not gender but age and property.

    • Well, while I agree with the property thingie…they did have gender in there, and race could be an exclusion too.

      I don’t hold them all to be evil for it, it was what it was for when it was, and better than being ruled by the whims of a king, or a mob.

  • As stated, the premise of the film “Idiocracy” is now beginning to be felt.

    The only problem is in the film, it takes place in 2505, but in reality, it is now starting on 2016…

    • I think Mike Judge placed it five hundred years out to give time for evolution to work. He thought the abject stupidity should have a genetic basis.

      Apparently he underestimated the amount of stupidity possible from the current gene pool, once the restraints of logic and reality are removed.

      • You evoke the Ragspierre “voluntary idiot” theorem…

        “Regardless of native intelligence, one may make themselves idiots by embracing ‘magic thinking'”. See Erp, Scott.

        Even in the “Dark Ages” there were very rational thinkers who both innovated and pushed back the dark. Some of their innovations were in the field of logic, and they came down to us as their beneficiaries. They’d be sad to see what’s become of that legacy today.

  • Has anyone given thought to the Russians in the Olympics? Seems to me we had a number of Russians that were disqualified over the years for the genetic manipulation that helped them win.